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Just when you thought glamping couldn't get any wackier... The £26k airplane-inspired flat-pack capsule you can set up (almost) anywhere

***EXCLUSIVE*** A British company has released a remarkable flat-pack treehouse that can be set up almost anywhere, allowing you to glamp in the most challenging terrain from just ÂŁ26k. Incredible images show the cylinder-like cabin set up in a snowy forest, in sunny woods and perched high up the mountains. Other stunning shots show the surprisingly spacious interior with bunk beds providing ample sleeping space, a large window allowing the cabin to be filled with natural light and enough space to relax and enjoy a meal. The Fuselage is the latest original structure to come out of Tree Tents International's (TTI) workshop in the Sussex South Downs. It is available from ÂŁ26k plus VAT and installation costs.

Valentine squirrels

***EXCLUSIVE*** Love is in the air for this squirrel as it hands its companion a mini bouquet of flowers ahead of Valentine's Day. The little animals appear to be enjoying a romantic occasion as they inspect white tulips and small pink flowers.

Wine barrel hotel

***EXCLUSIVE*** Wine connoisseurs can now fall asleep inside a barrel after a wine tasting in these novelty hotel rooms. The 10 luxury suites are built from pine wood and look like giant, 30-metre barrels lying on their sides at Quinta da Pacheca estate in Douro, Portugal. They were dreamed up by property owners Paulo Pereira and Maria do Céu Gonçalves, and are giant replicas of the barrels used in the wine cellar on the 280-year-old estate - with added doors, decking and skylight window.

Haunting images show rotting remains of a ghost town New Orleans orphanage abandoned after Hurricane Katrina devastated the region in 2005

***EXCLUSIVE*** Eerie images have revealed the rotting remains of a former orphanage and school that has been abandoned since Hurricane Katrina. The haunting pictures show the red-brick exterior of the huge building, open lockers with school books left behind and a mural of a young girl on the wall. Other striking shots show rows of damaged chairs still facing the front of the classroom, a student-parent directory emblazoned with the school logo and creepy dark corridors. The incredible photographs were taken at Holy Cross School in New Orleans by an urban explorer known as Abandoned Southeast.

Olympus Mons Racer

***EXCLUSIVE*** A futuristic supercar has been designed to drive up the solar system's tallest mountain - should humankind ever manage to make it to Mars. The sci-fi racing car, the Olympic Mons Racer, comes with 'floating' wheels allowing it to travel at speeds faster than the Bugatti Veyron's 254mph. And due to the high levels of radiation on Mars the vehicle would not have any windows, meaning the driver would use augmented reality technology to steer, almost like F-35 fighter pilots. However, the highlight of the vehicle are its wheels which would use electromagnetic technology to create a completely separated wheel with no mechanical connections to the main body of the car.

A teenager with a rare genetic disorder which causes facial deformity is appealing for people to help him find "the one" this Valentine's Day

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ashley Carter, 18, has Treacher Collins syndrome and was born without any ears, a receding jaw and no cheekbones. He has worked as an anti-bullying campaigner after being verbally and physically attacked as a child and has appeared on numerous TV shows to educate others.But he has told how he's now "looking for love" - and is ready to find "the one".

Wetland habitat in Bangladesh

SUNAMGONJ, BANGLADESH: Haor is prominent Asian wetland rich in biodiversity. Different of rural lifestyle are seen in haor. Fishing, cattle, cultivation are main livelihood. During winter water level dried up and people starts paddy cultivation. A haor is a large land which submerges underwater during monsoon and dries in winter. The Haor Basin, which falls in Sylhet division, comprises about 4500 square kilometers.

Race for research at continent of science and peace Antarctica

ANTARCTICA: Turkey organized National Science Antarctica Expedition for the 3rd time. Antarctica has been attracting scientific research teams and explorers with its challenging geography and nature throughout the history. Besides its attractiveness the continent is the world's coldest, most windy and arid place. For these reasons bases established here are allowed only for scientific research. The continent, which is not under the rule of any country, is called the continent of science and peace. 98 percent of the continent is covered almost entirely by ice that averages about a mile (1.6 kilometers) thick where 67 percent of the freshwater source on earth is found. During the winter season, sea ice fields covering about 18 million square kilometers, fall approximately 2 to 3 million square kilometer in the summer. The untouched nature of Antarctica is of great importance for the future of the world. The live water resources of the continent and the water potential in the glaciers are seen as the future water and food security of earth. Antarctica is the only continent on Earth without indigenous human inhabitants It only hosts various animals such as penguins, seals, whales and birds. The Antarctic Treaty, which was signed in 1959 when 53 countries were a party, allowed only bases with scientific studies and research to be active on the continent. There are about 100 scientific bases of 30 countries on the continent.

Owl and kestrel battle over food

***EXCLUSIVE*** A short-eared owl defends its territory from a kestrel as the pair tussle on a branch. The birds of prey spread their wings wide to intimidate each other and keep their balance on the dead branch, which lies in the middle of a field in Arbroath, Scotland. The confrontation happened so quickly, amateur photographer Darren Dawson didn't realise he'd captured it until looking back on the pictures he'd taken on his trip to photograph short-eared owls. The 47-year-old quality controller from Dundee, Scotland, said: "The short-eared owl is fighting with a female kestrel over territory or food, I would guess.

Mongoose jumps with fear at the sight of a lioness

***EXCLUSIVE*** Miraculous mongoose escape. A mongoose got the shock of its life as it felt the full force of a lion's giant paw stiking down on it. Wildlife photographer, 60, Marc Mol captured the dramatic moment the mongoose leaped into the air at the Bushman Plains in Botswana. He followed a pair of lionesses for over 3 hours knowing their preference for daylight hunting and expecting they were about to strike on a nearby Giraffe. Marc explained "With lions being big curious cats, the pair got distracted by a family of Banded Mongoose that panicked attempting to scramble to safety with mongoose scattering here there and everywhere, she struck out at a separated mongoose striking a flattening blow, but somehow the fearless foe wrangled free managing a miraculous escape!". "It was such a thrill to witness this rare and exciting David versus Goliath moment, that had a fortunate ending for the mongoose family."