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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry lookalikes in bizarre photo shoot

***EXCLUSIVE*** Photographer Alison Jackson shares snaps of 'Harry and Meghan' preparing to get a baby. Lookalikes shop for baby clothes and pick out names. The photographer is known for mocking up pictures of the royals with lookalikes and took it a step further this time by creating this look a like set of 'Harry and Meghan' preparing on getting their first child. Inside images we will likely never get to see from the real couple, but thanks to Alison we have an idea of what it may look like!

Kim Jong Un lookalike runs a talent agency of dictator impersonators - now they plan to cause chaos at Trump summit

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Kim Jong Un lookalike is making millions from running a talent agency of dictator impersonators. Howard X is a dead ringer for the North Korean tyrant and has toured the world being mistaken as Jong Un, but it’s his stable of world leader doubles that are making him megabucks. Now the band of lookalikes are planning to cause chaos when they land at the Kim Jong Un-Trump summit in Hanoi, Vietnam, on February 27. Aussie-born Howard is manager of Donald Trump impersonator Dennis Alan and the pair were detained by Singaporean authorities when they arrived for the first meeting of Jong Un and Trump last May. Howard is also the boss of the world’s best doubles for Philippines hardman President Rodrigo Duterte and Vladimir Putin. He has other leaders and sports stars on his books such as Angela Merkel, Barrack Obama and Iranian-bases Lionel Messi.

Woman who was cruelly shamed and branded a 'FAT-A**' by her own family reveals how she overcame their bullying before losing 80 lbs

***EXCLUSIVE*** This mum was FAT SHAMED by her own family who cruelly labelled her a “FAT-ASS” for being overweight but is now having the last laugh after losing an impressive six-stone. Business owner, Bailey Bryan (28), from Texas, USA, had an unhealthy childhood and was never taught anything about nutrition or how to eat well. At 15st 10Ib and UK size 20 to 22, she was constantly criticised by her family for her size and they would even shout at her when she was eating. The judgement from her family caused Bailey to comfort eat more which resulted in her hating herself and she was unable to look at her reflection in the mirror. In 2013, Bailey gave birth to her first son, Harrison (5) and her weight began to affect her ability to keep up with him, she felt constantly tired. She was at her heaviest when Harrison was nearly two-years-old. But it wasn’t until 2016 when she had her second son, Hudson (2) that she had a wake-up call. Bailey was too embarrassed to join a gym, so she bought a Beachbody programme called Body Beast which allowed her to work out at home and she began calorie-counting using My Fitness Pal. The combination of adding exercise to her routine and changing the food she was eating helped her shrink to a healthy 10st and UK size eight to 10. She says she now feels great, worthy and pretty and can wear whatever she likes without feeling insecure.

Horse skiing

***EXCLUSIVE*** Skiers attached to 78-stone horses as they thunder down a snowy race track compete in a bizarre sport known as skijoring. Horses and riders are specially trained to pull the skiers who are attached to the animals by a tow rope. The skijorers tackle jumps and obstacles as they race down a street in Helena, Montana, US, all vying for a place in the national finals competition. Freelance photographer Donnie Sexton took photos of the unusual sport as competitors raced to the finish line this weekend.

The remains of Chernobyl: Town abandoned during 1986 nuclear disaster is captured in photographs showing an overgrown funfair, a ransacked supermarket and gasmasks littering classrooms

***EXCLUSIVE*** Haunting photographs show how nature is reclaiming a town abandoned after a nuclear disaster 33 years ago. A two-year project examining the eerie remains of Chernobyl and Pripyat in Ukraine shows vines snaking around a derelict bumper car, the skeletal remains of a ransacked supermarket, and creepy gasmasks lined up in an old schoolroom. Other fascinating shots show a forsaken potted plant struggling for life in an office block, children’s dolls abandoned in a former day care centre, and stacks of papers in a remote post office that haven’t been touched in decades. Dutch photographer Erwin Zwaan, 47, travelled to the 18-mile exclusion zone around Chernobyl in Northern Ukraine in 2016 and 2018 to photograph the ghostly ruins.

Sex for vaccines

Violence may mar the rollout of new experimental Ebola jab. Women in the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo are allegedly being asked for sexual favours in exchange for Ebola treatment. An unparalleled Ebola vaccination programme in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has become engulfed in allegations of impropriety, amid claims that women are being asked for sexual favours in exchange for treatment. Research by several NGOs has revealed that a deep mistrust of health workers is rife in DRC and gender-based violence is believed to have increased since the start of the Ebola outbreak in August. The Ebola outbreak in eastern Congo, the second deadliest in history, marks six months on Friday and is moving toward the major border city of Goma, a development that would greatly complicate any hope of stopping the virus’ spread in the unstable region. Congo’s health ministry reports 759 cases, including 705 confirmed ones and 414 confirmed deaths.

Strong ants

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ants appear to defy the laws of physics as they lift objects vastly heavier then their own body weight. The strong weaver ants can be seen clinging to the bottom of thin branches and leaves, sometimes with just a single leg, as they haul much bigger flowers. In one photo an ant is lifting an entire bee and in another holding a long yellow chilli pepper which is almost 10 times the insect's length. The ants' extraordinary abilities were captured by professional photographer Muhammad Agus Wahyudi in his back garden in Palangka Raya, Indonesia.

Boy, six, who fell into a 200ft well while playing with friends in India is rescued after 16-hour operation

***EXCLUSIVE*** The incredible moment that a six-year-old boy was rescued after he fell down a 200ft construction - where he was stuck for 16 HOURS Pune, Maharashtra, India. This is the moment a tearful six-year-old boy was pulled to safety by rescuers -- 16 HOURS after he fell down a 200ft construction hole. Ravi Pandit Bill tumbled into the pit when on the site with his family, and got wedged 10ft down the hole. Locals couldn't reach him, so immediately started digging a shaft parallel to where he was stuck, and the National Disaster Response Force took over when they arrived. The little lad - who was given oxygen from ground level - was pulled out via a pit dug parallel to the borehole.

The birth of a zebra foal

***EXCLUSIVE*** KRUGER NATIONAL PARK, SOUTH AFRICA: Wildlife photographer Ken Haley, came across one of the most amazing moments he had ever experienced in his line of work: the birth of a zebra foal. While on a game drive at the kruger national park on a beautiful sunday morning, ken haley and his guide happened to drive passed a herd of zebras. A minute or two later the zebra was standing about 25 meters from the vehicle and the amniotic sac was already protruding from the female zebra, who remained standing. As the birth progressed she alternately laid down on her side for a minute or two and then stood up again. The process lasted approximately 10 minutes. The foal was finally delivered and had broken free from the amniotic sac.