Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A teenager went to bed with a headache, fell into a coma and woke up four days later - after unknowingly giving birth to a surprise baby

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ebony Stevenson, 18, had no idea she was pregnant, and after going to bed feeling unwell on December 2, 2018, she was rushed to hospital and placed in an induced coma before waking up on December 6 having had a baby girl. The college student - who studies Sports Physiotherapy - hadn't developed a bump, experienced no morning sickness and had not missed a period. She had no idea she was expecting as her unborn baby was hidden in one of two uteruses, in a condition called uterus didelphys. The condition, thought to affect one in 3,000 women, means those affected are born with two uteruses. In Ebony’s case, only one of them had a fallopian tube to carry an egg, while the other had none – meaning her chances of conception should have been slim.  After suffering a series of seizures on December 2, Ebony was rushed to Royal Oldham Hospital, Greater Manchester, and placed in an induced coma. Medics performed tests and discovered Ebony had suffered from preeclampsia which had caused the seizures, and she was pregnant. They told her mum immediately and said that the baby needed to be delivered right away. She underwent an emergency caesarean on Monday 3 December and gave birth to a baby girl at 1.32am who weighed 7lbs 10ozs - just over three hours after the first fit.  Ebony woke on December 6 to discover she had given birth and was suddenly a mum.

World's largest smurf meeting

Baden-Wuerttemberg, Lauchringen: At a world record for the largest smurf meeting in the world, participants dressed as smurfs look into the photographer's camera. A new world record was set at the meeting with 2762 participants. The previous record of 2510 set in Wales in 2009 was thus surpassed.

An ultra-cool concept could transform glamping for tech-loving adventurers by allowing them to stream boxsets on a projector screen - in the middle of nowhere

***EXCLUSIVE*** The Nissan x Opus is a 'trailer camper' with an eco-friendly battery pack that supports up to a week of electricity for adventurers who go ‘off-grid’.  After ‘inflating’ in less than 90 seconds, the camper opens up to provide a kitchen, seating area and sleeping accommodation for up to six people.  Inside, there are USB sockets for charging smartphones, LED lighting, a 4G mobile wifi hotspot for up to ten devices and a HD digital projector.  While most campers have a limited power supply or need to be connected to a mains source, the Nissan x Opus has a high-tech power pack that connects to a solar panel recharger to help generate enough electric power for up to seven days use. The concept, a collaboration between Nissan and Opus Campers, will be unveiled at this week’s Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show at The NEC in Birmingham.

A Porsche made out of screws

***EXCLUSIVE*** Car enthusiasts looking to buy this Porsche sports car may have a screw loose... Artist Andrew Myers has created a 3D model of the iconic 911 design out of 8,000 of the fasteners - which costs more than the car itself. A 1966 restored Porsche like this one would cost around £37,000 to buy, but the drywall screw artist was paid £39,000 ($50,000) for his intricate work. The resulting model makes it look like the orange sports car is coming out of the wall.

Falling off a bike saves man's life

***EXCLUSIVE*** When Ashley Mellon got on his bike for his 10-mile daily commute, the last thing he expected was to start on the the road that would lead to him being diagnosed with cancer. On the way to his job as a warehouse operator, his tyres slipped in mud and he crashed, leaving him with cuts and bruises. The wounds soon became badly infected and Ashley, 24 at time time, had to go to hospital to be given antibiotics through a drip. There, he asked doctors to check a lump he noticed in his testicle, which they diagnosed as cancerous. Ashley, now 26, raised concerns about the lump to his GP two months prior to the bike accident.

Miniature arts made from gunshots

Palestinian artist Majdi Abu Takeya, 39, converts gunshots used by the Israeli security forces against Palestinian protesters to small pieces of art knows as ''Art of thumbnails'' at his house in Nuseirat in the central Gaza Strip.

Out of this world: Rare and never before seen pictures provide a unique glance behind NASA's groundbreaking 1969 moon landing

***EXCLUSIVE*** Out-of-this-world photographs reveal never seen before images of one of humanity’s greatest achievements - the 1969 moon landing. The incredible images include a determined Neil Armstrong undergoing desert training with parachute chords draped around his neck, a dramatic close up of Michael Collins in extremely cramped conditions, and Buzz Aldrin in his iconic spacesuit during one of the final tests before blast off. More stunning shots, which have been released to mark fifty years since the landmark occasion, show all three members of Apollo 11’s crew looking quietly confident standing before the newly unveiled Saturn V space rocket and a rare perspective of the watershed moment of Armstrong planting a flag on the moon. The incredible images are included in ‘Picturing Apollo 11: Rare Views and Undiscovered Moments’, a fascinating new book by J. L. Pickering and John Bisney, due for release in the UK next month.

