Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A woman who donated her eggs to help her gay best friends have a family said it has been a privilege to watch the couple father her biological twin girls

***EXCLUSIVE*** Julie Ventura, 26, was shocked when her married friends, Erik McEwen, 39, and Adam McEwen, 30, asked if she would consider donating her eggs to help them conceive. The couple, of Tucson, Arizona, thought it was important for their children to know their biological family and thought Julie embodied qualities they hoped for in their kids. Erik and Adam were relieved when Julie agreed to go through the donation process and doctors retrieved 14 viable eggs in February 2016. Julie’s eggs were mixed with sperm from both Erik and Adam and the embryos were placed inside the couple’s surrogate Corrin McEwen, 40, Erik’s sister-in-law. Julie, of Long Beach, California, was thrilled for her friends when Corrin gave birth to 5lb 15oz Addisen and 5lb 9oz Everest in November 2017. Nail technician Julie said she feels very lucky to have been a part of her friends' journey to parenthood. Julie said: “I have always known that they wanted children and I knew that Erik’s sister-in-law Corrin volunteered to be their surrogate.

A woman, 27, who CHOSE to have her foot amputated after a childhood horse riding accident left her in constant pain wrote a ‘break up’ note to her limb

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jordan Beckwith made the heart wrenching decision to become an amputee after growing tired of non-stop surgeries and relying on pain medication. Before the two-and-a-half-hour operation, the realtor, of Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, scribbled a note on her leg to say goodbye to her right foot. Alongside jottings from friends, she wrote: “It’s not me, it’s you. I’m sure we’ve had some good times together, but it’s time we parted ways. I wish you all the best.” She signed off the note: “Your blood supplier”. Jordan, married to Brian, 35, a financial advisor, was just 13 when she was thrown from an over excited horse and shattered her ankle in 2005.

I’ll never stop dressing like a monster

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, ELIZABETH, NEW JERSEY: A 23-year-old man calls himself a „chaotic colourful monster” and gets his outfit inspirations from horror films such as The Exorcist. Daniel Perera from New Jersey, USA, indulges his aesthetic in pinks, bows and glitter - plus fangs, black contact lenses and fake blood. He told Barcroft TV: „My style is very chaotic, very monstrous and very colourful.” However not everyone appreciates his unique look - particularly his mother. When Daniel sees his mother, he tones down his colourful look to something more modest. Daniel praises the way he dresses, and believes that it has helped him become more comfortable in his own skin.

Weight-lifting grandmother, 58, defies critics told her women over 50 can't wear bikinis by flaunting her incredible body on-stage in a TINY two-piece for professional competitions

***EXCLUSIVE*** This grandmother is defying those who have told her that woman over the age of fifty ‘shouldn’t be wearing bikinis’ after entering bikini competitions and flaunting an envious EIGHT-STONE figure that intimidates strangers. Personal trainer, Terry Coulter (58), from Tennessee, USA, was brought up in a very active environment with her parents committing to running every day. She picked up on this habit as well as taking up various sports including; horse riding, cheerleading, softball, cycling and hiking. While she was in her twenties, she was eight-stone and a UK size six. After graduating from high school, her activity levels slowed down due to starting a full-time job but didn’t let that stop her from her dedication to staying fit. With two grown-up children; a daughter, Hannah (31) and son, Seth, who has a daughter, Paislee (3), she is told by strangers that they would be intimidated if they had a mum like her. Despite hearing people say that women over 50 shouldn’t be wearing bikinis, Terry has shown off her desirable body on stage for bikini competitions.

Some of the most famous GLOVES from history are on display together - including those worn by Queen Elizabeth I, astronauts and Luke Skywalker

***EXCLUSIVE*** The exhibition at the Fashion Museum in Bath will show off 150 pairs and single gloves from the past 400 years Many of the historical items on display next month in Glove Stories have never been on public show before. The display will bring together under one roof various glove collections, mostly owned by the Worshipful Company of Glovers of London.

