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Woman, 23, who battled Hodgkin's lymphoma sets up a 'Cancer Chicks' group to help patients feel stylish

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the inspiring woman who battled CANCER in her TWENTIES leaving her insecure about losing her hair but has since beaten the disease and set up a company that aims to help fellow cancer sufferers feel bald and beautiful. Cancer Chicks founder, Olivia Smith (23), from Southampton, UK, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2018, a type of lymphoma that is believed to result from white blood cells of the lymphocyte kind, despite doctors initially passing off her chest pain symptoms as a result of alcohol. She spent the beginning of her chemotherapy sessions feeling insecure as her hair began to fall out. She had 12 rounds of chemotherapy sessions and she would use wigs to hide her bald head, but as time went on, she realised that she was battling a tough illness and wanted to embrace the journey to show she is strong. She proceeded to ditch the wigs and post on social media to encourage other cancer fighters not to feel ashamed of their appearance and journey. Olivia was given the all clear by her doctor in August 2018, who told her she is now in remission and the treatment worked successfully. Throughout her recovery journey, she began receiving countless messages on social media from other cancer fighters seeking advice. After completing a questionnaire, she found that over 80 per cent of young women thought the change in their appearance was the most daunting thing about cancer. This inspired her to set up a Facebook page called Cancer Chicks as a source for anyone going through a similar ordeal to be able to get in touch.

Healthy woman lost use of her arms, legs, face and bowel as mystery illness ravaged her body in days

***EXCLUSIVE*** CALIFORNIA, USA: This fitness enthusiast was struck down by GBS which paralysed her entire body, even her eyes, meaning she had to have them TAPED SHUT every night despite being awake. Former network engineer Delilah Corkery (47) from California, USA, was diagnosed with bronchitis in February 2018 but just as she hoped she was getting over the worst of that illness, she started to notice peculiar symptoms developing. In March 2018, Delilah went out for a meal with some friends when she noticed that the food tasted bland and she couldn’t actually distinguish any taste from what she ate. She also felt uncomfortably hot, but when she washed her hands under the tap, the warm water burned her skin. The following day, Delilah started losing the feeling in her fingertips and this gradually progressed to her legs and arms. Delilah went to the nearest hospital with her fiancé, Erik, but after waiting to be seen for seven hours, it took all but five minutes for a doctor to diagnose Delilah with vertigo, prescribe her medication and send her back home. However, when she woke up the next day, Delilah was in excruciating pain and could no longer walk unaided. She was immediately sent to the hospital, where staff ran stroke tests, X-rays, MRI tests, blood tests and a spinal tap, which indicated a raised level of proteins, which is indicative of Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS). Delilah was started on an IVIG treatment immediately, but by this time she had lost the function in her legs, arms, face, including her eyes, and her bowel. The extent of Delilah’s case meant she couldn’t even blink but could still see, so she would have her eyes taped shut for eight hours every night for the following three months.

My best friend is an elephant

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, FLORIDA: What if your best friend weighed 10,000lbs and was able to crush a watermelon under her foot? Acrobat and animal handler Lauryn Murray, 33, from Florida, grew up in a circus and spends almost every day caring for Lady Essex, a huge Asian elephant. Lauryn says the two are 'as close as a human and an elephant can be?. Amazingly, Lady Essex plays fetch with Lauryn?s dogs and even likes to play with her three-year-old son, who helps give her a bath.

I do, I do, I do! Hilarious moment an elated bride-to-be collapses to the ground in joy when her boyfriend proposes in Italy

***EXCLUSIVE*** The hilarious moment this lucky woman nearly had a meltdown after her boyfriend dropped to one knee could be the most eye-popping „freak-out” to a proposal you are likely to see. Senior Manager of Visual Merchandising Amanda Johnson (28) can’t believe her eyes as her police officer boyfriend Matt Zagaja (29) pops the question on the beachin the picturesque surroundings of Positano, Italy. Matt set the scene for his unsuspecting girlfriend by pretending he was setting the camera up on a self-timer so they could get the perfect photograph. In reality he had the video recording, so he could capture his perfect proposal and Amanda’s surprised reaction on camera.

