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Down Syndrome didn’t stop me becoming a cheerleader

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, FAIRFAX, VA: Shy AnnCatherine Heigl, who has Down syndrome, shocked her family when she came home one day saying she wanted to become a cheerleader. Known as ?AC?, she had already exceeded expectations playing tennis at her high school, but always said she hated being in front of crowds. Now 20, AC, from Indianapolis, USA, has made a huge leap in overcoming any nerves about big audiences. Her family believes she has become the first ever collegiate cheerleader with an intellectual disability.

Woman kept Chinese vase she was given by aunt for 20 years and sold it at auction for £586,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman who kept a Chinese vase in a box in her attic for over 20 years is celebrating after it sold for nearly Ł600,000. The blue and white porcelain piece had been given to the lucky owner in the 1990s by an elderly auntie who had it on her hallway table for years. The late Annie Glover had herself been gifted it when she worked as a teacher in Shanghai in the early 20th century. Her niece, who is not being named, has now sold it through Devon auctioneers Bearnes, Hampton and Littlewood.

Ice cream shaped sculptures preserve memory of Gazan children

RAFAH, GAZA: Palestinian Duaa Kishta holds an ice-cream shaped sculpture with a resembling face of a child, killed during Israel's attacks in Rafah in 2014, in Rafah, Gaza. Bodies of children and babies were crammed on ice-cream freezers after morgues ran out of space during the conflicts in 2014.

Rock climbing tourism

ENSHI: Tourists experience rock climbing at a sports base in Huaping Township of Jianshi County, central China's Hubei Province, the second day of Chinese Lunar New Year.

Previously unknown drawings by famed artist John Constable that hung above a collector's bed for 50 years have emerged for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** Four previously unknown drawings by celebrated English artist John Constable have been found gathering dust in a cardboard box. The small sketches belonged to the late playwright Christopher Fry and were found by his son Tam Fry while clearing out his father's home in West Sussex. Mr Fry hung two of the pen and ink drawings on his bedroom wall either side of his bed for several decades. The four small drawings have a combined vase of Ł25,000. They will be sold by Chiswick Auction in west London in March.

Fascinating German album from the Great War

***EXCLUSIVE*** Remarkable photographs revealing how the Germans used captured British tanks against us because theirs were no good have come to light over 100 years later. The British were the first to invent the tank in 1916 and a year later used them to overwhelm the enemy at the Battle of Cambrai in the First World War. Although the battle was a success for the British, the Germans captured several Mark IV tanks. Now black and white photos have emerged to show the German high command inspecting one the hulking machines in Berlin in 1918. Other pictures in the album depicts the early days of aerial warfare when hand grenades were dropped over the side of the cockpits by German pilots.

Screaming peacock saves owner of Second Chance Wildlife Sanctuary from fire that kills 33 animals

Jim Bronzo walks from the charred remains of his home with Camille the raccoon at the Second Chance Wildlife Sanctuary on Baron Road in east Orange County, Fla., on February 4, 2019. Bronzo started the not-for-profit sanctuary in 1985.

The little-known story of a war hero can be told after his bravery medals emerged for sale for Ł50,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** The gallantry medals awarded to one of the heroes of a daring raid on the Tirpitz who later escaped a Nazi death march have emerged for sale for Ł50,000. Engine Room Artificer 4th Class Edmund Goddard was the helmsman of the midget submarine X6 which attacked the heavily protected battleship while it was docked in the Norwegian fjords. They sneaked under the giant 820ft vessel and set off four depth charges, with the force of the explosion putting the 43,000 tonne Tirpitz 7ft out of action for six months. Goddard, one of just six survivors from the raid, was captured and sent to a POW camp in Germany. He was later awarded the prestigious Conspicuous Gallantry Medal.

This wild-foul mouthed goose gives a new meaning to the term angry bird

***EXCLUSIVE*** Nature lover Denise Andrews was visiting her local park in Poole, Dorset, to feed the ducks and take some photos of the wildlife when she encountered the bad tempered greylag goose. Denise crept to within a few inches of the male and captured the moment it squawked in her face - revealing several rows of of sharp teeth including two on its tongue.

Corking property comes with small vineyard attached

***EXCLUSIVE*** A charming period farmhouse that comes with its own vineyard is the perfect investment for a homebuyer with a lot of bottle. Walnut Tree Farm, near Ashford, Kent - on the market for Ł920,000 - is in a beautiful rural spot but less than an hour from London. It has a private vineyard of 1.5 acres with grape varieties including chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier and produces between 300 and 500 bottles a year, depending on the harvest. The farmhouse was originally an apple store for the large Dering estate, owned by the Dering family of baronets, until a lot of the farmland and buildings were sold off in the early 20th century.