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A car crash saved my life: Student only found out he had a BRAIN TUMOUR after treatment for major road accident

***EXCLUSIVE*** TEXAS, USA: This student was taken to hospital following a car accident when routine scans revealed the more frightening prospect of a BRAIN TUMOUR, but after undergoing brain surgery and many scans, he no longer takes anything for granted after almost having his life taken from him. Student Drew Gunby (21) from Texas, USA, was involved in a car accident in January 2013, however it was only as a result of hospital scans after the crash which led doctors to find a cancerous mass on Drew’s brain. At the age of 15, Drew was riding in a friend’s car when the driver swerved and lost control of the car, crashing into a fence. Drew, who was sat in the back, flew forwards and split open his chin, requiring a trip to the nearest hospital for stitches. After he had stitches in his chin, medical staff suggested a CT scan to make sure there was no internal damage, such as broken bones, from the crash. The CT scan identified a mass on Drew’s brain, to the alarm of the nurses who sent him for a subsequent MRI scan which confirmed that the mass was a cancerous tumour. Drew was scheduled to have a craniotomy to remove the mass a few days later, however his surgeon was called in for an emergency operation elsewhere, delaying Drew’s craniotomy. This gave Drew longer to consider other options which led him to search for other surgeons. After meeting with other brain surgeons, Drew opted for the one with whom he felt a strong connection with, and ultimately underwent surgery to have the tumour removed on January 30, 2013. Now, Drew lives with a physical scar on his chin and a hole in his brain, in addition to the emotional scars from learning that any day could be the last. Going through such a difficult experience at such a young age helped him learn not to take anything for granted.

A grieving mother whose son died after a single punch has told of her joy at meeting the man who received his heart after his death

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sandor Szabo, a marketing executive, died following a single punch from a stranger, while he was visiting New York for a wedding last August, according to the NYPD’s bulletin. His devastated mom Donna Kent decided to donate her 35-year-old son’s organs to those in desperate need of transplants. Donna, 59, of Raleigh, North Carolina, then wrote a letter to all the organ recipients and was delighted when the man who received Sandor’s heart replied to her. Sean Moynihan, 58, a dad-of-two, had his life saved by Sandor’s heart. Earlier this month he and Donna spent a weekend together in Boca Raton, Florida, to honour his Sandor’s life.

Man has turned his back on the world of finance to start a healing community in the Nicaraguan wilderness called Colina de la Luna

***EXCLUSIVE*** A banker who traded his six-figure salary for 'the simple life' is now enjoying life off the grid and building a new community in the jungle. Alex Cain quit his high-paying job at the Bank of America at the tender age of 21 and has since left the world of banking for good - despite earning up to £10,000 per month. Determined to find his life's purpose, he travelled to Fiji which sparked several trips around the world before he finally set down roots in central America and founded Colina de la Luna. Now 30, Alex aims to grow his hill top healing community in Nicaragua where he lives without clean running water or electricity and no permanent housing or road access.

My girlfriend became my husband

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA: A husband and wife say they would love each other whatever gender after one of them transitioned from female to male. Tay and Anayah Kennedy are childhood sweethearts with a difference: when they first started dating, they were both female but now they identify as a man and a woman in a straight relationship. The now-married couple live in Jacksonville, Florida, where 22-year-old Tay is undergoing the gender transition process. Already a year into his hormone replacement therapy, Tay wants to have bottom and top surgery but his wife Anayah , 19, says it doesn?t matter what gender her husband is ? she will love him regardless.

How I faced pregnancy after losing my first-born at two days old

***EXCLUSIVE*** NORTH CAROLINA, USA: This mother was warned her son’s underdeveloped heart was INOPERABLE, so she had just TWO DAYS with him before he sadly passed away, but she is sharing her journey through loss and a second pregnancy to eradicate the stigma around infant loss. Caitlin Merrill (28) from North Carolina, USA, found out she was expecting her first child in July 2017, to her own shock and elation when her GP got her to take a pregnancy test for what she initially thought was sickness. For the first three months, Caitlin’s pregnancy was joyful, however, on October 19, 2017 Caitlin and her partner, Tony went for an anatomy scan which revealed an issue with their unborn son’s heart. Scans confirmed that the left ventricle was severely underdeveloped, a condition known as Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. Caitlin and Tony were told that their son, who they named Thaxton, could undergo surgery after birth, to correct his heart. Although, when Caitlin was 34-weeks pregnant, doctors deemed Thaxton’s heart too underdeveloped for an operation as he wouldn’t survive the surgery. Caitlin was induced at 38-weeks, but Thaxton’s heart became stressed and midwives warned that he might not survive the delivery. To everyone’s amazement, Thaxton was born alive on February 22. Thaxton was born a blue colour, in-part due to his heart condition. His charts looked positive and Caitlin hoped that her son would defy the odds to get better. On February 24, Caitlin’s mother was holding Thaxton when she noticed his body was slowing down in his sleep. Nurses were alerted and they confirmed that Thaxton was passing. Through the heartbreak of losing her first child, Caitlin felt guilty and blamed herself, but she also learnt to appreciate every breath as it’s never certain which will be our last. Eight months after Thaxton passed away, Caitlin found out she was pregnant again, which left her with excitement and a huge sense of fear. But in February 2019, she was overjoyed to find out she was expecting a daughter, with a healthy, four-chambered heart.

Purin the beagle who has become famous for her impressive goalkeeping skills

***EXCLUSIVE*** A super-talented pooch who knows over 120 tricks has become famous for her impressive goalkeeping skills. Purin the purebred beagle has captured the hearts of millions around the world with her quick paws and huge range of jaw-dropping talents. The 13-year-old super beagle, from Tokyo, Japan, first started learning tricks when she was two years old.

Woman who cheated on husband for eight months claims it SAVED their marriage

***EXCLUSIVE*** This relationship coach who once cheated on her own husband for EIGHT MONTHS talks about the best way to ignite a spark in a relationship and feels that couples are not having enough ‘MIND-BLOWING SEX’ to keep their relationships alive. Relationship coach, Rogue Pence (34), from Texas, USA, and her husband, Jeremy (36), hit a rocky patch in their marriage after she lost her father to suicide, which plunged her into despair and depression. She began to blame her husband for her unhappiness which lead her to have an affair for eight months in 2015. They were on the verge of divorce when she realised her husband was fighting hard for her, and this became a wake-up call for her. She decided to change her ways and it ignited the passion in their relationship again. This revelation inspired Rogue to open a coaching business designed to help other couples feel fully happy, loved and to teach them how to embody the feminine and masculine energy within their relationships. She says from her experience that there is more to sex than most people realise and that couples should become less boring in the bedroom.