A husband and wife have renewed their wedding vows as a same-sex couple

***EXCLUSIVE*** Laura Sharp, 35, and her husband had been married for 10 years when Neil revealed that he wanted to transition to become a woman in 2016. To his surprise, his loyal wife was supportive of the decision and stuck by her partner. The couple - who have a four sons aged one to eight - are now happier than ever after Neil underwent gender confirmation surgery to become Samantha in March 2018.

A crafty prosecutor orchestrated an elaborate fake trial to pop the question to his attorney girlfriend

***EXCLUSIVE*** Brandon Dinetz, and Jen Lettman, both 28, met while working together as attorneys in 2016 and their professional relationship quickly blossomed into romance. When Brandon, of Palm Beach, Florida, decided to propose he knew he would have to  work hard to catch his astute girlfriend by surprise. He then spent five months planning an imaginary DUI trial in the Palm Beach County Courthouse and told Jen it was important that she saw his opening statement.

Mini-Picasso from Cologne shows his works of art

Hamburg: Six-year-old Mikail Akar and his gallery dealer Nisvican Roloff-Ok stand in front of the boy's pictures in the gallery "Nissis Kunstkantine" in Hafencity. Mikail received a canvas and finger paints as a gift from his parents at the age of four. Since then, the little boy from Cologne has been enthusiastic about painting and constantly tries out new techniques - sometimes with a brush, sometimes with a spatula. After exhibitions in Cologne and Düsseldorf, his colourful works of art can be seen in the Hanseatic city until 28 February 2019.

The Power Of Art Temple

CORAL SPRINGS FL: Artist David Best is working with Coral Springs and Parkland community members building a 35-foot-tall temple, with no religious affiliation. The Temple will be a temporary structure and is not intended to serve as a memorial, but rather to be a place where the community can gather and reflect in Coral Springs, Florida.

A bizarre auction has fetched almost £300k selling peculiar items including a 1.67m long sperm whale penis and an 8ft polar bear

***EXCLUSIVE*** The Out of The Ordinary auction at Sworders of Stansted Mountfitchet, Essex on Tuesday sold some of the most extraordinarily rare items from around the world. Buyers warmed to the "unusual, whacky and downright strange mix" of objects that collectively raised £284,440.

A photographer created incredible images of dogs jumping through flame-like clouds using powder paint

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jess Bell, 35, from Scarborough, Canada, captured the exact moment the dogs jumped through the colourful paint as if flying through flames. The animal photographer said: "I love capturing animals in action. "I love the challenge of freezing a moment in time and have it be crisp and dynamic.

Man, 21, SNAPS four front teeth biting into an apple after guzzling SIX Monster Energy drinks a day that rotted 24 gnashers

***EXCLUSIVE*** A man claims this shocking damage to his teeth was caused by his crippling addiction to drinking six cans of MONSTER Energy -- every day. Vinnie Pyner, 21, got hooked on cans of green Monster to help him stay awake for his college studies. Soon he was downing them at breakfast, lunch and dinner - and was eventually drinking six cans every day. He claims he brushed his teeth twice a day but started getting tooth pain and eventually he bit into an apple - and his front four teeth snapped.

One of Britain’s largest apartments has been put on the market for almost £10 million - and it has an 85FT long entertaining suite

***EXCLUSIVE*** The three-storey penthouse, in St John’s Wood, London, has stunning views across Regent’s Park. It is in “unmodernised” condition but boasts nine bedrooms, five bathrooms and four reception rooms. The triplex, which is the second largest apartment currently for sale on the open market in London, also has an incredible 4,125 sq/ft of terraces and balconies with views across the capital’s skyline.

Chinese investment changing Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville, Preah Sihanouk, Cambodia: There are about 80 Chinese casinos and resort hotels open in Sihanoukville and dozens more under construction. The casinos are changing the city, once a sleepy port on Southeast Asia's ''backpacker trail'' into a booming city. The change is coming with a cost though. Many Cambodian residents of Sihanoukville have lost their homes to make way for the casinos and the jobs are going to Chinese workers, brought in to build casinos and work in the casinos.