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Woman married crush after 'stalking' her and still loves him after gender change

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the loved-up woman who married the love of her life after STALKING HIM for a YEAR before they met and have been together for six years ever since. In July 2012, manager, Valeria Garza (22) first met registered behaviour technician, Liam Garza (23) from Texas, USA, when he worked as a waiter at Buffalo Wild Wings, and she became smitten with him, despite him not knowing who she was. Liam, who is a transgender man, had not transitioned at the time, and Valeria’s family had no knowledge that she liked women at the time. Liam, who was Silvia at the time, was a mutual friend of Valeria’s sister’s friend, who had introduced them. Valeria had already developed a crush after seeing a photo of Silvia looking like Justin Bieber and she was instantly attracted. For six months to a year, Valeria would „stalk” Silvia at the place they worked as well as using social media to get close to them. It wasn’t until she tagged Silvia on Twitter with a hashtag „tag your cutest follower”, that they began messaging her and they developed mutual feelings for each other. In January 2016, they both got married despite their families struggling to accept their sexuality and in 2017, they went through another relationship test when Liam came out as transgender. Valeria now says that this has brought them closer and they couldn’t be happier.

Scots baby girl suffers one-in-a-million ‘human timebomb’ condition which causes terrifying stroke-like paralysis

***EXCLUSIVE*** The family of an 18-month-old toddler who has a condition so rare it only affects one person in a million are raising funds for a groundbreaking gene therapy project in the US. Anya Behl, suffered her first episode of what would later be diagnosed as Alternative Hemiplegia of Childhood (AHC) at 10 weeks old in October 2017. Those with the lifelong condition are described as ‘human timebombs’ as the illness which is like having seven diseases at once - including stroke like paralysis and symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, can strike at anytime.

Caught in the Crossfire

Civilians in Syria's north-western city of Idlib continue to be used 'as pawns,' caught in the crossfire between the government and its allies, and attacks by non-state armed groups, the United Nations human rights chief, Michelle Bachelet, has warned. 'They are trapped between the escalation of hostilities and bombardment on the one hand, and, on the other, are forced to live under the extremist rule of Hay'at Tahrir Al-Sham and other extremist fighters who regularly carry out targeted killings, abductions and arbitrary detention.' Idlib, the last major part of Syria still outside the control of President Bashar al-Assad's government, is dominated by an alliance led by Syria's former al-Qaeda affiliate, Hay'et Tahrir al-Sham (HTS). The group recently took administrative control of the entire region after overpowering smaller Turkey-backed rebel factions. Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, ISIS) also has sleeper cells in Idlib. Idlib and areas of northern Hama and western Aleppo governorates, are part of a ''demilitarized buffer zone'' but, for over two months, violence has escalated again, including an increase of infighting amongst non-state actors and in the use of improvised explosive devices in areas they control, including by the extremist group, Hay'at Tahrir Al-Sham. Since December, the intensified ground-based bombardment of the city has led to numerous civilian casualties and left close to a million people, including hundreds of thousands of displaced people, in an extremely vulnerable situation.

When education was a grave business: Evocative pictures show pupils at pioneering 1950s school studying among the headstones in church grounds

***EXCLUSIVE*** Fascinating vintage photos show children enjoying their school lessons in a London graveyard. The stunning shots include children having a refreshing nap along the graveside, studiously learning in the shadowy nave of a church, and learning about the world through play and an illuminated globe. Another captivating photo depicts youngsters sitting and learning with their teacher, seemingly completely unphased by the gravestones towering over them. The sensational photos, taken in 1951, capture a day in the life of pupils at The Gatehouse School at „St Bartholomew the Great” church in the City of London. The unusual school was founded in 1948 by the church rector’s wife Phyllis Wallbank, with the school following the controversial Montessori method of teaching.

Britain's war in the Pacific: Rare images capture the experience of thousands of gallant Royal Navy airmen who fought against the Japanese during the Second World War

***EXCLUSIVE*** Incredible photos have been revealed detailing the fascinating lives of fighter pilots from the second World War who fought and died in the Pacific Theatre - suffering a higher casualty rate than the British Army did during the Battle of the Somme. Stunning shots depict the brave naval airmen who put their lives on the line each time they sat in an aircraft, the poignant wrecks of planes after crash landing on deck, and remarkable shots of the heavy damage inflicted on the enemy during bombing raids. Another heart-wrenching photo shows a young New Zealander fighter pilot who was imprisoned, tortured and decapitated at the hands of the terrifying Japanese regime and a rare close up of a kamikaze pilot winging his way towards deliberate death. The photos are included in ex-Royal Naval officer Tim Hillier-Graves’ new book „Heaven High, Ocean Deep: Naval Fighter Wing at War”, a devastating account of his father and godfather’s unit, the „5th Fighter Wing” who fought many prolonged, intensive aviation battles with the Japanese in the Indian Ocean and then the Pacific, from April 1944 to August 1945.

These adorable photos show five newborn lambs dressed in woolly jumpers to keep them warm

***EXCLUSIVE*** Tiny lambs Finn, Freddy, Flora, Fleur and Freya were only born five days ago.They live at Auchingarrich Wildlife Centre, Comrie, Perth and Kinross, but were born at a nearby farm.The siblings are fed four times a day, and live in a ‚Äėhatchery‚Äô in a little pen.