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Mother-of-two, 29, has hip replacement surgery after her joint dislocated EVERY HOUR because of a genetic condition

***EXCLUSIVE*** LEEDS, UK: This mother-of-two has struggled with her dislocating hip since she was a child but was mortified when it happened DURING A DATE, as it became so bad that it would dislocate HOURLY, resulting in a hip replacement at just TWENTY-NINE years old. Secretary Emma Donaghue (29) from Leeds, UK, was born with congenital dislocation of the hip (CDH), but it wasn’t picked up until she was three years old when her mother noticed the way she would crawl unusually. At three years old, Emma had a plate fitted into her left hip, however as her condition hadn’t been picked up at a younger age, it was less effective than hoped. As a child, doctors warned Emma that she would likely need a hip replacement in her twenties. Throughout her teens, Emma tried to put the condition behind her and live as normally as she could. However, a check-up at the age of 19 was less positive as doctors told Emma that her hip didn’t look in good condition and her weight was taking its toll. By 19, Emma weighed 16st 9lb and wore size 20 clothing. Medical staff suggested that if she wanted to save herself a few years before having her hip replaced, she needed to lose five stone, particularly as doctors were reluctant to operate at such a young age. Through diets and an improved regime, Emma shed over five stone, now weighing 11st 2lbs and a happy size 12. Despite saving herself an early surgery, Emma’s hip began deteriorating rapidly in 2017, and by 2018 her hip would dislocate every time she bent over or sat down. Emma couldn’t hold out any longer and was scheduled for a hip replacement in January 2019 at the age of 29. In the weeks before her daunting operation, Emma and her partner, Jordan, went out for a meal in Leeds before she would be house-bound for a while. During the meal, Emma’s hip dislocated, and she had to hobble to the toilets so she could push her hip back into place against the sinks, as she didn’t want people staring at her any longer.

Colourful Cuba! Stunning photos capture the dream-like quality of Havana, with pastel-hued homes, vintage cars and Che Guevara graffiti

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stunning pictures have revealed the dream-like quality of Havana, Cuba as the pastel-coloured buildings draw you in. The incredible images show an array of light blue, orange and pink buildings including some intricate designs with pillars and huge palm trees also a feature. Other striking shots show the amazing vintage cars that cruise through the Cuban capital, little shops off the beaten path and graffiti of Che Guevara. The vivid colour photographs were taken in Havana, Cuba by photographer Helene Havard (36), from Brittany, France.

Large family syndicate come forward as winners of £153,000,000 Euromillions jackpot

An Irish family has just become very rich after winning the Euromillions. The family from The Naul, in Dublin, won yesterday night’s €175.4 million (£153 million) jackpot but have chosen to remain anonymous. The winners are thought to consist of six sisters and one brother, with one of them realising the family’s good fortune when she checked the winning ticket. She said: ‘I heard on the RTE news that there was a win in Ireland and I caught the last three numbers. ‘I checked the rest of the numbers online. I was numb! It took a bit of convincing everybody that we had won.’ The Euromillions jackpot had rolled over for several weeks and nearly reached the maximum payout of £165 million (190 million euro). This maximum jackpot has only been won three times over the history of the game.

Man has been reunited with his book after 80 years - having first received it at a prize giving when he was 11-years-old

***EXCLUSIVE*** A 93-year-old has been reunited with a book he was given as a prize 80 years ago after it was found at a church sale by his daughter - but says he still doesn't want to read it. Alf Martin was just 11 when he was given a copy of E. M. Stokes’ Brave Brothers as a prize for attending the Methodist church Sunday School so regularly. Later, in 1954, Alf married Betty Herquin and together they moved house several times - and over the years the book became lost. But now his daughter, Sandra Frihmat, found the book at a church sale and took it back to her dad - who politely refused to read it as he prefers crime novels.

Tegalalang villagers paint themselves in colour paint for festival

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hundreds of festival goers decorate themselves in neon colours before swarming into a temple to 'neutralise the negative effect of humans on the environment' in Bali. The brightly coloured festival, which sees men paint their torsos and faces bright pink, is known as Ngerebeg and is held every six months in Tegalalang Village, Bali, Indonesia. Around 400 men and boys from the seven hamlets of the village decorate themselves - a different colour for each hamlet - and add trinkets and 'nicknacks' to create a costume.

Polar bear roll

***EXCLUSIVE*** A playful polar bear rolls around in a snow drift in a heartwarming moment of joy.  The adult polar bear spent 45 minutes enjoying the snow, even burying its head and leaving its legs sticking out in the air. Wildlife photographer Jenny Stevens was thrilled to witness the large bear play 'like a a cub' in front of her.  Ms Stevens, 73, captured these heartwarming shots while at Seal River Heritage Lodge, which sits by the Hudson Bay in north eastern Manitoba, Canada.