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Gran, 75, tackled thief and pinned him down until police arrived

***EXCLUSIVE*** This seventy-five-year-old bodybuilding world record holder managed to use her incredible strength to stop a thief during a police car chase and claims that her passion for bodybuilding has helped her conquer her depression. Bodybuilder, Iris Davis (75), from Dublin, Ireland, and now residing in South California, USA, came from a humble background and emigrated from Dublin to England when she was 16-years-old to have a better life. At just 17-years-old, she got married and had her first child at 18. Four years later, she became a single mother of a two-month-old baby when her husband died in a tragic accident when she was 22-years-old. She developed severe depression in the aftermath of losing her first child, husband and being a single widowed mum. She made the brave decision to move to America to look for a job, so that she could bring up her child in a better environment. As a distraction, she decided to get fit by walking and that is when she entered her first gym. During the sixties, women were forbidden from joining almost any gym across the country. With no female bodybuilders to look up to, she wanted to be the first to empower women through her bodybuilding passion. She entered her first bodybuilding show at the age of 50 and came second, which spurred her on to continue her journey. At the age of 62 she won the Florida State Championship and won it again when she was 63-years-old. While she was living and working in Florida, at the age of 65, she happened to stumble upon a police chase that went past her office, so she went outside to see what was going on. She noticed a car of thieves being followed by 10 police cars. The thieves crashed in front of Iris, and when one of them began running away, she subdued them until the police officers arrived. She has since maintained a weight of 7st 12Ibs and UK dress size four and on her 74th birthday, she held a world record for doing 21 pull-ups in a row.

6-year-old girl saved her sister after her mother’s car veered off the road and crashed into an icy river in Nova Scotia, Canada

***EXCLUSIVE*** A brave girl has been hailed a hero for rescuing her toddler sister, after their mum’s car veered off the road and nosedived into an icy river. Sophia Le Blanc, six, was terrified when her family’s car tire hit a rut in the road, snaking terrifyingly before plunging into a frigid river in Canada. The first grader, of Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada, was strapped into the back seat with her siblings Elise, two, and Ethan, four, who was knocked unconscious in the November crash. Sophia’s mom Candice Hicks, 28, started to panic as the vehicle quickly began to fill with the river’s water leaving her children restrained in their car seats and upside down.

British expats build their dream off-grid eco-home in an Australian forest from scratch for just £30K - and now they have NO monthly bills to pay

***EXCLUSIVE*** Incredible images and video footage has revealed the stunning $55k off-grid tiny home of two British ex-pats in Australia. Striking pictures show the building process as the couple got to work building their very own tiny home and the progress inside as the interior took shape. Other amazing photographs show the final product with a wood burner the main feature of the living area, a dining table on the porch for al fresco dining and a modern kitchen as well as a cosy bedroom overlooking the rest of the interior. Jan (51) and Kevin (52), originally from Littlehampton, West Sussex, UK, immigrated to Australia in 2007 with their three kids: Laura (30), Sarah (28) and Callum (22).

The "rarest ever" copy of Mein Kampf signed by Adolf Hitler and featuring vellum bindings and gold lettering is set to fetch £30,000 at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** The book is one of the 20 limited edition copies that were produced out of the 500 that were originally printed.  Hitler signed the first edition 'Special Presentation' copy and gave it to fellow Nazi and prison inmate Hermann Esser on Christmas Eve 1925.  Signed copies of the book were only handed out to a select few of Hitler’s inner circle.  A dedication inside reads: “Hermann Esser the good old comrade on the occasion of Christmas 1925.”  Esser joined the Nazi party with Hitler in 1920 and became the editor of the organisation’s newspaper Völkischer Beobachter.  He was also a member of the Reichstag and, in the early rise of the Nazi party, was Hitler’s de facto deputy.  Esser took part in the infamous Bierkeller Putsch, the failed attempt by Hitler and others to seize power in 1923.  He and Hitler were both jailed for their part in the attempted coup and served together in Lansberg Prison in Bavaria.  It was while Hitler was in prison that he penned Mein Kampf, which he got published after being released after serving just nine months.

Nursing student whose weight plummeted to 91lbs as she battled anorexia reveals she refused to drink WATER because she was so scared of gaining pounds

***EXCLUSIVE*** This nursing student was so embattled by her anorexia demons that she was afraid to even drink WATER. Nursing student Emily Green (20) from Colorado, USA, has endured a difficult journey with her eating disorder after being escorted to a medical centre by police before sneaking away, and hiding her meals while in treatment. Emily had shown signs of disordered eating for much of her childhood but was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa at the age of 16, spending much of her school time in hospital or treatment centres. During her time at university, Emily saw her worst relapse of all and doctors deemed her too unstable to be assessed as an outpatient, so a campus police officer was required to escort her to hospital. As soon as the officer left, Emily exited the hospital. However, she began fearing for her life as it was almost 48 hours since she had had anything, including water. At her lowest, Emily was just 6st 7lbs choosing to wear XS which would hang off her small frame. She now weight trains and takes care of her health, she is a happier 9st 2lbs, wearing size small. To get through her recovery, Emily would write herself ‘I am’ notes each morning to remind herself what she wanted out of life and she would also write down what she was thankful for to encourage her to be positive and have hope in moving forward.