A transgender woman is changing the face of underwear - and encouraging other trans women to swap their "Borat mankinis" for specially designed luxury lingerie

***EXCLUSIVE*** She said trans women who haven't had surgery have few options to help conceal their genitals - and what's out there is a far cry from anything found on the shelves of Victoria's Secret and Anne Summers. But in a world-first, 27-year-old Londoner Carmen Liu has designed flattering underwear that 'tucks' the genitals in while featuring pretty bows and lace trimmings usually found on conventional lingerie. Slamming the traditional 'gaff' - which she describes as the "love child of Borat's mankini and a jock strap" - Carmen says all women deserve the experience of wearing sexy lingerie.

Great-grandmother celebrates her 100th birthday with NAKED butlers – and loves every second of it

***EXCLUSIVE*** A great-great-grandmother was given an extra-special treat for her 100th birthday - a couple of naked hunks. Doll Jenkins' cheeky birthday wishes were fulfilled when staff at her retirement home hired the buff butlers for her very special birthday party. Residents at Milton Lodge made international news last year after residents requested the naked hunks to come and serve a three-course meal.

This hospital department have begun an unusual new daily routine - a ballroom DANCING session on the ward before they start their shift

***EXCLUSIVE*** The orthopaedic outpatient team, which has 22 staff members in total, spend five minutes each morning moving and shaking to some upbeat dance tunes to get warmed up for work. The unique daily fitness routine was only started in the department about four weeks ago - but Orthopaedic Practitioner Andrew Stewart, who introduced it, says it is already proving a big hit. Andrew, 58, who works on the orthopaedic outpatient ward at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, said: "It's a great way to warm yourself up, get your spirits going.

Man collects driftwood to fuel his hut and for repairs, also keeping the beach clean from fly-tippers and washed up litter

***EXCLUSIVE*** Just like the Wombles who roamed Wimbledon Common in the 1970s looking for junk, a conscientious beachcomber is recycling rubbish to use in his holiday hut. Resourceful Neil Hughes, 74, spent his childhood holidays in a beach hut in Gourock, Inverclyde, and still enjoys using it decades later. Perched on Lunderston Bay, the beach hut has been in his family for 85 years and was built by his father, George - but in Neil’s lifetime, he has seen the coastal area blighted by flytipping. In a bid to clean up the area, and using his finds to heat and cook in the little outbuilding, Neil scours the beach for bits of discarded rubbish he can reuse.

The women who kept the trains running: World War Two ministers feared they'd need three female workers to do the same as two men but soon found it was the other way round

***EXCLUSIVE*** Remarkable photos celebrate the empowered women who kept the UK’s railways running during the Second World War – proving that ‘two women could do the work of three men’. The stunning shots depict a gang of platelayers fastidiously ensuring Britain’s railways were intact, porters hauling crates of goods along a platform, and telephonists matter-of-factly answering calls whilst sheltering under their desks. Other incredible shots show a lampswoman on an elevated rickety platform signalling trains and collecting tickets from members of the public and troops alike. The eye-catching photos form part of Susan Major’s new book ‘Female Railway Workers in World War II’, a fascinating insight into the women who stepped up as their partners, brothers, and fathers marched to war.

The Wall

From western California to eastern Texas, across four US states and 24 counties, the border criss-crosses arid desert, rugged mountains, and winding rivers. 7.3 million people live in the border counties on each side of the line. In an effort to make good on campaign promises to ''build that wall,'' President Trump refused to back down on his demand that Congress allocate .7 billion for the project, plunging the government into a shutdown after Senate Democrats refused to back a spending bill that included the wall funding. The longest contiguous stretch that is unfenced is in the center of Texas and it is more than 600 miles long. There are no cities on either side of the wall here, and the Rio Grande river forms part of the border. The original border fence construction was created with consideration to geography, economics and also legal factors. In 2006, Congress required that a barrier be constructed but the project was never completed as mandated, and much of the border fence lies in disrepair. The Texas border is mostly unfenced due to treaty provisions and property rights. Fencing was easier to construct in California, Arizona and New Mexico because the Federal Government controlled more of the land adjacent to the border. The cost estimates for constructing a new border fence have ranged from  billion (President Trump's initial campaign trail estimate), to as high as 0 billion. The number most often quoted by political and construction experts, is between 5 and 5 billion. To replace what exists with what has been described as a 20 to 50 foot structure that will traverse 1,000 of the some 2,000 miles of the U.S.'s border with Mexico will be no easy feat.