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Boy has made a full recover after breaking all the bones in his body after being hit by a speeding motorcyclist

***EXCLUSIVE*** A teenage crash victim struck by a speeding motorcyclist at a pedestrian crossing has stunned doctors with a miracle recovery - despite being pronounced DEAD at the scene. Joe Boyer, 16, broke almost every bone in his body after he was carried 140 yards on the front of the bike when he was hit at 69mph.  His head pounded off the pavement after he dropped from the bike - causing him severe brain injury - and he was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash in April 2016 when he was aged just 14.  However, Joe was dramatically saved by two off-duty police officers who had luckily witnessed the accident and rushed to provide immediate medical assistance.  Incredibly, an air ambulance from the Nottingham and Leicestershire service was also already in the air after transporting a patient to the nearby Chesterfield Hospital and by chance had a brain injury specialist on board.

Former alcoholic, 29, whose hand was blown off by a stick of DYNAMITE when he was drunk reveals how the accident pushed him to pursue his love of art

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the inspiring artist whose hand was SHREDDED after trying to light up a stick of DYNAMITE while he was DRUNK leading to him having his hand AMPUTATED, but he isn’t letting it stop him from making art. Artist and muralist, Chris Rodriguez (29), from Ohio, USA, had been battling with alcohol addiction for most of his twenties and the seriousness of his condition came to a head in January 2018 when he was handling a quarter stick of dynamite. He went into his garage, picked up a stick of dynamite left over from the previous summer and went across the street where there was a large field. He had been drinking alcohol all day and due to his condition, he didn’t realise that the dynamite didn’t have a wick, so when he tried to light it, it exploded instantly, blowing up his left hand. He went into immediate shock and ran to his neighbour’s house where they called 999 and he collapsed in their house. Next thing he knew, he was in hospital and was told that he had to have his hand amputated as they couldn‚Äôt save any part of it. Chris, who is a father-of-two, initially began sobriety three months before the accident but had relapsed just before. In the aftermath of losing his hand, he developed anxiety and depression which lead to him drinking again. It wasn’t until April 2018, when he realised how dangerous his addiction was and that he has a gift of art to share with the world that he decided to stay sober for once and for all. He now says that art has helped give his life more meaning and his fine art business has boomed since he lost his hand.

Gigantic dinosaur with a heart-shaped bone in its tail that lived 100 MILLION years ago is discovered in Africa (and scientists have revealed it just in time for Valentine's day)

***EXCLUSIVE*** A gigantic new dinosaur with a heart-shaped bone in its tail has been unveiled by scientists - for Valentine's Day. The plant-eater was bigger than a three storey house and lived in Africa 100 million years ago. It was a member of the titanosaurs - the largest animals that ever walked the Earth. The beast could have weighed up to 20 tons and been 30 feet tall - towering over the tropical forest trees it fed on.

How the Great Escape tunnels were built: German soldiers show how brave British prisoners carried out their famous bid for freedom in never-before-seen photographs

***EXCLUSIVE*** Remarkable vintage photos mark 75 years since the ‘Great Escape’ – the most famous POW breakout of all time. A stunning series of shots depict the ingeniously engineered tunnels which helped nearly 80 soldiers escape from the notorious maximum-security camp Stalag Luft III, the wretched living conditions that the POWs were confined to, and the innovative contraptions that soldiers built to help carry out the audacious bid for freedom. Another sobering photo shows a sombre memorial to the 50 escapees who were callously murdered by the Gestapo after they were recaptured. Hitler ordered their deaths personally. Of the 76 men who made it through the tunnels on that fateful night on 25 March 1944, only three made it home. The incredible images have been brought to light by Charles Messenger in a fascinating new book ‘Stalag Luft III: The German POW camp that inspired the Great Escape’, exploring the history of the ‘escape-proof’ Polish camp which was the focus of the 1963 American World War II epic film starring Steve McQueen, James Garner, and Richard Attenborough.

Alton Towers is auctioning off items from its former Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ride on eBay - for as little as 99p

***EXCLUSIVE*** Roald Dahl and theme park fans are being given the chance to bid on Oompa Loompas, giant inflatable blueberries, squirrels, a chocolate covered Augustus Gloop.  The ride, situated in Cloud Cuckoo Land, closed at the end of the 2015 season to make way for new attractions within the Staffordshire-based theme park.  The auction will last for seven days and all money aised will go to two separate children's charities.  Other items on offer include quirky signs for ‚ÄėThe Inventing Room‚Äô and ‚ÄėJuicing Room‚Äô as well as the doors to the factory and other ride decorations.

A group of hardy volunteers are braving stormy seas to visit 'forbidden islands' on a mission to clear tonnes of plastic waste from the UK's remotest beaches

***EXCLUSIVE*** Steve Green, 45, from Gweek in Cornwall, had the idea when he was shipwrecked with his dog on an uninhabited island - forbidden to human visitors - in the Isles of Scilly. After spending three days marooned on the wildlife reserve of Annet, Steve was shocked by the piles of plastic waste and dead wildlife and decided to do something. He set up Clean Ocean Sailing, which has cleaned tonnes of plastic rubbish off Cornish beaches in the last five years - and now they are going back to where it all began.

Rare 12th century 'triple toilet seat' that let Londoners defecate in open air next to their neighbours straight into a cesspit near Fleet Street headlines new museum display

A 'triple toilet seat' from London in the 12th century that allowed locals to defecate directly into  a cesspit near Fleet Street is going on display. The triple toilet seat once sat above the banks of the River Fleet which runs under the streets of north London from Camden into the River Thames and is known as  the capital's 'lost river'. The artefact headlines an impressive haul of items set to go on display at The Museum of London Dockland's latest exhibition.

Vegans stage vigil outside abbatoir and whisper soothing words to cows set for slaughter

***EXCLUSIVE*** Activist vegans are holding monthly roadside vigils so they can whisper "I love you" and "we're sorry" to cows on the way to the slaughterhouse. Leicestershire Animal Save host monthly gatherings to give the cows at Foyle Food Group their 'last rites'. The group stop vans being driven to abattoirs for a few minutes, and whisper phrases to the cows to make them feel relaxed. The activists - who have held 35 vigils since founding in 2015 - also hold signs including 'your taste=their death' and 'beep to show mercy for the cows going to slaughter'.