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Woman claims eating only FRUIT, giving up water and fasting for up to 16 hours a day has cured her anxiety

***EXCLUSIVE*** LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM: This former London lawyer ditched the corporate party lifestyle that made her miserable and now leads a FRUITARIAN life that sees her intermittently dry fast for days at a time and she hasn’t DRUNK WATER for over TWO-YEARS preferring to EAT her water instead. Fasting coach and entrepreneur, Alice Copilet (35) grew up in the UK and lived in London for a decade, working as a corporate lawyer in the capital for six-years. To onlookers, Alice had the perfect life; a successful career, lots of great friends, attractive boyfriends and a busy social life that saw her party hard every weekend and indulge in restaurant cooked meals rich in meat and dairy. Behind her smiles, Alice was miserable and felt lonely and trapped in her career and found her comedowns and hangovers increasingly difficult to manage. Fed up of feeling this way, she decided to go on a meditation retreat in February 2012 for 10 days where she was surprised to find she enjoyed the delicious vegan food on offer there and left with a great sense of clarity. After doing a vegan challenge the following January, Alice committed to a plant-based lifestyle. Six months later, she discovered raw veganism and fruitarianism on YouTube.

My birthmark is beautiful

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE: A young woman born with a port wine stain covering her whole face started a body positivity campaign to challenge the beauty standards in society. Tessa Schiethart, 25, from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, was born with the Sturge-Weber Syndrome that resulted in a port-wine stain on her face and increased pressure in the eye. Despite her condition, Tessa refuses to cover her birthmark with make-up and embraces her differences. Tessa’s goal is to spread awareness of visible difference by sharing her own story of living with a facial birthmark. Her campaign „To Face The World” is aimed at promoting a difference in society and organisations, to inspire others to be themselves, and to change our societal view on diversity.

Bouncers ripped Crohn's sufferer's stoma bag because 'they thought it was threat'

***EXCLUSIVE*** TEXAS, USA: This Crohn’s disease woman had nightclub security rip her colostomy bag out as they thought it could be a threat and has found herself accused of being a shoplifter because of lack of awareness by retail staff. Hair stylist and cosmetologist, NeQueshia Davis (30) from Texas, USA, was overjoyed after welcoming her first child in 2008, until less than two months later she began having incredibly painful stomach problems, only to be diagnosed with Crohn’s disease shortly after. NeQueshia, who goes by the name of Sha, was in a great deal of pain when she consulted doctors about the symptoms she started showing. After a healthy pregnancy, Sha wasn’t expecting that she would have to undergo eight surgeries, including the permanent fitting of a colostomy bag. Sha has had to endure many embarrassing situations since having her colostomy bag fitted, as many people still don’t understand what it is and they often assume the bulge under her top is something she is concealing out of secrecy.

I built a 200mph supercar

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, KANEOHE, HAWAII: A private car designer has spent 10 years building a one-off supercar from scratch - and it can now reach 200mph. Adam Taylor completed the unique vehicle inside his Hawaiian garage, the build process spanned several states and he enlisted the help of two shops that had specialised shaping equipment. During his student and grad years, Adam worked tirelessly to bring his initial design to life and ended up achieving his dream with a 950hp and 8,000rpm engine. Adam describes the vehicle, dubbed the RX777, as a „work of art” and something that can never be replicated.

Underwater world off the coast of Gili Meno

***EXCLUSIVE*** These stunning pictures show a group of divers stumbling across an enchanted underwater world beneath the sea. The images, which show 48 incredible life-size human figures hugging each other, were snapped by underwater photographer Sam Lawrence, 29. He captured the figures - created by British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor - which are submerged beneath the tranquil waters of the Bali Sea. The man-made reef, which will develop into artificial coral reefs over time, is set in the shallow waters off the coast of Gili Meno, in Indonesia - the smallest of the three islands.