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Woman born without a womb or vagina tries to raise $9,500 for treatment that will stimulate her ovaries to produce eggs for a surrogate

***EXCLUSIVE*** SIMCOE, ONTARIO, CANADA: This young woman has revealed her pain at discovering she was born WITHOUT A WOMB when she was eighteen after doctors dismissed her worries when she didn’t start her periods and now she is crowdfunding to realise her dream of starting a family with her husband. When educational assistant, Sarah Giesbrecht (21) from Simcoe, Ontario, Canada, was 16 she noticed that she hadn’t started menstruating like her friends and started to worry when her family members kept asking her if her periods had started, expecting them to have started when she was 14 or 15. Feeling scared, Sarah went to her doctor to ask questions but he insisted that she had nothing to worry about. Two years later, Sarah’s period still hadn’t arrived, so she went back to the doctor and demanded that they ran tests on her. She went for an ultrasound where the sonographer wouldn’t tell her what was going on with her scan and told her to speak to her doctor. A fortnight later, the doctor told her that they thought she had an absent uterus but had to go for an MRI and blood tests for this to be confirmed. After waiting for four months for her results, Sarah was called in to see her doctor and was given the devastating news that she had Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome (MRKH), a condition that meant that she was born without a uterus, meaning no amount of surgery or IVF would allow her to have a baby of her own. Sarah’s condition has also caused her skeletal abnormalities in her spine and hearing loss. Receiving her diagnosis was a complete blur and Sarah battled with depression due to the prospect of not being able to have children herself but her husband, Jacob (23), who she had been with for three-years at that time stood by her. The pair were married in July, 2017, and after exploring adoption and surrogacy have set up a Go Fund Me page so that they can fulfil their dream of having a biological baby of their own through a gestational surrogate.

Bullies told me my pregnancy bump was ‘gross’ and said it was so big I ‘must be expecting a horse’

***EXCLUSIVE*** MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA: This stunning woman was trolled and bullied for the size of her PREGNANCY BUMP, as people told her it was GROSS, and she must be expecting a HORSE. Personal assistant Elisha Bakes (30) from Melbourne, Australia recently welcomed her second son, Kaelen in January 2019. However, she felt a constant scrutiny for the shape and size of her pregnancy bump which frequently came under fire. Elisha, who already has a son, Kyson (21 months) with her partner Tane, experienced negative comments about her pregnancy starting when she was just 14 weeks along. Elisha shared a photo with her Instagram followers to announce her pregnancy at 14 weeks, and people told her that she must have got her dates wrong because she looked much further along. Whenever she received comments, Elisha would explain that she is only five-foot-three-inches tall, while her partner is six-foot-three-inches tall. Naturally, this would likely cause a bump which looked large in proportion to Elisha’s small frame.  People continued to criticise the size of Elisha’s bump, even telling her that she was eating too much and assuming her diet was unhealthy as they thought her bump was far too large. As her pregnancy progressed, as much as she wanted to relish being pregnant again and embrace her changing body, the comments only became worse as people told Elisha she looked as if she was expecting 78 babies, that she was expecting a horse, or it must have been triplets, with some even calling it „gross”.

Charlie Chaplin impersonator who was arrested more than 400 times over his street act based on the silent movie clown is pictured in his 1950s heyday

***EXCLUSIVE*** Fascinating photos from the 1950s show a cheeky Charlie Chaplin impersonator playing to the crowds – an act that got him arrested OVER 400 TIMES for ‘obstruction’. The incredible images, taken in December 1951, show the artist ‘snake charming’ in a fez whilst kneeling on the street in front of a queueing cinema audience, offering his hat to young spectators in the hope of a few coins, and being defiantly lead away from the scene by a uniformed police officer. Another shot shows the street performer walking grimly down the steps of a local police, having paid his 413th fine for obstruction. The characterful man, known only as ‘Charlie the Busker’, plied his trade in front of waiting cinema audiences. In these stunning shots, the crowds are being entertained whilst waiting to watch courtroom drama ‘The People Against O’Hara’ on the big screen.

