Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A British couple sold their home and quit their jobs to go on a four-year adventure across the entire length of the planet - travelling 80,000 miles across 21 countries

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lisa Morris, 39, and Jason Spafford, 49, have recently returned from the trip of a lifetime which saw them ride from the southernmost tip of Argentina to the top of Alaska. The couple, from Nottingham, grew tired of their "dull working lives" so took the brave decision to ditch their careers for a life on the road in February 2014. They whittled down their belongings to fit in a few cardboard boxes they put in storage, and set off on an awe-inspiring adventure on two bikes.

Four sets of twins have all joined Thanet Stage school performing arts with in the last year at Thanet in Kent

***EXCLUSIVE*** The ballerinas, aged between four and six, love to dance and always pick their 'other half' to be their dance partner in class. School principal Josephine Johnston has taught at Thanet Stage School of Performing Arts for 43 years and said it is the first time she has seen more than one set of twins at her studio in Kent. She said: "There must be something in the water - I couldn't believe it when I kept getting all these enquiries for twins. "I have four sets, it's amazing to have so many twins in one go and people tell me they can see straight away who matches up with who. "It's so nice to see them dancing together all in pink, they are all such characters and the most darling little things. "They cuddle each other and when I tell them to go and find a partner, they always chose each other."

Mum drops four dress sizes and five-stone despite suffering from crippling arthritis

***EXCLUSIVE*** TIPPERARY, IRELAND: This mum-of-one has dropped four dress sizes and five-stone in just two-years despite suffering from crippling arthritis and being a serial yo-yo dieter – saying the final straw was seeing pictures of herself at her daughter’s christening. Nutritional therapist and health coach, Eimer Fitzgerald (27) from Co. Tipperary, Ireland, had been overweight for most of her life, and used food as a comfort when she was bullied growing up and was a habit that followed her into adulthood where she would enjoy processed foods and takeaways regularly. Despite this, Eimer always tried to lose weight and attempted lots of different diets and slimming groups, but due to her psoriatic arthritis, which is treated with steroid injections every week that can increase appetite, she found it difficult to stick to them long-term. However, five years ago at 15st 12lb and a UK size 18, after seeing a photograph of herself at her daughter’s christening, Eimer decided to lose weight once and for all and started studying nutrition. She started going to the gym three times a week and walking more. Combining this with a balanced diet packed full of fruit and veg, Eimer is now a fit and healthy 10st 10lb and a UK size 10.

A determined cat makes its way around the house on hind legs „like a T-rex” because it was born without elbow joints

***EXCLUSIVE*** Juju, one, can’t prance around on her front legs like an average cat as as her limbs are permanently bent and her bones are fused where her elbows should be. Juju’s owner Karen Gorne, 51, adopted the kitten and her sister Jilly in March after they had been surrendered to River-Oak Veterinary Hospital, in Riverbank, California. Karen, an office manager, and her husband Tim, 53, a business owner, say indoor cat Juju’s disability doesn’t hold her back from jumping and climbing around their home in Salida, California. Karen said Juju was born with exceptionally large back feet, and she has developed her own unique way to get around which she likened to a „T-rex”.