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Cycling the world to help prevent breast cancer

***EXCLUSIVE*** A breast cancer survivor who had a double mastectomy has set off on a world cycling tour even though she is still fighting the disease. Gabbi Gratrix, 45, embarked on the ride taking in Europe, Asia, Australasia, North America, South America, Antarctica and Africa with her partner Chris O’Hare. They began last July and anticipate it will take seven years to complete. “We left our home in Preston last year – and we won’t be going back there for another six years until we have finished our journey.” Gabbi was diagnosed in February 2017 and had months of chemotherapy at Manchester’s Christie Hospital. She said: “I lost my hair, and I felt sick every day having the treatment, but Chris was Gabbi with Chris after her treatment there supporting me every step of the way. I couldn’t have done it without him.” The surgeons said she needs to check herself regularly and if there is any pain, she must return to the UK immediately for treatment. She said: “If I do feel any pain anywhere, or lumps, then I have to get straight on a plane but I’m hoping that it won’t come to that.”


My eczema was so bad I had to take days off sick – but cancer drug has ‘cured’ it

***EXCLUSIVE*** LEAMINGTON SPA, UK: This British woman wants to show that eczema doesn’t just affect children after a painful outbreak in her early twenties left her unable to shower or get dressed with people telling her to “wash more” and asking why she hadn’t “grown out” of the skin condition and she was on antidepressants for six months. Digital marketing executive, Amy Tuck (26) from Leamington Spa, UK, suffered with itchy eczema on and off since she was a child with her mum and dad making sure the skin on her arms and legs was always covered with ointments and creams so it was kept under control. It was only during school P.E. lessons that her peers would notice her skin and ask her questions about it but other than physical discomfort, eczema didn’t faze her mentally. As a teenager, Amy’s eczema improved and was easy to manage and she only suffered the occasional flare up over these years. However, in 2017 something changed and Amy suffered a huge eczema flare that couldn’t be controlled by her usual creams and kept getting worse, affecting her face, neck, chest, back, arms and legs. Amy was forced to work from home due to the crippling pain she was in which made it difficult for her to do everyday tasks like shower and get dressed. This saw Amy struggle with her mental health and she went to her doctor for help and was put on a course of anti-depressants for six months to help her sleep and relax. In November 2017, she was referred to a dermatologist who found that her immunoglobulin levels were high and Amy was prescribed methotrexate, which is also a chemotherapy agent, to treat her eczema. Since taking the drug, Amy has noticed a stark improvement in her skin, has regained her social life, met her boyfriend, John, but has experienced some side effects like exhaustion, minor hair loss and mouth ulcers. Every now and then her skin still flares but improves after 48-hours, Amy is speaking openly about eczema in adults as she has been asked if she is contagious, why she hasn’t “grown out” of it yet and told to wash more by adults who wrongly assume the condition only affects children.

Terrifying moment monster five-metre great white shark lunges out of the water at a photographer in an ocean cage off Australia's south coast

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stunning pictures have captured the moment a huge Great White shark came within inches of a photographer’s hand as he tried to get the best shot. The incredible images show the curious 16-foot-long predator emerging from the water and swimming over to check out the photographer’s camera which he was dangling in the water. Other striking shots show the fearsome 3000lb beast show its razor-sharp teeth as it bites onto the corner of a metal cage. The remarkable incident was caught on camera at Neptune Islands, Australia by commercial abalone diver Luke Thom (26), from Margaret River, Australia.

Rare 14th century gold coin worth up to £3,000 is found hidden inside a wooden bureau valued at £60 gifted to a family support worker by a long-lost cousin

A rare 14th century gold coin worth up to £3,000 was found hidden inside a £60 wooden chest which had been gifted to a family support worker by a long-lost cousin. Anne Clapp, 37, from Derbyshire, was left the 20th century George II-style bureau in a will. But she had no idea that inside a secret draw was stashed a 650-year-old Raymond IV Prince of Orange Franc A pied coin. The coin, which can be traced back to 1365, was unknown to Mrs Clapp until she took it to Hansons Auctioneers where is was discovered by furniture valuer Edward Rycroft. Mr Rycroft has a decade's experience in valuing historic items but admitted this is the first time he has ever stumbled across an item of such value in a hidden compartment.  During an inspection he found three secret drawers within the bureau, one containing the 22ct gold coin.

Black and white photographs reveal how Londoners of all ages enjoyed themselves in amusement arcades during the 1950s

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stunning retro pictures have revealed the bright lights of London’s fun fairs where the British public amused themselves during the 1950s. The incredible images show some young off-duty soldiers playing slot machines in an amusement arcade, a young man enjoying a saucy peep show in a coin-operated machine and another having his palm read by a machine. Other striking shots show a family playing a high-prize pinball machine, a tattooist waiting in his parlour for customers and a man counting through the day’s takings with a bucket full of coins from slot machines. The remarkable photographs were taken in some of London’s amusement arcades in December 1951.

Cheeky kids play happily in powerful pics of 1950s Britain

***EXCLUSIVE*** Powerful images from 1950 show the happy, scruffy children who lived in ramshackle huts. A series of stunning shots from the mid-twentieth century include children playing Ring a Ring o' Roses outside, gathering around and stroking a slightly overwhelmed dog, and spiritly chasing each other in a toy car. Other incredible images show cheeky youngsters smiling at the camera or playing in front of their rickety accommodation. Not much is known about the dishevelled but boisterous children in the vintage snaps but their shamble of caravans and shacks is believed to have been located in Kent. The inhabitants of the shanty town would work on the local farms collecting fruit and vegetables during the harvest season and hops when it had matured.