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Student, 20, left with 85% burns after light switch triggered massive gas explosion that killed her brother

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the brave student who burnt EIGHTY-THREE PER CENT of her body after her house EXPLODED from a gas leak after she turned on a LIGHT SWITCH that killed her brother. In July 2015, university student, Regina Trujillo (20), from Los Cabos, Mexico, was just 17-years-old when her family were moving into their new house, after installing the gas for their oven. Regina was out with her brother, Juan Carlos (19), and his friends until two in the morning. When they got back to the house, Regina could smell something strange around the house, but didn’t think much of it as no one else noticed it. When she went into her mum’s en-suite bathroom and turned on the light, the whole house exploded. She could hear her mum screaming in horror as she rushed her out of the house, trying to soothe her and keep her calm. Regina’s mum came rushing out of the blacked-out house while carrying her younger brother, Emilio (12) who was completely burnt and scared. Regina’s mum told them both to take off their clothes, as it was dangerous to keep them on whilst she hosed them down with water. Regina saw her skin falling and blood pouring down her body. Their mum was screaming and crying for Juan Carlos who was trapped inside but flagged down a passing car to take Regina and Emilio to hospital. Regina woke up the next day in the hospital and was told that 83 per cent of her body was covered in third degree burns. Two months later after skin grafts, a tracheotomy, laser and z-plasty surgeries, Regina asked about her older brother Juan, but was told that he had passed away after the fire. She has since learnt to accept her scars and what happened to her.

Sex coach smears menstrual blood on her face to show that periods are ‘beautiful’ and ‘powerful’

***EXCLUSIVE*** LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA: This woman spent years being embarrassed of her period but now sees it as a „magical” time to connect with herself and shares pictures of her menstrual blood smeared over her FACE AND BODY to show that periods are „beautiful” and „powerful” even though some people have compared it to „poop” and stopped speaking to her because of it. Sex and story coach, Demetra Nyx (26) from Los Angeles, California, USA, had her first period when she was 12-years-old but never experienced pain with it until her twenties. Through her teens Demetra felt embarrassed of her time of the month, something which she viewed as disgusting, and would try to hide it from boyfriends whilst being paranoid that blood would stain through her clothes or onto sheets when she was sleeping. When she was 20, Demetra had the copper IUD fitted for contraception purposes as the pill wasn’t suitable for her after it gave her panic attacks and reduced her libido. After it was fitted, Demetra started to experience very painful, heavy periods that would leave her bed bound for the first two days of her cycle. A year later, she had the IUD removed after partially pulling it out whilst using a menstrual cup and started to track her cycle using fertility awareness methods and using condoms whilst ovulating instead. Demetra started to feel more in tune with her cycle and grew to love her period and started to play with and explore her blood after collecting it, something she says has helped her become closer to herself by being able to love something that society considers disgusting. Since this, Demetra has been inspiring women to no longer feel ashamed of their periods by posting inspirational pictures of her blood smeared over her face and body to show that menstruation is a thing of beauty and power that should be honoured and celebrated.

Obese mother who used to CRY in changing rooms over how she looked sheds 100lbs - and says she's finally proud of her body despite being left with loose skin

***EXCLUSIVE*** This stunning mum who was FAT SHAMED by a car full of men while riding her bike now gets strangers yelling at how great she looks after losing nearly SEVEN-STONE in less than a year, and although it’s left her with excess skin, she’s proving to her 22K followers that it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Mum and business owner, Jenny Wagner (29) from Florida, USA, got so comfortable after her wedding and ended up consuming ‘anything and everything’ and used food as a source of comfort which increased her weight to 17st 2Ib and UK size 24. Her heavier weight made her feel so ‘disgusting’ that she would avoid all mirrors, pictures and she would cry when trying on clothes in dressing rooms. In 2012, a car full of men in their twenties drove past her while she was riding her bike and one of them yelled ‘you’re too fat to fit on the seat,’ which made her feel worse. In 2013, she was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a condition that affects how a woman’s ovaries function and was warned that her chances of conceiving were low. But Jenny was adamant to have children, and despite the odds, she gave birth to her daughter, Rory (4) in 2014. Over time, the challenges of being a mother motivated her to lose weight, so she began measuring her food and resisted the urge of overeating. She re-introduced sports back into her life and her change in routine helped her shrink to a healthy 10st 5Ib and UK size eight. She no longer feels trapped in the wrong body and proudly flaunts her new body to show other women that it’s not shameful to carry excess skin.

Rainbow colors of New Orleans: Photo collection reveals the bright and striking architecture of the Big Easy's most unusually-decorated homes

***EXCLUSIVE*** The kaleidoscopic colours of New Orleans have been captured in a series of stunning shots. A shocking pink sportscar in front of a pastel pink house, a vibrant turquoise house with wooden shutters, and a tiny bright yellow home are shown off in a photo project showing off the ‘Big Easy’s’ bohemian neighbourhoods. Other incredible images include a tattered white/blue truck in front of a well-presented property and an eye-catching blue and red house in stark contrast to an orange American motorcar. The photos were captured by Michael J. Dalle-Molle, 27, who is hoping to lend a unique take on New Orleans’ staggering beauty. He has collated his pictures on Instagram after starting the project in 2016.