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Woman whose spinal cord was broken during birth defies doctors who said she would never BREATHE on her own to live a full life - and is now planning her wedding

***EXCLUSIVE*** BLAUVELT, NEW YORK, USA: This woman was born disabled after doctors used forceps that broke her spinal cord and after said she would never be able to do anything for herself, but she has proven them all wrong and is now planning her wedding after finding love online. Direct sales makeup artist, Alyssa Iorio (28) from Blauvelt, New York, USA, suffered an incomplete break of her spinal cord at C1 to C2 when she was born after doctors used forceps to aid the delivery. Alyssa was almost dead when she was born at 9lb and doctors had to get her to intensive care immediately and then spent the first seven months of her life in hospital. Doctors told Alyssa’s parents that she would never be able to breathe, go to the toilet, talk or even eat on her own but after years of speech, physical and occupational therapy, she has proven them all wrong by achieving everything medical professionals said she wouldn’t. Growing up, Alyssa wasn’t able to play sports like her peers at school so joined a baseball team for people with disabilities where she later helped coach and has always been determined to show people what she can do as opposed to what she can’t. In 2012, Alyssa signed up to an online dating site and was initially unsure if she would be able to meet someone for her who could see past her disability. After talking to men who said disgusting things to her purely about sex, Alyssa finally met a man called Jimmy (28) who after a few days of texting asked her out on a date to a bar. They instantly hit it off and four-and-a-half-years later, Jimmy proposed to Alyssa and they are now planning their wedding which will take place in June this year.  In July last year, Alyssa decided to share her story on Instagram and has been using her positive influence to help others in a similar situation to her.

Barbie-obsessed man who looks just like a Ken doll admits he is constantly accused of having plastic surgery - but he insists his flawless appearance is all natural

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the Barbie-obsessed man who is constantly compared to KEN due to his flawless makeup and bleach-blonde hair and has been accused of having PLASTIC SURGERY despite explaining that it is ALL NATURAL. Digital influencer, Maiderson Chrischon (30), from Porto Alegre, Brazil, was brought up by his widowed mother after his father died when he was just one-and-a-half-years-old and has been fascinated with Barbie dolls since he was very young. In 2014, he posted a picture of him holding up a Barbie-themed phone case to his face and was flooded with comments comparing him to Barbie’s boyfriend Ken. Since then he has embraced the comparison, by applying his makeup and posting pictures of himself on Instagram for his 35.5K followers. His striking look has positively impacted his professional career as he has become a well-known YouTuber and digital influencer. However, it has also negatively affected his love life due to men finding his look „too feminine” or „too artificial”. He also says that the fame he has gained has made men feel too intimidated to date him.

A real getaway! Private island in Alaska complete with a custom built house and guest cabin on the market for just $1.25million

***EXCLUSIVE*** Take in the scenic beauty of Alaska from your very own 3.75-acre private island after Mertz Island went on the market for less than £1m. Stunning pictures show the spectacular views of the lakes and mountains that you can enjoy form the island as well as the exterior of the main residence. Other incredible images show the spacious living areas, modern kitchen and cosy bedrooms as well as large windows and an extensive porch to enjoy your surroundings. Mertz Island is located in Alaska, USA and is currently listed on www.vladi-private-islands.de for just over £950k.

Backstage with the Bluebell Girls! Stunning black and white photos from the 1950s offer a glimpse behind the curtain at the famous Paris cabaret troupe

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stunning retro pictures have offered a glimpse behind the scenes of the Bluebell Girls, a famous dance troupe started by an Irish dancer. The incredible images show Miss Bluebell herself, Margaret Kelly, waiting with other Bluebell Girls before their performance at Le Lido, Paris, France in 1951, three cheeky Bluebell Girls relaxing backstage and Joyce Rogers giving Denise Carpenter a little assistance with the zip on her costume. Other striking shots show a Bluebell Girl being followed by a French showgirl on their way back to the dressing rooms after one of the scenes, a French hairdresser attending to the hair of Margaret Oxon and Bluebell Girls rehearsing in Brussels. Margaret Kelly Leibovici, known as Miss Bluebell, was an Irish dancer who was the founder of the Bluebell Girls dance troupe.

Inside the secretive tribe where women have their fingers amputated when their loved ones die and the men wear penis sheaths

Emotional pain is part of the grieving process for most of us - but for the women of the Dani tribe it involves physical pain too. When their loved ones die, female members of remote Indonesian tribe have the upper half of their fingers amputated in a ritual to ward off spirits. It's believed that finger-cutting keeps the deceased person's restless spirit away, as well as symbolising the pain of bereavement - and some babies even have their fingers bitten off by their mothers. Their unusual practice of finger amputation, called Ikipalin, was banned by the Indonesian government a few years ago - however many older female members of the tribe can be identified by their hands and it's believed that this practice still continues in secret. The 250,000-strong tribe lives deep in the highlands of Papua New Guinea, and American explorer Richard Archbold reported spotting them during a flight over the area in 1938.

Moana fan with Down's syndrome get a heartwarming message from The Rock after she watched the film every day in hospital while battling pneumonia

***EXCLUSIVE*** The proud dad of a little girl with Down's Syndrome says she received a heart-warming message from Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.The move star tweeted a message after Jason Kneen said how much his daughter Rosie loved the film Moana, in which The Rock voices the character Maui. Jason posted a photograph of his daughter smiling which went viral and he followed it up with more info including that she was mad about the film Moana. Dwayne Johnson saw the messages and tweeted "Look at this lovely cookie. Stay strong Rosie! Uncle Maui loves ya. What can I saaaaayy except you're welcome."

Wildfires tear through 'Winnie the Pooh forest' made famous by children's classic

***EXCLUSIVE*** Wildfires have torn through a forest best known as the setting of A. A. Milne's children's classic Winnie the Pooh. Two separate blazes started within an hour of each other in Ashdown Forest in east Sussex, on the hottest February day on record. Dramatic pictures show smoke billowing from the forest known as Hundred Acre Wood in the book. Firefighters said more than 35 hectares of woodland had been affected, with both fires spreading.