Micro pig Pumba living life of luxury with rugby union star - who takes him on walks

***EXCLUSIVE*** Premiership scrum-half Callum Braley lives with the one-year-old micro pig named Pumba.  The hog lives happily alongside two dalmatians named Beau and Brody and has his own Instagram page.  Pumba can eat up to 40 apples a day, loves rifling through kitchen drawers to find treats and was carried around in a handbag as a piglet.  For the past 15 months he has lived a life of luxury with Callum and his wife Abbie in Gloucester.  He wore a bow tie around his neck to be the guest of honour at their wedding and has more than 1,000 followers on Instagram.

A yoga class is held at Rosebud Alpacas

***EXCLUSIVE*** A farm has become the first place in Britain to offer yoga classes - in a field full of ALPACAS. Rosebud Alpacas is located on a remote smallholding among rolling countryside and has been hailed as the perfect location for calming exercise.  But to add to the experience owners Nick and Lucy Aylett have decided to run their yoga classes in the same field where they keep their alpacas. And they say their alpaca yoga classes in South Molton, Devon, are a "unique experience" which are "great for mind, body and soul".

A 22-year-old who may have just five years to live with a brain tumour has transformed his body - into a super buff hunk

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ollie Jowett, 22, has been told he may be on borrowed time but has used his diagnosis as a motivation to get in shape. The inspirational youngster signed up to a 12-week transformation program with Up Fitness. He has now shed nearly all his body fat, lost 10kg and is covered in rippling muscles. Ollie, from St Austell, Cornwall, said he now wants to teach others that they too can have a body to die for even if they suffer a devastating blow like he did. After being diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour, Ollie said he underwent chemotherapy and was so sick he could barely walk up the stairs.

An amateur historian is posting back antique postcards to their original addresses in an act of common fraternity

***EXCLUSIVE*** An amateur historian is sending antique postcards back to their original destinations as a "random act of kindness". Ben Curran, 45, has returned dozens of the messages - some of which are more than a century old - back to the addresses written on them. The mental health worker started using the cards, which he mostly buys from second-hand shops, as a way to reach people who may feel isolated. He said: "It all started from my interest in history. I was doing some research into Edwardian actors and actresses and realised that a lot of actors from that period were on postcards.”

'My boyfriend tried to gouge my eyes out with a broom handle during hour and a half long attack'

***EXCLUSIVE*** Samantha Jenkins, 33, was beaten by her partner Kevin Owen after he fell into a drunken rage one evening at the flat they shared.  Owen threw a television and glass ashtray at terrified Samantha, tried to strangle her and used such force he snapped the broom handle in half during the sustained assault ‚Äď which lasted for an hour and a half.  Her two front teeth were knocked out and she had to have stitches in her head after the bloody beating in November 2014.  Brute Owen was sentenced to nine years in prison after being found guilty of wounding with intent at Cardiff Crown Court in July 2015, but Samantha is living in fear after being informed he is set for release as early as this May.  Mum-of-one Samantha is adamant he shouldn't be allowed back to their shared town ‚Äď particularly after he tried to shift the blame on her.  Now in another relationship, Samantha admits the wounds will never heal from her terrifying ordeal and she has been left with trust issues. 

Baboon babies learn to jump over the water

***EXCLUSIVE*** MASAI MARA, KENYA: Baboons seen jumping over the water on the banks of Talek River in Masai Mara, Kenya. At first the monkeys quenched their thirst. Ingo Gerlach, 65, wildlife photographer from Betzdorf in Germany, quickly noticed that the baboons wanted to cross the small river. He waited with his telephoto lens for the upcoming action. He could watch as mother pavian showed the offspring to learn how to jump. She went ahead and jumped from stone to stone. The offspring quickly understood it and imitated their mum. So the baboon horde reached the other shore with dry feet.

Stunning photos show London being rebuilt five years after the Blitz flattened the capital

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stunning retro pictures have revealed the rebuilding of London five years after the Blitz of World War Two. The incredible images show gaping cellars and foundations of many blitzed sites which had not yet been cleared away, beautiful churches that were being restored with the help of stone salvaged from the rubble of other churches and a refreshing flower garden that had been transformed from the rubble. Other striking shots show a group of children playing in the foundations of a demolished building, an unconventional cricket match taking place in the cellar of a bombed out building during lunchtime and workmen salvaging rubble of a blitzed church masonry in the shadow of St Paul’s Cathedral. The remarkable photographs offer an insight into just how long the rebuilding process took with these images shot in London in 1950, five years after the end of World War Two.