New mum stunned after baby girl born with a fully formed TOOTH

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Blackpool-born baby is the proud owner of her very first pearly white - despite being just four weeks old. Bethany Green’s daughter Avery was born a healthy 6lb 7oz on January 16 following an uneventful pregnancy and a short four-hour labour.  But nurses at Blackpool Victoria Hospital quickly noticed something very unusual about her. An almost fully-grown milk tooth growing from her lower gums.

The colourful street performers from the hoop-jumping acrobat to the banjo player and his dog who kept 1950s Londoners entertained

***EXCLUSIVE*** Striking shots from nearly 70 years ago show some of London’s most colourful street performers wowing the crowds in the mid-20th Century. The incredible images display a fearless acrobat flinging themselves through a small head-height hoop, a Charlie Chaplin impersonator „snake charming” in front of a captive audience, and disabled ex-servicemen performing to the passing crowds. Another stunning photo shows a banjo player being ably assisted by his pet pooch and a gentleman quietly concentrating as he plays a tune on what appears to be a Zither - a stringed instrument which is fiercely difficult to master. The shots capture a post-war Britain, still labouring under rationing laws but blinking in the light of a blossoming economy.

Hero Grizzly saves a mother and her cub from a charging 'Bully' bear during feeding time on a whale carcass

***EXCLUSIVE*** Watch the moment a hero male Grizzly bear jumped in to save a mother and her cub after they were attacked by another 1000lb male. The action footage shows a number of bears feeding on a huge whale carcass before the bully bear suddenly charges at the cub as the mum tries to protect it. Unfortunately the mother is no match for the huge bully but luckily for her a knight in furry armour jumped in to save the day. The thrilling video was captured in Katmai National Park, Alaska, USA, by naturalist guide for natural habitat adventures, Brad Josephs (43), from Yellville, Arkansas, USA.

Diving bear catches fish

***EXCLUSIVE*** A hunting brown bear is caught mid-leap as it dives into a river after a salmon. The the 64-stone bear creates an almighty splash as it hits the water, then resurfaces with the fish in its mouth. Professional wildlife photographer Kevin Dooley, 57, was taking a group of photographers in a boat up the Alagnak River in Southern Alaska when they came across the bear.

Mountain hare plays in the snow

***EXCLUSIVE*** This mountain hare seems to be having great fun sliding downhill as it rolls playfully in the snow to clean off its fur. The shy animal came out to play after digging itself a snow-hole on a hill in the Scottish Highlands. Amateur photographer Karen Miller sat in the cold for hours waiting for the animal to come out to play. The keen naturalist, from Glasgow, who took the photographs while holidaying in the Highlands this week, said: "I spent the day on the hillside.

Losar – the Tibetan New Year

The Tibetan New Year, known as Losar, is the most important festival in the Tibetan calendar. This year's Losar fell on Feb. 5 and coincided with the Spring Festival. Losar is a time for family reunions. It is marked by religious rituals, long prayers, horse racing, family gatherings and feasts. As the festival draws near, people go shopping, do some cleaning and decorate their folk houses. Families feast on Tibetan food. Women make Kharbse, a popular dish made from flour and yak butter, and guthuk, a traditional snack similar to a dumpling. People plant their own highland barley, which is believed to indicate the harvest in the following year. On the altar in the living room there are placed, a pastry in the shape of a sheep head, a pot of highland barley, dates, air-dried beef, candies, nuts, butter, and brown sugar, presented to pray for prosperity and good weather for crops. In Tibetan ''sheep head'' is pronounced similarly to ''the year's beginning'' thus making it an auspicious symbol. Guthuk are sometimes filled with ''surprises'' including charcoal, wool or chillies. Someone who receives a guthuk filled with wool is described as being ''good-natured'', while coins or wheat mean good fortune. The food is washed down with highland barley liquor. Celebrations of the Tibetan New Year usually last for 15 days. Local people also participate in activities including Tibetan opera performance, folk dancing, archery and wrestling.