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Selfless mom becomes a surrogate for strangers MONTHS after giving birth to her own twins - having seen a friend go through a devastating miscarriage

***EXCLUSIVE*** SAINT CLOUD, MINNESOTA, USA: This selfless mum decided to become a surrogate after she witnessed the pain of her friend’s miscarriage whilst she was expecting twins herself so she can enable couples the ultimate joy of becoming parents – something she calls the “greatest honour” of her life. Homemaker, Tierra Nelson (23) from Saint Cloud, Minnesota, USA, first met her fiancé, Marty, in October 2016. The pair always knew that they wanted to be parents when the time was right and after six-months of trying to conceive were delighted to find out they were expecting twins, Isabella and Claire, who were born in October 2016, weighing 6lb 11oz and 6lb 12oz at 37-weeks. Soon after discovering she was pregnant, Tierra found out that one of her closest friends was also expecting and they were both delighted. But this delight soon turned into heartbreak as Tierra’s friend sadly suffered a miscarriage just before Tierra and Marty found out they were going to be welcoming two bundles of joy into the world. After giving birth via c-section, Tierra finally felt complete as if becoming a mum was her life’s true calling but at the same time her heart was breaking for her friends and family members who had struggled with fertility over the years, so in that moment decided to become a surrogate. Three-months after bringing her girls home, Tierra put the wheels in motion to become a gestational surrogate. After extensive research and with Marty’s support, she applied at an agency and following intensive background, medical and psychological screening, she was matched with her intended fathers, known only as ‘R’ (39) and ‘I’ (40) who live in Germany. After taking progesterone, oestradiol, Lupron, prednisone medication to prepare her body for IVF, Tierra underwent the embryo transfer to have two of her intended fathers’ embryos placed in her uterus. At her first ultrasound scan in April 2018, Tierra found out she was pregnant with one baby. Throughout her surrogacy, Tierra and her intended parents kept in touch over video chat, WhatsApp and Facebook, sending each other daily updates. Thanks to special speakers that can stick to the bump, ‘R’ and ‘I’ were able to talk to their child every day which meant that they had an instant bond. A few weeks before the due date, ‘R’ and ‘I’ flew to America to wait for the birth. The two families were instantly connected. In November 2018, Tierra gave birth to their son, ‘L’, weighing 8lb 8oz, something she describes as a huge honour and the two families now have an unbreakable bond.


Mother defends her decision to breastfeed her autistic son aged FOUR alongside her newborn baby after she was branded 'disgusting' by online trolls

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the British photographer who posts captivating pictures of her tandem breastfeeding her two sons online despite being called a „PAEDOPHILE” for continuing to breastfeed her autistic FOUR-YEAR-OLD but says it comforts him. Stunning pictures show photographer Yakaly Di Roma (31) who lives in Wales, UK, breastfeeding her son, Hans (4) in various poses including at a laptop, with him sitting on her lap and in the middle of a Bull Ring. She can also be seen posing in a Maleficent costume while breastfeeding her eldest son and another picture shows her tandem breastfeeding both of her sons, including her month-old son, River. Further pictures show her with her husband, Christian O’Reilly, with her son Hans breastfeeding and sitting on her lap. Despite receiving cruel comments from internet trolls calling her a „paedophile” and „disgusting”, Yakaly has made it her mission to normalise breastfeeding and doesn’t intend to stop breastfeeding her sons until they are ready. She has been breastfeeding Hans, who is autistic, since he was born in April 2014 and is now also breastfeeding River who was born in January 2019.


An animal lover shares her home WITH 90 PETS named after Lord Of The Rings characters

***EXCLUSIVE*** Adri Rachelle’s massive menagerie includes Bilbo Baggins the mule, Gandalf the goat, Frodo the spaniel and two cats named Boromir and Faromir. But the dog sitter, 31, of Atlanta, Georgia, USA, admitted she is rapidly running out of middle-earth names. The J. R. R. Tolkien fan said: „I’ve always loved animals. I don’t think anyone is surprised that I’m living like this. When I was a kid, my room was full of stuffed animals because I couldn’t get the real ones. They do all have names and 80 percent of them are named after Lord Of The Rings. I’m a little obsessed with the books and the films. Technically we haven’t run out of Lord Of The Rings names, but I really have to search for them now.” Adri keeps 22 rescue pigs, 12 dogs, eight chickens, six cats, four parrots, four horses, four peacocks, four rats, three hairless guinea pigs, two goats, two ducks, two cockatoos, two cows, two mini cows, two alpacas, two ferrets, two geckos, one tegu lizard, one bearded dragon lizard, a mule, a hamster, a rabbit, a tortoise and a python.

