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Ai-Da the world's first AI robot capable of DRAWING people who pose for it

***EXCLUSIVE*** A British arts engineering company says it has created the world's first AI robot capable of DRAWING people who pose for it. The humanoid called Ai-Da can draw people using a microchip in her eye and a pencil in her robotic hand - coordinated by AI processes and algorithms.  Ai-Da’s ability as a life-like robot to draw and paint ultra-realistic portraits from sight has never been achieved before, according to the designers in Cornwall.

A girl with epilepsy has forged a life-saving bond with her best friend - a pet dog who can predict the onset of a seizure

***EXCLUSIVE*** Millie Webb, 11, has refractory epilepsy and can suffer more than 100 seizures a day. She has a 'unique' form of the condition as medication doesn't seem to help control the seizures which can be triggered by her own laughter.

A miracle nine-year-old boy is now cancer free after undergoing a cutting-edge stem cell transplant using an UMBILICAL cord

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jenson Wright battled back from the brink and has stunned doctors with his remarkable recovery following the „ground-breaking” treatment. The brave youngster was first diagnosed with lymphoma and leukaemia in November 2013 when he was just four-years-old.

The Tapanuli orangutans are under threat of extinction less than two years since they were discovered

***EXCLUSIVE*** These moving pictures show the fragile existence of a new species of orangutan discovered less than two years ago - which is ALREADY at risk of extinction. The Tapanuli orangutan lives in the thick Batang Toru forest in Sumatra, Indonesia, and was designated as the seventh species of Great Ape in November 2017. But it is also the rarest ape in the world, with a mere 800 remaining members roaming the trees.

Ups and downs of life in a bookshop: Chinese store leaves customers on a stairway to literary heaven

A bookstore straight from the pages of a book lover's fantasy has been brought to life in an impressive architectural feat in China. Optical illusions and mirrored ceilings make the Zhongshuge Bookstore in Hangzhou, China feel never ending as thousands of colourful covers are reflected from wall to wall. The book shelves in the Shanghai shop morph into steps for readers to sit and rest on, while children's areas are turned into enchanted woodland with tree trunk shelves and huge statues of mushrooms. The stairs are reminiscent of M. C. Escher's Relativity - a 1953 lithograph print depicting a world in which the normal laws of gravity do not apply. The shop which transcends imagination has rooms upon rooms trailing off of the main hall, each turning into a different realm. Now, as many people go to stand and marvel on the criss-cross steps in the main hall, as they do to buy their favourite books.

A group of social entrepreneurs are helping the homeless - by transforming shipping containers into homes for rough sleepers

***EXCLUSIVE*** The metal units are among dozens of old storage containers being turned into living spaces as part of a project by social enterprise Help Bristol’s Homeless. The containers-turned-homes will provide accommodation for a rough sleeper for an entire year.

Snow monsters

***EXCLUSIVE*** This surreal looking mountain is just like a fairy tale winter wonderland after being covered in 4ft of snow.  With woodland and even a weather station completely covered in snow, trees and other vegetation are almost unrecognisable. The stunning pictures of the heavy snow fall were taken up the 4,000ft high Fichtelberg mountain in Saxony, Germany.  Grocer Christoph Schaarschmidt captured the incredible scenes after travelling an hour and a half from his home and hiking through the deep snow to get to the weather station.

Donkey travels on motorbike

***EXCLUSIVE*** A donkey looks remarkably relaxed despite being transported on the back of a motorcycle. The large animal was strapped down in a basket which was attached to the motorcycle on a grill above the rear wheel. The scene was captured near Koudougou, Burkina Faso, by photographer Ewien van Bergeijk-Kwant. She said: 'we could not believe our eyes!'.

Starling mass looks like a penguin

***EXCLUSIVE*** Tens of thousands of starlings come together to form the shape of a penguin swimming through the evening sky. The distinctive form was captured by James Arnold, 58, from Little Budworth, Cheshire. Mr Arnold travelled to an area near Whitchurch, Shropshire specifically to photograph the starlings. James said, 'They gather together from the surrounding area for about 25 mins and if you are lucky they murmurate in the minutes before they settle to roost'. 'They were moving around forming different shapes constantly for a couple of minutes, they only stay in a particular shape for a split second before turning into something else'. 'I could see they were creating some interesting shapes but it is only afterwards that you can see the exact shapes that you have captured because they move so fast.

One face – two zebras

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pair of zebras seem to share a single head as they stand together creating a striking optical illusion. The animals stand so close together as they look out for predators that their heads appear to fuse. Photographer Sarosh Lodhi captured the 'double-bodied zebra' on camera while on a trip to the Maasai Mara reserve in Kenya and described it as a 'zebra total eclipse'.

Seagull appears to laugh at red faced polar bear

***EXCLUSIVE*** A red-faced polar bear looks like it's being mocked by a laughing seagull.  The 400kg (62 stones) male bear appears to poke its tongue out at the bird as it pulls apart a seal carcass. Amateur photographer Marko König watched the 8ft-long animal for 30 minutes in Svalbard, Norway as it ripped into its prey, covering its own face in the seal's blood. The 44-year-old teacher from Badhersfeld, Germany, was on a 10-day boat trip around the Scandinavian island which has a population of around 3,500 polar bears.

The cockle-pickers who used their bare hands to scour Britain's shores in 1950s before hauling home their bounty to sell in local pubs

***EXCLUSIVE*** Incredible images from nearly 70 years ago celebrate a traditional British pastime and recall the days where you could enjoy a jar of cockles on your way home from the pub. A series of stunning images include a hard-working woman stooping low to pick up masses of delicious cockles from a sunlit shoreline, and a pile of her hard-earned spoils. Joined by two young carefree boys, the captivating images show cockle pickers sifting through the sand with their cockle sieve or bare hands, and a pair of mischievous donkeys being cajoled into carrying sacks of the seawater snack. The images, taken in 1950, prove that Britain has been enjoying cockles - whether seasoned with salt and pepper or pickled in a jar - since time immemorial. Until relatively recently, it was not uncommon to see a cockle seller offering their wares in a basket as they walked from pub to pub, a tradition which has now all but disappeared.

A grey squirrel appears to levitate in mid air

***EXCLUSIVE*** A photographer captured the incredible moment a squirrel appears to LEVITATE. Ian Jones, 54, was thrilled to snap the cuddly creature mid-air as it ran down the path towards him - oblivious to his wire-haired whistler, Hector, who played nearby. The mechanical engineer at Oxford University said: "It's difficult to catch something when it's moving like that but I managed to get a series of shots.