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The father of four with no arms or legs

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN: A father-of-four without arms and legs proved that everything is possible, despite losing his limbs due to meningitis at the age of two. Joseph Reed, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, says he had an unhappy childhood in a foster family, and even experienced suicidal thoughts while growing up. Today the 34-year-old is a happy man and lives his life to the fullest - he is a father of four, a husband, and holds down a full-time job. The man, nicknamed by friends „nub zero the no legged hero” is a great inspiration to his family and friends and many others around him.

Woman, 30, has her arm bone replaced with METAL and cement after breast cancer returned and ate away at her skeleton

***EXCLUSIVE*** NORWICH, UK: This brave woman had a bone in her arm REMOVED and replaced with metal and CEMENT to give her body a fighting chance against her incurable cancer, but her battle has inspired her to create her own bucket list of life-changing experiences, with getting married at the top. Former hairdresser Laura Hughes (30) from Norwich, UK, found a lump in her breast when she was just 25 and she was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer, requiring six rounds of chemotherapy and a mastectomy in August 2014. Having never had any operations prior, Laura was petrified of a mastectomy, but she knew that her body was trying to harm itself. Treatment also involved hormonal treatment, radiotherapy and a year of Herceptin injections. Upon completing treatment, Laura strived to increase awareness for breast cancer by trekking through Iceland, in aid of the charity CoppaFeel. The trek was planned for August 2016, but in the months leading up to it Laura began feeling an aching pain in her right shoulder. Thinking it was a strain from the gym, Laura went to physiotherapy but after three sessions and no improvement, Laura was told to see her doctor as her physiotherapist suggested that her shoulder could be seriously damaged. An emergency CT scan highlighted the return of Laura’s cancer. Laura met with her oncologist in October 2016 who told her that the pain in her shoulder was caused by a large tumour which had fractured some of the bone down her arm, causing the pain. Further scans revealed that the original breast cancer had spread to her shoulder, spine and pelvis. Being secondary cancer, it is no longer curable, only treatable. Laura has since had the bone in her arm replaced with metal and cement, as she now looks ahead to ticking off her bucket list.

Nurse, 27, gets life-saving liver transplant after waiting FOUR YEARS when a rare condition destroyed her organ

***EXCLUSIVE*** This nurse is calling on more people to sign up to donate their organs after she endured liver failure for FOUR YEARS before her life was saved by an anonymous donor. Staff nurse Olivia Price (27) from Wolverhampton, UK, was just 10-weeks-old when she was diagnosed with a liver disease, requiring an operation almost immediately. This early operation seemed to resolve Olivia’s condition until the age of 24, when her liver began to fail. At only 10-weeks-old, doctors diagnosed Olivia with Biliary Atresia, a disease which meant that she was born without a bile duct to drain from the liver. Following surgery, Olivia was then able to lead a relatively normal life, until 2014 when her liver started to fail. For over four years, she suffered with liver failure after she was placed on and off the transplant list, unable to improve her state of health for good. After waiting for such a long time, Olivia finally received the call to say she had a liver transplant ready in March 2018. On the March 9, Olivia underwent the 10-hour transplant surgery and since that day she has seen her health improve constantly and she’s already able to do more than she could before.

US Army veteran lost an incredible 11-and-a-half stone after doctor’s told him if he didn’t change his diet he would die

***EXCLUSIVE*** An injured soldier who piled on the pounds after his armoured truck was bombed lost 11-and-a-half stone when doctors told him he'd 'die in six months'. Former US Army solider, Norm Carreiro, turned to food for comfort after being sent home from the Afghanistan war when his military vehicle was hit by a mortar shell. Dad-of-three, Norm, 31, returned home to his family in 2013 after three years of service but suffered with severe PTSD. He developed a fear of leaving the house and would "bully" his devoted wife, Jessica, 34, into feeding him with a gut-busting amount of food.

Surface lakes are causing Antarctic ice shelves to 'bend' and buckle under the massive weight of meltwater, warns new research

***EXCLUSIVE*** The filling and draining of meltwater lakes has been found to cause a floating Antarctic ice shelf to flex, potentially threatening its stability.  Meltwater lakes can contain water weighing 50,000 to two million tons each, and that pushes downward on the ice, creating an indent.  If the lake drains, this indent pops back up. If the resultant stress is large enough, the ice surrounding the lake basin weakens, and may start to break, the researchers predict.  A team of British and American researchers, led by Cambridge University scientists, has measured how much the McMurdo ice shelf in Antarctica flexes in response to the filling and draining of meltwater lakes on its surface.

Two carrots in a loving embrace

***EXCLUSIVE*** A nurse from Chester couldn’t bring herself to cook these romantically-shaped carrots – and so kept them as a Valentine’s Day ornament. Amie Wild, 41, was busy preparing Sunday lunch for her mum Patricia and 15-year-old son Teddy when she spotted the root vegetables, which resemble two intertwined (and orange) lovers. She told The Standard: “I was chopping up the carrots when I came across them and thought ‘that’s appropriate for this time of year!’

Call the midwife! The 1960s maternity nurses who were the first in Britain to get walkie-talkies so they could speak to doctors at mothers' bedsides

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stunning retro pictures have revealed how walkie-talkies were used by midwives in the 1960s to speed up their service. The incredible images show a midwife speaking into her walkie-talkie as she rides around Leicester on her scooter in 1965, two nurses receiving instructions from Manchester’s supervisor of midwives who operated the master set to keep her nurses briefed as they cycle their regular rounds in 1966 and a nurse using her pocket-size two-way radio at a patient’s bedside in 1966. Other striking shots show a model showing off the Midwives overcoat and matching hat which were designed as ‘get about’ clothes for the travelling midwife in 1968, a pupil and a midwife setting off on their daily rounds in 1950 and Nurse Grace Peck with a Silver Medal and prizes for Medicine and Nursing, at the Prize Giving ceremony at the Prince of Wales's General Hospital, London, England in 1952. Seventy Manchester Corporation midwives were said to be the first midwives in Britain to have the new radios. It was part of a £7,500 plan to speed up the service. The unit, weighing only 14 ounces, provides immediate contact with a central control station day and night.

Race for research at continent of science and peace Antarctica

ANTARCTICA: Turkish scientific research team members collected stool samples to identify the nutritional network in the focal organisms. Turkish scientific research team began their journey within the 3rd National Science Antarctica Expedition, under the auspices of Presidency of Turkey and under the coordination of the Ministry of Industry and Technology and Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Polar Research Center (PolReC). Scientists carry out studies in different fields such as polar biodiversity, living sciences, ecology and marine sciences at the white continent.