Incredible photos show ‘ultra rare’ 52MILLION-year-old bird encased in rock – with feathers still attached

***EXCLUSIVE*** The fossilised seed-eating bird with a finch-like beak is one of the earliest examples of a perching bird ever found.  Most of the birds we now see - such as sparrows, finches, robins, crows - have one crucial thing in common, they're all what scientists refer to as perching birds, or "passerines." These type of birds make up about 6,500 of the 10,000 bird species alive today and are everywhere.  But once they were extremely rare and how these perching birds evolved and when has been shrouded in mystery.  Now scientists at The Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago have found the earliest known passerine bird in a rich seam of fossil deposits known as Fossil Lake in modern day Wyoming.  It dates from the Early Eocene which was distinctly warmer than today and linked to an explosion in the diversity of life.

Boots UK have created a pop-up beach box that has the answer to all our winter blues

***EXCLUSIVE*** Experts worked with Boots Vitamins to create a ‘Vitamin D Projection Map’, which shows the areas of the country whose vitamin D levels will likely be at their lowest this February. Those living in the south of England are estimated to have experienced around 28 more days, or one whole month, last year when UV rays were high enough for the body to make a useful amount of vitamin D, compared with those who live in Scotland. To brighten up Stirling, which only enjoys 38 per cent of the vitamin D-effective UVB of popular Spanish sunshine resort Marbella, Boots Vitamins brought sands and palm trees to the city to brighten up the winter weather. Against a grey backdrop, the pop-up beach provided locals with a little winter pick-me-up, including samples of Boots Vitamin D Max Strength supplements, to help get them through the final weeks of winter.

A terrified OAP claims was forced to move into a Travelodge - after being 'hounded' out of her flat by a troubled spirit which repeatedly flushed the loo in her home

***EXCLUSIVE*** Emily Sparks, 83, says she has been haunted by a spirit called "Joyce" who died in her one-bedroom sheltered flat before she moved in seven years ago. Ms Sparks says the spirit's antics include stealing her personal possessions, at times constantly flushing her toilet and even pulling her hair while she sleeps.

Bertha the chihuahua has lost almost half her body weight- by ditching unhealthy food and taking up a low-calorie diet

***EXCLUSIVE*** An obese Chihuahua who could barely move has shed more than half her body weight after ditching her indulgent diet. Bertha tipped the scales at 13lbs when she was handed in to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco after her owner passed away. The 11-year-old pooch was more than three times the recommended weight for a Chihuahua and could barely carry the massive weight on her tiny legs. She was adopted by Allison Hackett, 35, in August 2017, who knew she could help the dog slim down and lead a happier life with a calorie-controlled diet.

Circular rainbow selfie from handglider

***EXCLUSIVE*** A lucky microlight pilot catches a stunning selfie flying through the air with a circular rainbow beneath him. The rainbow appears to circle the aircraft and his instructor perfectly as they fly 1,000 feet over Oahu in North Shore, Hawaii.

Frog in your throat - Hamerkop bird catches a frog

***EXCLUSIVE*** This bird bit off more than it can chew as it struggles to eat a bloated toad. In an attempt to protect itself the toad quickly inhaled air and inflated to twice its size when it was grabbed by the wading bird, making it impossible to swallow.

Doctors have remarkably reattached a girl's forehead after she was SCALPED when her ponytail got tangled in tractor machinery

***EXCLUSIVE*** Khushpreet Kaur, nine, was horrifyingly partly balded in a freak accident that tore off large parts of her scalp.  The youngster's head was torn apart by a tractor's crop spraying machine, in rural India.  She was sitting on top of her uncle's tractor's, when her dress got caught in moving parts, dragging her helplessly towards fast moving parts.  Her dress became tangled up in the spinning sprayer, which led to her hair getting caught and wound around its rotating parts, and it was pulled clean from her head.  It happened on November 10 last year when Khushpreet was riding on top of her uncle's tractor in Dharampura village in Punjab, India.

Model airplane fans show off their work on 1951 day out in these nostalgic photos

***EXCLUSIVE*** Glorious photos from the 1950s depict high-flying hobbyists and their families enjoying a day out flying model airplanes. Taken on a sunny day in Gravesend in 1951, the fascinating pictures reveal an eager group of model-makers winding up a propeller for flight, breathless spectators ducking out of the way of an out-of-control plane, and two men making minute adjustments to their beloved craft. The stunning shots also include a group of women enjoying a boardgame alongside their pristine motorcar and an airplane enthusiast tracking the progress of his ‘kite’ with the aid of a spyglass. The Kite and Model Aeroplane Association, the first flying club of its type in the UK, began in 1909, just six years after the Wright brothers took to the air in their landmark first flight. Aeromodelling Clubs, whose members often referred to themselves as ‘aeronauts’, became more popular in the mid-20th Century, especially as commercial flight became increasingly affordable in the 1950s.

Bus Cafe in Erbil

ERBIL, IRAQ: People are seen in the Bus Cafe, which was a real and old model bus and was turned into a cafe by three university graduates, near the Sami Abdulrahman Park in Erbil, Iraq.

Tiptoeing through the tulips! Photographer captures moment harvest mice play among the flowers

***EXCLUSIVE*** This photographer must have let out a squeak of delight when he saw these mice tiptoeing through the tulips. Alex Meek captured the sweet snaps as the harvest mice played inside the flowers for several minutes. Mr Meek, who took the pictures near his home in Scarborough, said they were cute but destructive critters. 'The mice love to eat the stamens and nectar from the flowers and enjoy climbing in and out of the tulips.