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I fell pregnant with TRIPLETS on our first date even though I was on the Pill

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman who enjoyed a night of passion with an old friend was shocked to discover she was pregnant with triplets, despite taking the contraceptive pill. Hannah Donaghue, now 29, from Northampton, bumped into Ben Fagan a manager for Royal Mail, now 30, at a party in 2010  - and one thing led to another. Neither were prepared for what was in store, as their night together resulted in Hannah falling pregnant for the third time - with three babies. But despite being together a matter of weeks when they found out she was expecting, both decided they were ready to give their relationship - and parenthood -  a shot. At 10 weeks, a doctor had suggested terminating one of the triplets to give the other two a better chance of surviving, but the couple refused. The couple welcomed their adorable trio via Caesarean at 32 weeks in October last year. They are now living together as a family of seven - along with Hannah's two children from a previous relationship - while Ben also has a daughter, Isla, from a previous relationship.

A child's eye view of the past: Fascinating photos show how the 1950s looked for youngsters

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stunning retro pictures have revealed how the world looked for the children of the 1950s in the UK. The incredible images show a small girl and boy looking in a shop window at dolls, a girl holding her parents’ hands and swinging as they walk and a small child wearing safety reins. Other striking shots show a young girl telling a small boy off, a man lifting a child up onto the kerb and a boy sitting on a bin by a bus stop and crying. Children in the 1950s had very different lives to young people today. Most left school much earlier, with many starting work at 14, and far fewer people had the chance to go on to further education.

Husband and heavily-pregnant wife are forced to live in the attic after paying £22,000 for kitchen extension only for 'rogue trader' to fold business leaving home exposed to the elements

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Bristol couple say 'rogue trader' charged them £21k to put up three walls - leaving them sleeping in their attic. Mark and Toria Rowe's home was left in a state by the rogue builder. A man and his heavily pregnant wife say they have been forced to live in their loft conversion since an alleged rogue trader turned their home into a building site and never came back. Mark and Toria Rowe from Brentry, Bristol say they enlisted the help of EJP Building Ltd to extend their kitchen back in October 2017. According to Companies House, the firm was a Bristol-based company with Eddie Pollard listed as its sole director.

International Artists Village in China

A view of the almost-deserted International Artists Village in Nanjing in east China's Jiangsu province. The town, composed of over 1,801 shops and nearly 1,000 studios and galleries, opened in 2011 but lost business gradually. The highly-anticipated aritst village in the eastern Chinese city of Nanjing has now turned into a ghost community with very few visitors. Covering more than 260,000 square meters, the Nanjing Artist Village opened in 2011 and was highly expected to play a major role in transforming the local area into a cultural industry park. But the poorly-planned location and headachy traffic problems resulted into small inflows of visitors and low sales of paintings. Now most of the over 500 buildings used as shops and other studios are empty and many artists who were attracted to the village years ago have left, leaving the village empty like a ghost town with only fascinating graffiti shining on the walls.

Skiers look like they are skiing amongst clouds

***EXCLUSIVE*** Off-piste skiers create miles of wavy patterns in the fresh snow on the side of a mountain. The skiers are watched from an opposite slope by photographer Uschi Hermann as they cut through the fresh powder in Lech am Arlberg, Austria. Mr Hermann, from Konstanz, Germany, was there on a four-day skiing holiday and watched as the pair wove their way down from a height of 7,200ft up the side of the 8,850ft mountain.

Wildlife at night

***EXCLUSIVE*** A night-time photographer reveals the behaviours of shy nocturnal animals at night. His photographs show a tawny owl, otters and a heron against a striking black backdrop of the night sky. The creatures hunt and play around a pond near Bourne in Lincolnshire. An otter pup cries at the side of a pond while its mother catches fish to feed it, and the owl flies over a field of teasel wildflower stems as it hunts for mice. Photographer Gavin Bickerton-Jones, 57, sat in a wildlife hide for 17 hours overnight and set up cameras around the pond to take the pictures.