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Man has his deceased wife's ashes turned into a DIAMOND RING

***EXCLUSIVE*** A grieving husband turned his dead wife’s ashes into a dazzling diamond ring which he wears every day. David Oine created the one-of-a-kind jewelry as a way to remember his beloved wife Roberta Aberly who passed away from ovarian cancer at the age of 54. The accounts manager, 54, of Denver, Colorado, USA, paid around $2,700 to have Roberta’s remains transformed into a 0.25 carat yellow diamond. The rock was mounted into his wedding ring which he wears every day to pay tribute to his departed wife, who passed away in November 2017. He said: “I chose a yellow diamond because Roberta loved the color yellow and it sparkled just like her personality did. “I cherish the stone. I look at it every day. She’s always with me.” Roberta was first diagnosed with primary peritoneal cancer, a rare form of ovarian cancer, in 2012 and doctors initially gave her just six months to live. David said: “She wasn’t feeling well and she assumed she had food poisoning so she went to the emergency room. “At first doctors thought she might have appendicitis but it turned into a cancer diagnosis and she was given just six months to live.” But Roberta struggled against the disease for five more years. David said: “She received treatment at the University of Colorado Hospital and got into a study.  “Between the studies and trials and unorthodox surgeries, we managed to get an additional five years together.” But on November 1 2017 Roberta passed away.

'I was at my lowest low': How a young woman, 23, went from a size 10 to a 22 in just ONE MONTH

***EXCLUSIVE***Meet the inspiring woman who was called a ‚ÄėWHALE‚Äô by her peers and went from a SIZE TEN to a SIZE TWENTY-TWO in a MONTH but has since found confidence with the help of her SKINNY boyfriend who shows her pictures of other plus-sized models to encourage her to be herself, calling her body a ‚ÄėMASTERPIECE‚Äô. Bobbie Dawes (23), from Bairnsdale, Australia, grew up with her grandmother, mum and older sister and was only seven-years-old when her dad passed away. Her nana was taken to a nursing home when she was just 10-years-old and passed away two years later, which broke her heart. The pain of losing her nana resulted in her self-harming and in 2009 she was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. She was also diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD), a disorder of mood and how a person interacts with others. During this time, she ended up restricting her food and lost a lot of weight dropping from a UK size 14 to 16 to a size 10, which alarmed doctors. During her recovery phase, she was instructed to eat more to get back to a healthier weight, but her weight ended up increasing to a size 20-22 in just over a month. She was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a condition that affects how a woman‚Äôs ovaries function, in 2016. She then discovered American plus size model, Tess Holliday, who inspired her to embrace her curves and she began posting pictures on social media. In August 2016, she was message by her now boyfriend, Tristan, on Facebook, who said he was captivated by her confidence and they have been in a relationship ever since.

A loved-up young couple who said: ''I dough!'' enjoyed a full-scale wedding celebration minutes later - in a pizza restaurant

***EXCLUSIVE*** A loved-up young couple who said: ''I dough!'' enjoyed a full-scale wedding celebration minutes later - in a pizza restaurant. Maddie Jones, 29 and Alex Sung, 30, were nominated for the ultimate shotgun wedding by a friend who spotted the pizzeria’s Facebook offer to create a spontaneous marital ceremony. The quick-fire nuptials began on Sunday, 27 January when Maddie and Alex, who had been engaged for a year, arrived for dinner at PizzaExpress in London. After revealing a friend of theirs had tipped off staff about their 12-month engagement, waitress Milly Threw declared: ''I have had a crazy idea, why don't you get married today?''  When Milly explained the couple's friends and family were already on their way to the restaurant on Russia Way in the city of London, primary school teacher Maddie and electrician Alex agreed to instantly tie the knot.

The abandoned and derelict „Heartbreak” motel - that has gone on the market for £1 million after over a decade of impotence

***EXCLUSIVE*** An abandoned motel in west Cornwall which has been derelict for over a decade has gone on sale for almost £1 million. Once dubbed the „Heartbreak Motel” in the press, the property at Ashton on the Penzance to Helston road has been somewhat controversial since it closed. When initial plans to demolish Cornwall Motel and build holiday homes in its place were refused in 2007, the site lay abandoned and soon became the target for vandalism and fly-tipping.In the years that followed, plans were altered, resubmitted and refused, whilst the motel made headlines for all the wrong reasons - when suspected arson was the cause of a fire in one of the chalets in 2011, and when there was local concern that the Olympic torch route would run past the derelict eyesore in 2012.

Two of Edinburgh's most sought after townhouses boasting a wealth of history and panoramic views of Arthur's Seat go on sale for up to £2.85million

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stunning pictures have revealed two of Edinburgh’s most sought after townhouses which could be yours for £1.9m and £2.85m respectively. The incredible images show the exterior the eight-bed property on Regent Terrace as well as well as a modern kitchen, cosy bedrooms and spacious living areas. Other striking shots show the exterior of the seven-bed house on Carlton Terrace as well as the luxurious dining area, light-filled kitchen and stylish living room. Both properties are situated on a stunning ''A' Listed William Playfair designed terrace, widely regarded as one of Edinburgh's most affluent and sought after addresses. The Regent Terrace house is currently listed by Rettie for £2.85m while the home on Carlton Terrace is listed for £1.9m.

Suspended by hooks

***EXCLUSIVE***Shocking video footage has captured two Hindu men performing extreme penance at a religious festival by being suspended from a 30-foot-tall pole with just hooks pierced into their skin. Devotees of Kamakshi Amman temple in Chengam in Tamil Nadu, India, take a vow to perform the penance during the annual festival held on a new moon day in February.  This year on February 4, hundreds of devotees lined up to get skin pierced with metal hooks and be suspended in mid-air from a pole erected near the idol of Kamakshi Amman goddess. Some of them also slid down a pole in a scary manoeuvre carrying offerings to the goddess. A few men were even seen carrying babies to invoke the blessings of the goddess on the children.  The ritual of hanging from a pole by the skin is popular in many parts of India. Many rationalists slam it as superstition and called for its ban.

„Tunnel Of Love” in Rotterdam

The pedestrian section of the year-old Maastunnel will be a Tunnel of Love from 8 to 15 February. With 35,000 fluorescent heart-shaped stickers, the tunnel is a dazzling visual spectacle. The Tunnel of Love is a declaration of love from the artists' duo Vollaerszwart to all Rotterdammers and a gift for the Maastunnel, which celebrated its 77th anniversary on February 14th.