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Parents of twins who were told to abort one of their babies when a rare condition meant he was not growing ignored the advice and reveal both boys are now thriving

***EXCLUSIVE*** AUSTRALIA: These twins had a rare syndrome which meant ONLY ONE was growing in the womb, leading doctors to suggest SACRIFICING the smaller twin, but now the strong toddlers are thriving and misbehaving. Parents Gareth Norman (31) and Renee Baker (36) from Cardiff, Wales, UK and Adelaide, Australia respectively were thrilled when they found out they were expecting twins in early 2017, to add to their family of five, however at just seven weeks scans revealed a notable size difference between the two embryos. As the couple lived in Darwin, their case was referred to Brisbane for more specialist hospital care. The peculiar situation had to be discussed by a board of specialists, and by the time Renee reached 16 weeks it was suggested that the twins could have twin-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS).  TTTS is a rare condition in which monochorionic twins share the placenta, which can result in complications for one or both of the twins. One of the boys, Sonny, was falling behind on growth already, and doctors suggested that Gareth and Renee could sacrifice him for the sake of the healthier foetus, Kash, which they immediately ruled out. Doctors hoped the twins could make it to 24 weeks so that Sonny would weigh at least 1lb at birth, but astonishingly Renee was able to carry them until 32 weeks. A team of 21 doctors and nurses delivered the boys via emergency c-section on June 2, 2017. The placenta was sent for testing and this confirmed doctors’ fears that it had been TTTS. Sonny weighed just 2lb 3oz, and Kash was 4lb 4oz, yet Sonny managed to thrive once born as he was suddenly getting all the nutrients he had lacked for so long. Just when tthey thought both boys were going to be okay, three weeks after the delivery, doctors found a hole in Sonny’s heart as it’s thought that TTTS stunted his heart’s development. For five nights, the twins were in separate hospitals and Renee had to take 45-minute Ubers in between to breastfeed the boys. On June 27 Sonny was fitted with a pacemaker the size of a 50 pence piece, but miraculously when he came out of surgery his heart started working by itself.

I’m proud of my butterfly skin

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, BICESTER, UNITED KINGDOM: A woman who suffers from a rare condition that makes her skin tear easily takes nothing more than paracetamol to handle the pain. Myra Ali, from Solihull, was born with Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa, a rare genetic skin condition that causes her skin to break and tear as easily as a piece of paper. Admitting she endures pain on a daily basis, astonishingly the 31-year-old takes nothing more than paracetamol. In spite of the many medical surgeries she has had, Myra has also had several cosmetic procedures, including a non-surgical nose job and fillers.

Food artist makes a stunning vista - entirely from pies

***EXCLUSIVE*** The average Brit eats a whopping 2,160 pies over their adult lifetime, according to a study. The research, which polled 2,000 adults, found pie enthusiasts consume a huge amount of pastry over the years, chowing down on at least 36 pies a year. It also emerged the nation’s favourite pie is the classic beef and ale, but proving we still have a sweet tooth, apple pie came in as our second favourite. This was closely followed by chicken and mushroom and steak and kidney pie, with lemon meringue revealed as another of the UK’s favourite dessert pies. This research commissioned by Jus-Rol celebrates the start of British Pie Week (4-10 March), and this year Jus-Rol have been working with food artist, Prudence Staite, to create iconic scenes and depictions from around the UK – made entirely from pies. The series of seven art pieces which took 700 painstaking hours to make and place 1,800 individually handmade cooked and uncooked pies per image used a whopping 70 kg of Jus-Rol Shortcrust, Puff and Filo pastry.

A woman who had been using steroid cream for her eczema since she was FIVE - leaving her with peeling „lizard” skin and unable to even KISS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Louise King, 28, had suffered with bouts eczema from childhood but it wasn’t until nearly three decades later, after researching on Instagram, that she discovered a group of fellow suffers who were speaking out about the use of „addictive” steroid ointment. It was after support from this online community that Louise, from Andover, Hampshire, decided to „go cold turkey” and quit the steroids after growing concerned that she was dependent on them. But since her brave decision she has been hit with debilitating symptoms including fatigue, sickness, sudden weight loss, depression, forgetfulness, confusion and her skin oozing puss.

Obese mother who piled on the pounds by tucking into baked treats she'd made for her children loses 94lbs after realizing it's not 'selfish' to focus on her appearance

***EXCLUSIVE*** SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA, USA: This busy mum-of-two has lost an incredible six-and-a-half-stone in two years after she piled on the pounds, thanks to indulging in her home baked cakes meant for her children. When Tegan Funk (30) from Sacramento, California, USA, became a teen mum at 18, she put pressure on herself to be a perfect mum and wife to her children and husband, Dan, and forgot to look after herself. She enjoyed the fruits of her baking projects and gorged on leftovers as she dedicated herself to her family, and felt selfish investing her time to health and fitness instead of her children. This lead Tegan to tip the scales at 17st 12lb and she wore anything between a UK size 20 to 24 and often hid behind her children whenever a photo opportunity arose that would capture her full body. Desperate to change her physique for the sake of her own health, Tegan started to read about macronutrients and intermittent fasting. She combined her newfound knowledge with calorie counting and going to the gym six times a week, and the weight soon dropped off. Now a super fit 11st 5lb and a UK size 10 to 12, Tegan says she has flipped her previous lifestyle on its head and has done a complete 180 switch. She’s ditched large, cheap meals that sounded good for dishes packed with vegetables and protein to keep her satisfied like courgette lasagne or spaghetti squash chow mein. She now has plenty of energy and drive to do things with her kids.

A kayaker who dropped her camera in the sea in 2016 was amazed when she was reunited with it three years later - and found the memory card still worked

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jenna Volpert, 22, was out on the water with a friend, Baz Le Seeleur, when they got into difficulty and were caught in a rip tide. As they battled to get to safety the kayak capsized and a GoPro they were carrying was lost over the side. But the camera was found and now Jenna, from St Clement, Jersey, has managed to retrieve these pictures from the memory card despite it spending three years in the ocean.

The owners of a dog missing for more than a year have her portrait painted on dozens of pebbles to try and find her

***EXCLUSIVE*** She has since been seen in the area looking "very thin and dirty", and her owners remain convinced she is still alive. And in an effort to keep her in people's minds owner Jo Dalton, of Nympsfield, Gloucestershire, enlisted the services of local artist Andrea Anthony. She has since painted more than 20 pictures of the missing pooch on the pebbles and left them in spots where she goes walking. Andrea said: "I've been painting these since last November although another member of Team Roxy came up with the pebbles idea early last year. "I have been placing them in places around Uley and Nympsfield, the areas where Roxy has mostly been sighted. "I've put them where I know a lot of people should see them so hopefully they are found quickly and hidden again for others to find. I'm hoping they are raising people's awareness to the fact that Roxy is still missing and we are still out looking for her.