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A nurse who lost her leg after it was crushed beneath a dump truck has taken up ROCK CLIMBING after her life-changing accident

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lauren Pine, 51, found herself pinned beneath the 20-foot-long truck after she was struck while crossing a Manhattan street in November 2017. The nurse was dragged along the street before the truck came to a stop, but her left leg was pinned beneath the vehicle’s front wheel for several minutes. Lauren, of Manhattan, New York, was rushed to hospital where doctors had no choice but to amputate her crushed limb and hip bone during three intense surgeries. The New Yorker’s remaining leg was so damaged from being pulled along the pavement she was later admitted to the William Randolph Hearst Burn Center at New York-Presbyterian Hospital & Weill Cornell Medicine. Lauren spent two months in the unit and underwent seven painful surgeries to graft the skin from her back onto the open wounds on her right leg. Sixteen months after her accident Lauren has been fitted with a prosthetic but uses a walker and crutches to get around. Despite her disability Lauren has taken up rock climbing once a week in an effort to improve her mobility. The amputee also spends time with her horse Kainoa, who is stabled in New Jersey, and hopes to get a special saddle so she can return to horse riding. Lauren said: „I thought I was going to die. I was screaming and I went into shock.”

The boy with „Werewolf Syndrome”

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, RATLAM, INDIA: A schoolboy from India who suffers from „Werewolf Syndrome” dreams of defying his condition and becoming a policeman. Lalit Patidar, aged 13 from Ratlam in the Central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, was born with Hypertrichosis, a condition more commonly known as Werewolf Syndrome. This condition is characterised by abnormal hair growth on the face, arms and other parts of the body. Despite his condition, Lalit lives a happy life and dreams of one day supporting his parents by becoming a policeman.

Mother-of-two who felt like she had lost her identity when her hair started falling out because of alopecia embraces her beauty by shaving her head

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the stunning British mum-of-two who felt like she had lost her identity when her hair started falling out due to alopecia, but who with the support of her husband has embraced her beauty, SHAVED HER HEAD and raised almost £2K for charity. Youth worker and mum-of two daughters, Miya (8) and Daisy (one-year-old), Chloe Heaton (28), from Lancashire, UK, was at a race event in 2017 with her husband, Ben, when she felt a soft patch on the back of her head and began to panic. She felt devastated when she was diagnosed with alopecia as she took pride in her hair and had deliberately decided to grow a long length to donate it. She decided to turn a negative situation into a positive one by shaving the rest of her hair off to help raise money for Alopecia UK and raise awareness of the condition. Since then she has made it her mission to embrace her beauty on social media to inspire others to love their look. With a target of £500, Chloe ended up raising over £1,860 for Alopecia UK in just a couple of months.

6ft4 woman, 30, says she LOVES the compliments she gets for her long legs - and even wears high heels to make them look longer

***EXCLUSIVE*** PETERBOROUGH, UK: This stunning woman is SIX-FOOT-FOUR-INCHES tall and says she would never want to be shorter because she loves the attention her height gets from men. Nail technician, Simona Senauskaite (30) from Peterborough, UK, grew up in a tall family so she always felt like she fitted in growing up. It wasn’t until she was 16 that she started to notice that she was taller than everyone at school, which didn’t bother her. Despite this, Simona who was born in Lithuania, found that she was heckled for her height in college with girls asking her if she had to pay more for her clothes because of her tallness to which a confident Simona would just brush off. When she’s out and about, six-foot-four Simona makes sure she is always wearing a killer smile and is always showered with compliments from both men and women who are awestruck by her supermodel height and slender legs. Women are envious of her, wishing they were as tall as her, with men desperate for her attention, smiling and waving and verbally admiring her as she walks by, which is something she loves. Incredible pictures show Simona fully embracing her height on the beach, in the street and wearing heels to make her even taller. Simona wants to inspire other people to embrace their looks and show them it’s good to stand out, she spoke about why she’s always embraced her height.

Swiss Army tiny house

***EXCLUSIVE*** This amazing ninety-six-square-foot tiny house has furniture folded inside its walls to mimic the functionality of a Swiss Army knife and cost just £35k to build. Stunning pictures and video footage show the multi-functionality of the house as a room of while walls can fold out to contain a bed and a kitchen complete with a hob and cupboard space or a table and chairs for entertaining guests. Other striking images show the separate shower and bathroom area which can be accessed through a small gap in the wall. This ‘Swiss Army’ tiny house, called aVOID, aVOID is the result of an artistic-architectural research project directed by Leonardo Di Chiara in collaboration with Tinyhouse University and supported by numerous internationally renowned technical partners.

LED Chevy is light show on wheels

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, DAYTONA, FLORIDA: Thousands of specialised LED lights have been used to transform a 2007 Chevrolet Suburban into a light show on wheels. TJ Dickenson, of Titusville, Florida, is behind the pimped-out truck, which he refers to as the „Boom X”. It features custom LED lights that respond differently to bass, mids, and treble - creating a fully unique light show. TJ, who has been customising trucks since the mid-90s, told Barcroft TV: „I did all this myself. There is no truck or car in the automobile world that’s done to this magnitude.”

Decaying Detroit: Haunting photographs reveal abandoned homes, schools, factories - and strip clubs - in a city that was shattered by bankruptcy

***EXCLUSIVE*** Haunting new photos show how a once thriving US city looks years after a disastrous decline. An eerie series of shots of modern-day Detroit include dusty shots of a dilapidated children’s centre, a spooky auditorium with all the seats ripped out, and the skeletal remains of a century-old synagogue. Another evocative shot shows a broken child’s kart in an abandoned and destitute car factory – a painful metaphor for the decline of the city which once prided itself on its automotive heritage as the birthplace of the Ford Motor Company. The reasons behind the rapid decline of Detroit in Michigan – which saw a catastrophic population loss of over 600,000 between 1950 and 1980 – have been well documented. Huge-scale riots, a declining automobile industry, an increase in violently criminal gangs, and natural disasters, such as ice storms, all played their part to cripple the former metropolis. Once an industrial beacon for the whole country, the city is now a byword for urban decade, filled with empty factories, derelict homes and a sky-rocketing crime rate.

Astonishing aerial photos of Miami show completely new side to the iconic city

***EXCLUSIVE*** Amazing aerial images have offered a bird’s eye view of the vibrant city of Miami. The stunning pictures show the vivid colours of Balmoral Conominium and St Regis Bal Harbour Resort, the private pools and the beach front as Canyon Ranch Condo and the large skyscrapers along the beach at Jade Ocean Condo. Other incredible photographs show the hustle and bustle of downtown Miami, the Miami Hard Rock Stadium and thousands of mobile homes in Pembroke Park Lakes. The remarkable snaps were taken in Miami, Florida by photographer Jeffrey Milstein (74), from Woodstock, New York, USA.

Woman had such a large cervical tumours it led people to belive she was pregnant

***EXCLUSIVE*** A nurse was diagnosed with an enormous cervical tumour after her stomach grew so large people asked her if she was pregnant. Carla Nicholas, 45, grew two dress sizes in as many weeks and she couldn't fasten her jeans because her belly had grown so big. Strangers at the pub even asked the nurse why she was drinking while pregnant - but doctor initially dismissed her bulging belly as constipation. Scans eventually revealed she had two cervical tumours - one of which DOUBLED in size to 22cm, before she underwent a hysterectomy to remove the lumps.