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Mum with 'no pregnancy symptoms' wakes up in hospital to find she's given BIRTH

***EXCLUSIVE*** A miracle baby has been named after a nurse at Blackpool Victoria Hospital following a near-death experience. Ten month-old Danielle Alice Davey was born prematurely to save her and her mum’s life and took her name from the Accident and Emergency sister that cared for them. 27 year-old Lisa Davey was brought in to A&E with a suspected abdominal infection in April 2018. Sister Danielle McLardie, 33, had just started her shift with Lisa being her first patient. In the Emergency Room, an ultrasound revealed that Lisa was actually 26 weeks pregnant and had developed HELLP syndrome - a rare liver a blood clotting disorder that can affect pregnant women. This then led to sepsis and Lisa’s organs started to fail. In a bid to save both mum and baby, doctors decided to take Lisa to theatre for a caesarean section. The baby girl was born 14 weeks early and taken to the Neonatal Unit at Royal Preston Hospital for specialist care. Lisa went onto the Intensive Care Unit.

‘Dr Evil’ tattooist who split woman’s tongue, sliced off nipple and removed ear admits GBH despite customers’ consent

***EXCLUSIVE*** A tattoo artist branded „Dr Evil” has admitted causing grievous bodily harm after he split a customer's tongue, removed an ear and sliced off someone's NIPPLE. Brendan McCarthy, 50, pleaded guilty to the bizarre offences after carrying out the harmful body modification procedures at his studio between 2012 and 2015.  A court heard at the time of the offences he had been working without the appropriate qualifications at „Dr Evil's Body Modification Emporium” in Wolverhampton. McCarthy had previously denied the charges and made an application to the Court of Appeal claiming consent given by his clients provided him with a lawful defence. But he pleaded guilty to three counts of causing grievous bodily harm with intent at Wolverhampton Crown Court. He admitted splitting a tongue with a scalpel in July 2012, removing a nipple in August 2012 and removing an ear in July 2015 without using anaesthetic. The ear belonged to 43-year-old customer Ezechiel Lott - the other victims have not been named.

Shire bliss! Cornish cottage with Hobbit-style grass-covered house in the back garden goes on the market for £600,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** Purchase your very own piece of The Shire from The Lord of the Rings with this unique hobbit house located in the grounds of a four-bed house, with offers over ÂŁ600k welcomed. Incredible images show the main residence from above with a long driveway and extensive gardens as well as the spacious interior including cosy bedrooms, light-filled living areas and a modern kitchen. Other stunning shots show the straw bale-built and grassy-roofed property that is tucked away in the back garden as well as the warm and welcoming interior.The four-bed detached house, Toddalong, is located in Tregaddock, St Mabyn, Cornwall and is currently listed for ÂŁ600k by Cole Rayment and White.

Air bubbles trapped in frozen lake

***EXCLUSIVE*** Air bubbles trapped in the ice of a frozen lake create amazing patterns which look almost alien.  Incredible images show the phenomenon in which ice slowly engulfs air as it tries to escape the lake, turning them into frozen pockets beneath the surface. As the lake freezes deeper and deeper, more bubbles form beneath each other, creating the strange patterns in the crystal clear ice.  Amateur photographer Robert Postma said it was at least -25C as he stood on the Kluane Lake in the Yukon territory of northern Canada, taking the pictures.

Life on the Orient Line: Fascinating photos reveal how Britons travelled around the world on cruise ships throughout the 20th century

***EXCLUSIVE*** Fascinating new photos show what life was life for Brits travelling on cruise liners throughout the 20th century – including those who sought to build a new life on the other side of the world for only £10. A striking series of shots shows passengers enjoying a game of cricket on deck, ladies sunning themselves on deckchairs whilst socialising, and ship workers standing next to huge quantities of gold destined to be shipped overseas. Another eye-catching photo shows Prince George and Princess Mary, later to become King George V and Queen Mary, standing on the shore in front of a magnificent cruise liner. The dazzling images are displayed in a new book ‘A Photographic History of the Orient Line’, by Chris Frame, Rachelle Cross, Rob Henderson and Doug Cremer and includes information on the passengers who were offered the chance to live in Australia post World War Two.

Lion cubs share a hug as they play

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pair of lion cubs show that siblings can get along as they appear to share hug while playing. Jacques-André Dupont, 54, capture this tender moment while he was on safari in Mara North Conservancy, in Kenya. The award-wining photographer from Montreal whose work focuses on wildlife and nature said, 'I laughed when I took this! The cubs were playing behind there mother and I saw myself doing exactly the same with my sisters as a kid.'

Herons in freezing cold

***EXCLUSIVE*** A group of herons compete for position as they wait to be fed during the freezing cold winter.  Temperatures reach as cold as -12 degrees celcius in Stockholm, Sweden, so the city council regularly feed the local birds during the winter. These herons were preparing for the feed by jostling with each other for position, before fighting amongst themselves for food.  They used their claws and feet to stamp but also used their beaks to lash out at their rivals.