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Woman, 26, who dresses as a cartoon animal for fun reveals she has received DEATH THREATS from people who think her 'furry' hobby is really a sexual fetish

***EXCLUSIVE*** ROCHESTER, NEW YORK, USA: This stunning woman spends her spare time dressing up as a GIANT FURRY ANIMAL but has received death threats on social media from people who wrongly think her quirky hobby is a SEXUAL FETISH for her. Digital project manager, Rebecca Christensen (26) from Rochester, New York, USA, has been into arts and crafts since she was a teenager and would always make special costumes using faux fur for events and festivals. It wasn’t until she accidentally signed up for a furry convention in October 2014, thinking it would be a great opportunity to sell some of the outfits she had made that she discovered the world of furry fandom. Impressed by the fun, welcoming and inclusive atmosphere within the community, Rebecca instantly wanted to be a part of it and she started making her first fursuit heads when she returned. Joining the furry fandom community has changed Rebecca’s life and has shown her so much positivity and self-love. She’s created her furry alter-ego, Munchie, who is an angel dragon, and loves to spread positive thoughts. Munchie’s fursuit has been completely handmade by Rebecca and she has now started making suits for others. Rebecca says that many people don’t understand the furry community and often think that people who partake in it are weird - something that Rebecca is hoping to disprove by sharing her furry adventures on social media. However, she has received some backlash from trolls who have left death threats on her posts and wrongly think that everyone who is involved in the furry fandom is in it for a fetish, something that it isn’t for her. Fun pictures show Rebecca in full fursuit dressed as Munchie out and about and in her office wearing her fursuit head whilst working on her laptop.

A seven-year-old girl who was born with an incredibly rare birthmark on her face is set to feature in an international exhibition with a strong message - love the skin you are in

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rosabella Harrison attracted the attention of world-renowned fashion photographer Brock Elbank after she was chosen to be the face of CMN charity Caring Matters Now. The charity's photo shoot in September perfectly captured Rosabella's enchanting personality, which in turn grabbed the eye of photographer Brock Elbank.

Surgery has given me the body I always wanted

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA: A Youtuber from Melbourne is celebrating her new body after undergoing gender reassignment surgery. AJ Clementine, 22, was born male but experienced crippling gender dysphoria from a young age. She told Barcroft TV: „I have been trans my whole life. From the get go, I was trans. I remember I wanted to transition from the moment I could speak and understand - as a child I just knew I was a girl” she added. AJ, who documents her life on YouTube and Instagram, underwent surgery in October of last year after beginning her transition during her teenage years.

Baxi Boilers have transformed a London cab into a really cosy, luxurious, wood-cabin inspired taxi for people to enjoy, creating the ultimate, Relaxi Taxi

***EXCLUSIVE*** The world’s cosiest taxi has been unveiled in London featuring velvet seats, sheepskin rugs – and a roaring FIREPLACE. To help Brits get to work on a chilly February day, the one-of-a kind taxi has been decked out to resemble a country log cabin.From the inside, it’s almost unrecognisable as a London black cab, with blue velvet curtains hanging on the windows and screen divider. And an imitation fireplace has been mounted to the passenger door – accompanied by a stack of logs to complete the effect. The mobile log cabin is currently being trialled, will be taking Londoners to work for free, picking up lucky cab-hailers from all across the city.

This is the moment two adrenaline junkies manage to cheat death after climbing a crane on top of a 784ft skyscraper

***EXCLUSIVE*** Daredevils Syed Bukhari, 21, and Owen Reece, 18, climbed Landmark Pinnacle, Canary Wharf - set to become the tallest residential building in Europe.   Having jumped over the electric fencing, the pair scaled 40 flights of stairs before walking along the jib of the crane.  Footage shows the two balancing on the end of the crane with their arms in the air, with the dramtic views of the City of London as a backdrop.

An overweight woman who hit the gym lost three stone and got in such good shape she gained a fiance - her hunky personal trainer

***EXCLUSIVE*** Adele Farrell, 24, starting working out when she tipped the scales at 13st 6Ibs after gorging on crisps and chocolate and indulging in boozy nights out. But the nurse then signed up to PT sessions with muscley Robbie MacGillivray. The pair quickly fell for one another, after spending hours in the gym together, and are now set to tie the knot later this year.

Beaten with cudgels, shot in cold blood, executed for not revealing intelligence and left to rot in the snow: The grim fate of Allied prisoners at the hands of Nazi war criminals in WWII

***EXCLUSIVE*** Horrendous pictures reveal the gruesome fate that awaited hundreds of British and allied Prisoners of War at the hands of the Nazi regime. Graphic images show the smirking Nazi paratroops opening fire on Cretan civilians, a firing squad of 20 Germans preparing to shoot six unarmed Ukrainian men, and a crowd of anxious looking British soldiers being marched past a German tank destroyer as they awaited their fate. Another brutal photo shows the SAS men who were beaten with cudgels and shot in cold blood after they refused to give their captors critical intel and distorted bodies of American soldiers frozen in the snow. The harrowing photos are including in Phillip Chinnery’s book ‘Hitler’s Atrocities against Allied PoWs’, a chilling description of the ordeals that captured men and women were put through by the Third Reich regime and their Italian allies.