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Woman with alopecia, 24, is launching a career as a glamour model to prove that you can still be sexy without hair

***EXCLUSIVE*** BRIDLINGTON, UK: This mum felt like a freak growing up with ALOPECIA but giving birth to her daughter changed that and now she wants people to see her as SEXY and would love nothing more than to ‘model lingerie in a shop window’. Hotel receptionist, Shannon Holme (24) from Bridlington, UK, first began losing her hair when she was only 10 years old, and after two years of finding bald patches she was finally diagnosed with alopecia universalis. Shannon now lives in Newcastle with her husband, Jack, and their three-year-old daughter, Olivia, who she views as her reason to be brave and proud of her journey. Shannon’s mum noticed Shannon’s first bald patch on her head when she was just 10, and that small patch spread and developed into multiple patches. In just a couple of years, Shannon was diagnosed with alopecia universalis and was wearing a wig full time at just 12 years old. Growing up proved incredibly difficult for Shannon as she worried what others would think and feared that no one would ever find her attractive. Eventually, Shannon learned to embrace her alopecia as she realised there was nothing she could do to change the situation. Now Shannon loves inspiring other women to love their imperfections, regardless of what they may be. Although, Shannon doesn’t just want to be seen as ‘beautiful’, but she wants people to see her as sexy, with or without hair. Having alopecia certainly knocked Shannon’s confidence when she was younger, but after years of coming to terms with it, she now wants to show her daughter that being different is positive.

A woman whose dad was cryogenically frozen after death has decided to be frozen with him, so they stand a chance of being revived together in the future

***EXCLUSIVE*** Debbie Fleming, 55, is even planning to have her dog Sherry frozen - so they might all be „reunited” after death. Debbie’s earliest memories of her father John Bull involve him waxing lyrical about cryonics - the process of scientifically freezing corpses so that in the future they might be revived or „reanimated” just like in the sci-fi films. The cost of „suspended animation” for John and Debbie runs at about $28,000 USD each, and if cute corgi mix Sherry is to join them it’ll cost around $6,000. „I get mad when people say that it’s never going to work, you can’t be closed minded about everything, 200 years ago heart transplants weren’t possible, nor was cloning a sheep” said Debbie, a systems administrator, from Palm Bay, Florida, USA. „I really believe that it’ll work one day. Dad used to say if you’re buried or cremated you have zero percent chance of coming back, but if you’re frozen there’s a slight chance, he thought it was worth it and so do I.” Debbie’s father became fascinated with cryonics in the 60s, when he was given a flyer about it in the street. „Mom and I used to joke that he „lived to die”, he was always preparing, making sure everything was in place so that death wouldn’t have to be the end” said Debbie. John, who owned a vending machine business, was keen to have his whole family frozen with him, but only Debbie was willing. Even John’s wife of 60 years, Nevora now 84, refused to join him in the „second life”.

House has been put on the market for £900,000, and where Ian Fleming is rumoured to have penned his world famous James Bond novels

***EXCLUSIVE*** A stunning home where Ian Fleming is rumoured to have penned his James Bond novels has been put on the market for £900,000. Chiltern House was built in 1910 and was the former HQ for Huntercombe Golf Club. And in Fleming’s 1958 book Goldfinger, Bond tells the eponymous villain he “played off 9 at Huntercombe.” Fleming, who was a member of the golf club near Henley-on-Thames, Oxon, for 32 years, would settle down in front of the impressive bay window in the library of the clubhouse to write.

How Cadbury's rose: Nostalgic photos reveal how Britain's favourite chocolate manufacturer went from single shop to global empire over two centuries

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stunning photos exploring the history of the UK’s favourite chocolate manufacturer which spans almost two-centuries and how it paved the way for a worker’s utopia have been unveiled in a new book. Remarkable shots document how Cadbury’s rose from a single shop in Birmingham to a global empire. Rarely seen photographs depict the men who made Cadbury’s first mass produced drinking chocolate in the confectionary maker’s first warehouse, a group of skilled women decorating delicious Easter eggs in the late 19th century, and a designer crafting one of Cadbury’s instantly recognisable chocolate box covers. Other revealing images show workers enjoying the plush surroundings of the Bournville – a clean-cut ‘factory in a garden’ created by Cadbury’s for the benefit of their staff. A happy workforce can be seen participating in a Swedish exercise class, the women’s team lining up for a game of football and nervous youngsters preparing to learn to swim. The incredible photos are included in Diane Wordsworth’s latest book, A History of Cadbury, which gives a fascinating insight into the social impact this company has had since its inception, both on the chocolate business and on the community at large.

The ancient oak tree, who documented the changing face of the tree

***EXCLUSIVE*** Incredible images depict a year in the life of an ancient oak tree as it adapts to the ever-changing seasons. The series of twelve shots were snapped by Ingo Gerlach, 65, over a one year period - showing the tree as it withstands the test of time. The nature photographer shot the tree in a magnificent range of weather conditions, capturing the shrub through the bitter-cold snow and scorching heat.

Gone for a Song - Beckham Range Rover sells for £27k

***EXCLUSIVE*** The 2007 4x4 was specially designed to the former England footballer's own specifications, including hand-stitched quilted leather seats. His personal touches also include a bespoke sound system and twin rear screens to keep his then young children entertained. There is also a plaque bearing the moniker 'Designed for David Beckham' and his surname is embroided in the carpets.

Stuffed Polar Bear for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** The white taxidermy Canadian polar bear, which is mounted on a rocky base, measures almost 8ft. It sparked fervent bidding when it went under the hammer at Sworders, of Stansted Mountfitchet, Essex. The bear, which dates from the late 20th century, belonged to a collector from Somerset.

Battered old Rolex - Yours for £150,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A rare Rolex watch has emerged for sale for Ł150,000 - despite being damaged. The 1958 Rolex Oyster Perpetual 'Big Crown' Submariner has badly scratched glass, surface marks on its hands and a loose bezel. It is so valuable because it still has its original 3-6-9 Explorer dial which was produced in very small number during the late 1950s and early '60s. The majority of dials would have been replaced when they were serviced in the intervening six decades, so finding a timepiece with an original dial is the holy grail for collectors.

£275,000 for 'bargain' Beach hut

***EXCLUSIVE*** A beach hut that has no running water, mains electricity or toilet has gone on the market for the 'sensible price' of Ł275,000. That is because the timber cabin is on a famous sandy peninsula that is home to Britain's most expensive beach huts. Hut 325 is located in the middle of the Mudeford Sandbank in Christchurch, Dorset. It sleeps up to six people and has stunning sea views looking out to the Isle of Wight.

Photographer captures flying pooches

***EXCLUSIVE*** A spectacular new collection of photographs has been revealed showing joyous dogs 'flying' through the air in the forest. The charming snaps, taken by amateur photographer Daniel Sheridan, show spaniels, bull dogs and even huskies hurtling over obstacles in the woods. The shots were taken by luring the pooches in with treats, along with a large amount of trial and error.