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Mum pole dances through pregnancy in 8-inch heels despite 'negative opinions' from others

***EXCLUSIVE*** KELSO, SCOTLAND: Meet the pole dancing mum who danced her way through her pregnancy despite negative comments claiming it would HARM HER BABY and continued to wear her eight-inch heels even though her feet had swollen so much that they barely fit. Pole dancer and instructor, Felicity Logan (31), from Kelso, Scotland, used to avoid swimming lessons at school for fear of people seeing her in a swimsuit and found herself undesirable and unattractive. It wasn’t until she discovered pole dancing when was 18, that she began to love her body. After one class, she decided to quit and buy herself a pole for her bedroom and taught herself.  After 11 years of perfecting the art of exotic dancing, she met her partner, Jairo Tineo, who is also a dancer, who made her feel ready to have a child. She continued to pole dance eight months into her pregnancy. Her son, Orlando, was born in January 2019, and she has been pole dancing five-times-a-week ever since in between breastfeeding him and putting him to bed.

Cancer operation leaves pensioner with hair growing out of his TONGUE

***EXCLUSIVE*** Cancer survivor Melvyn Mansell is thankful to still be here today, almost one year after doctors successfully rebuilt his tongue during an operation to remove a tumour. However, the 74-year-old says the procedure has now left him with an unsightly side-effect with his new tongue now sprouting black hairs. Surgeons at the Churchill Hospital in Oxford used tissue from the former hair dresser's arm to rebuild the organ during the operation in March last year. And while ultimately grateful to have undergone the life-saving surgery, Mr Mansell said he is struggling to cope with the thought of having to 'pluck or trim' his tongue for the rest of life, with hair removal treatment not provided on the NHS.

Pizza Baby

***EXCLUSIVE*** Perfect for all pizza-loving mums, this photographer documented her baby’s first year of life with pizza slices representing his age in months. The adorable pictures show little Lorenzo lying on one side of an open pizza box with pizza slices on the other side. As Lorenzo grows in size the pizza slices also grow in number until they form a full pizza when Lorenzo turned one. Other cute images show Lorenzo enjoying a huge birthday cake and posing with mum Danielle Leigh, dad Frank and older brother Charlie (3). Photographer Danielle Leigh Giannandrea (34), from Frederick, Maryland, USA, came up with the idea to do a monthly milestone photo project and wanted to link it to something Italian.

Burning Man around the world: Nude dancers, neon fish and teapots on wheels are among bizarre highlights of 'radical' art events inspired by Nevada's desert showpiece

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stunning new photographs have captured the insanity, madness and creativity of Burning Man - a gathering which has inspired copy-cat carnivals across the globe. Incredible images of one of the world’s most iconic festivals include nude dancers striking a pose in the middle of the sun-baked Nevada desert, a neon-clad motorised fish and its occupants, and an awe-inspiring fiery sunset reflecting the embers of a Burning Man Festival in South Africa. Other remarkable shots show a tottering complex of wooden towers from the Mad Max school of architecture and a woman inspecting herself in an overly large pair of sunglasses in the dusty Israeli desert. The beautiful pictures were captured by Marek Musil (44), a Czech photographer who has travelled the globe attending radical arts festivals.

£5650 paid for a 5ft whale penis

***EXCLUSIVE*** Whale endowed...This might look like a giant parsnip but the bizarre object is actually an enormous preserved whale penis! The well-hung Victorian Sperm whale appendage stretches out to an impressive 5ft 6ins and is the same height as John Bercow, Declan Donnelly and Ricky Hatton. It is has been stuffed with horse hair and sold at a recent auction for an eye-watering price of Ł5,650.

Earliest board game discovered

***EXCLUSIVE*** A rare example of one of the earliest board games has emerged for sale over 200 years later. The copy of 'The New Game of Virtue Rewarded & Vice Punished' was discovered in the bottom of a box during a house clean out in Egremont, west Cumbria. The 1818 paper and card game created by Thomas Newton was designed to teach Georgian children 'morality'. The roll and move race sees up to 12 players seek to travel from their starting spot, the house of correction, to reach virtue, the 33rd space on the board.

Stunning scale model of Longleat stately home

***EXCLUSIVE*** This stunning model of one of Britain's finest stately homes has been painstakingly restored after languishing in a store room for the last seven years. The 1/25 scale model of Longleat House in Wiltshire was commissioned by the 6th Marquess of Bath in 1988 and went on display in the 16th Century mansion's butchery. But it was broken up into 50 pieces and put into storage when the home underwent renovations several years ago. Kim Ward, 60, and his six man team have spent the past two months restoring the model to its former glory.