A mum who had to have her tongue removed to fight cancer has told how she got a new one -- made from her ARM

***EXCLUSIVE*** Gran-of-four Joanna Smith, 58, is a non-smoker but was diagnosed with the disease after she spotted a tiny 'ulcer' in her mouth. Doctors said if she didn't get it removed, she would only have up to eight months to live, so she underwent 15 hours of surgery. Medics took out her tongue via a hole in her neck - and made her a new one using skin, muscle and a long vein from her left arm. The cleaner from Clapham, Bedfordshire, was able to talk as soon as she woke up - and now she can eat and drink on her own, and is expected to make a full recovery.

This $5.9 million floating home lets you ride out sea-level rise in style

MIAMI BEACH, FL: Miami-based Arkup LLC is at the Miami Yacht Show from displaying this $5.9 million, solar-powered, hurricane-resistant floating home. The off-grid ''livable yacht'' can be piloted along coastlines or put down its hydraulic pilings to be as stable as a home on land in Miami Beach, Florida.

A mum-of-two who was left horrified when she got wedged into a ride at Alton Towers has shown off her incredible weight loss transformation - after shredding seven stone

***EXCLUSIVE*** Mandee Hall, 37, now has a slim figure and enjoys getting her hair and makeup done for special occasions after shifting the pounds.  The HR adviser had seen her weight spiral as she gorged on takeaway curries, chippy teas and McDonald's fast food.  At her heaviest, she weighed 18 stone and 9lbs, would wear size 22/24 clothing and often found excuses to avoid socialising because she was self-conscious about her size.  But she decided enough was enough after a string of embarrassing moments which included been told she was over the weight limit to go horse riding.  Mandee was also horrified after getting wedged into a ride, previously known as Air, at Alton Towers during a family trip with her two young children.   An unflattering photo taken by her brother was, however, the final straw and Mandee decided to join her local Slimming World group.

A historic and haunted farmhouse has been put up for sale after being adandoned for more than FIFTY years

***EXCLUSIVE*** Upcott Barton farmhouse in Cornwall was abandoned over 50 years ago and is reputed to be haunted. A historically significant Grade II Listed farmhouse that has been abandoned for over 50 years could soon return to its former glory, after going on the market with planning permission to re-develop it back into a grand country home. However, as well as the stunning rural views, detached former chapel, paddocks and six acres of land, this desirable derelict property is rumoured to come with some of its former residents.

We asked my wife’s lover to marry us

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, FLORIDA: A polyamorous throuple have become „engaged” in an underwater ceremony that saw already-married Martin Thomsen and Victoria Immervoll propose to their new partner Nia Lange. Three-way marriages are not legal in most countries, but the polyamorists are planning to have their own style wedding in which they will make personal three-way vows to each other.  To make their proposal to Nia extra special, Martin and Victoria, from Aalborg in Denmark, popped the question while underwater on a diving trip in Costa Rica on January 7, using a written message. The married couple decided to open up their marriage after Victoria admitted that she wanted to enjoy relationships with Women as well as her husband.

Obese woman who always skipped PE to avoid changing in public sheds 7 STONE

***EXCLUSIVE*** This British woman who as a teenager was so terrified of getting changed in front of her friends that she NEVER attended a single PE lesson has lost an impressive SEVEN-STONE in just over two years after ditching her diet of fast food lunches and FIVE CANS of fizzy drinks per day. Commissioning development lead for the NHS, Jessica Seal (26) from Lewisham, United Kingdom, used food as an escape when she was growing up as her dad struggled with his mental health and she would indulge on chocolate to comfort herself. With her mum working nights, Jessica’s older sisters, Laura and Rebecca, who were only 13 and 17 at the time would look after her and serve up easy to prepare oven or microwave ready meals for dinner. Jessica never attended PE lessons at school as she was terrified of getting changed in front of her friends, and as she got older while her friends were shopping in Topshop, she had to go to Dorothy Perkins because they specialised in bigger sizes. She had a sweet tooth and would crave anything sweet which would see her drink two cans of regular coke, three cans of diet coke and a chocolate bar each evening but it wasn’t until she started to work in public health when she was 19 that Jessica started to realise that she needed to make a lifestyle change to avoid developing type two diabetes. After her sister, Rebecca, was diagnosed with gestational diabetes whilst she was pregnant in 2014, at 17st 2lb and a UK size 18 to 20, Jessica had a BMI of 40 and decided to make a change. Jessica joined a spin class in March 2015 and eventually plucked up the courage to join her local gym where she started going twice a week. She educated herself on nutrition and started to prepare healthy meals for herself at the start of each week. Now, Jessica is a super svelte size eight to 10 and 10st 5lb and feels more confident than she ever has before and she hopes to inspire others with her transformation and prove that you don’t need to join a slimming club, spend money on expensive meal plans or a personal trainer to lose weight.

Broadway historic district: Honky Tonk Highway in Nashville

Nashville's world famous Lower Broadway, otherwise known as the Honky Tonk Highway, features a row of establishments that play live music from 10am to 3am every single day of the week. Music City as Nashville is affectionately known has launched the careers of many stars from Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson to Kings of Leon and The Black Keys.