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The woman who ages too fast

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, COLUMBUS, OHIO: A woman from Ohio with rapid aging disease has been told she is one in 50 million. Tiffany Wedekind, 41, was diagnosed with progeria when she was in her late twenties. Her brother, Chad, who was also diagnosed with the illness, passed away from complications related to the disease seven years ago. Tiffany?s case is unique as children are usually diagnosed with progeria in their first two years of life, and tend to not live past adolescence.

Best friends who found out they were expecting their fourth babies at the same time pose for matching maternity photos to mark the occasion

***EXCLUSIVE*** QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA: These stunning best friends were both expecting their FOURTH children at the same time just two weeks apart, so they made the most of their uncanny position by posing for adorable pictures in matching maternity wear. Photographer Lisa Schmidt (35) and her best friend, Skye Knijff (31) from Queensland, Australia, have known each other for over 15 years, but 2018 was a special year for the pair who both became pregnant for the fourth time, completely coincidentally. Skye announced to Lisa that she was pregnant for a fourth time, all the while Lisa and her husband Nathan knew that she too was expecting but kept it secret until they reached the 12-week mark out of precaution. Lisa and Skye met when they both worked part-time in retail over 15 years ago alongside their education. Back then, the pair would talk about their hopes of having large families of their own. Given the coincidental and lucky situation the two women found themselves in, they wanted to cherish the entire journey. So, the duo staged their own maternity shoots which involved matching outfits and even continued once they each welcomed their children, as they coordinated the newborns’ outfits for the wonderfully symmetric photos. Going through their final pregnancies together helped the pair manage their difficult pregnancy problems when they arose. Lisa and Nathan welcomed their youngest son Aston on January 9, 2018 weighing 8lb 1oz, soon followed by Skye and Nick’s youngest, Hildie on January 26, 2018, weighing 8lb 8oz. Lisa and Skye continued taking their lovable maternity photos right until two days before Aston was born.

Domestic abuse survivor breastfeeds her toddler NUDE while posing as the Virgin Mary to show all mothers that they can feel sexually-empowered

***EXCLUSIVE*** Controversial photographs show a domestic abuse survivor posing naked as the Virgin Mary in a picture series designed to prove that nudity and motherhood doesn‚Äôt have to be sexualised - and the model claimed it made her feel ‚Äėgorgeous again‚Äô. Stunning pictures show new mum, Leah, who became a mum after getting out of an abusive relationship, breastfeeding her son on her lap. The incredible pictures include intimate shots of Leah breastfeeding while sitting down with a halo above her head as a symbol of Virgin Mary. The poignant photo series was taken by fine art photographer, Reka Nyari (39), who lives in New York, USA, as part of a project called INK; based on the illustrated journey of tattooed women.

Texas’s first ever pig pageant

***EXCLUSIVE*** The contestants oinked, chomped on carrots, wagged their curly tails and paraded in front of an audience of 700 cheering fans. The porcine pals vying to be named most beautiful included Charlotte, a seven-month-old piglet, Otis James, a 62-pound dappled pig and Harriet, a 150-pound five-year-old pot bellied pig. The other contestants were two pigs called Hamlet, Althea Lorraine, Tank, Tig and Dahlia. There was just one round in the pageant held at the Buzz Mill in Austin, Texas, USA, on Sunday, to raise funds for Central Texas Pig Rescue.

A teenager who watched her obese mother die of a heart attack underwent weight loss surgery at 16 to avoid the same fate

***EXCLUSIVE*** Muriel Mena, 18, was just a toddler when her mom Debbie Mena, 44, suffered a heart attack in the family’s home in Whitman, Massachusetts, USA. Three-year-old Muriel watched in horror as Debbie collapsed in front of her in 2004. Debbie, who weighed around 300lbs, knocked over Muriel's toy kitchen as she fell to the floor and had passed away by the time paramedics brought her to hospital. Muriel was raised by her dad Jose Mena, 69, a retired maintenance worker, but said her weight was a constant struggle throughout her childhood. The teen's love of fried chicken and piled-high portions of rice and mashed potato led her to tip the scales at 275lbs by the time she was a freshman in high school. Struggling Muriel was disheartened when a 2016 blood test revealed that her cholesterol was sky-high and that she was in danger of developing type two diabetes. The high school student feared she would die young like her mother and was afraid of having to take insulin daily like her father Jose, who lives with diabetes. Doctors discussed the option of weight loss surgery with Muriel and her family and she decided to undergo a vertical sleeve gastrectomy in August 2017.