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This is the moment a British theme park scooped a world record for the most naked people - on a ROLLERCOASTER

***EXCLUSIVE*** A total 195 naked people rode the famous Grand National rollercoaster at Blackpool’s Pleasure Beach on Saturday. The previous record of 102 people was set in Southend in 2010. The event was organised by the UK’s national Naturist organisation, British Naturism, and coincided with their annual weekend in Blackpool.

A mum of surprise twins thought she was seeing double after she accidentally fell pregnant for a second time -- with ANOTHER set

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jessica Phoenix and Liam McMahon, both 23, fell pregnant with boys Harry and Elijah just six months after getting together. And four became six when girls Phoebe and Aria arrived two years later in September. Both the pregnancies were unplanned and medics told them the chances of having twin boys followed by girls was rarer than being struck by lightning.

Meet the man who believes he has found the secret ingredient to leading a healthy life - drinking his own URINE

***EXCLUSIVE*** Fabian Farquharson, 37, has been gulping down his own fresh and month-old urine for three years, after reading about the purported health benefits online. He drinks up to one litre at room temperature at midday – the first thing he'll consume each day, starting with a pint of fresh urine and chased down with 300-400ml of aged. The interior designer claims the unusual thirst quencher has left him feeling healthier, happier and smarter. Fabian from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, said: “I'd been researching alternative medicines when I read about drinking aged urine.

Historic country home that sheltered Emily Bronte and her siblings from a storm and inspired her to write Wuthering Heights is on sale for £1.25million

***EXCLUSIVE*** A historic country home that was a regular haunt of the Bronte family and the inspiration for Emily Bronte's iconic novel is on the market for Ł1.25m. Ponden Hall, near Haworth in West Yorkshire, has fascinating and well-documented connections to the literary family. At the time it had 'the finest library in West Yorkshire' which was used by the Brontes and Emily is said to have based parts of the Lintons' Thrushcross Grange and Heathcliffe's farmhouse in Wuthering Heights (1847) on the Grade II* listed home. The property, which is currently run as a B&B, is now on the market with Fine & Country Leeds.

Tarantula collector in Indonesia

***EXCLUSIVE*** LAMPUNG, INDONESIA: Aldo Tan (30), a tarantula collector in Lampung, Indonesia has thousands of different types of tarantulas from various parts of the world. One of them is a rare tarantula in the world that has only been successfully bred three times in Indonesia. Tarantula with the Latin name Harpactira Pulchripes originating from Africa is one of the rare tarantula species in the world and is rarely found. This tarantula also has a deadly ability.

Traditional cross country skiing China

An ancient rock painting that depicted people hunting with skis, dating back more than 12,000 years, was found in Altay Prefecture. This discovery has provided solid evidence of the area's long tradition and culture of skiing. By now, three ski fields have been built in Altay, where the snow season lasts for more than half a year, attracting tourists from home and abroad. The fur skis, which have evolved from the travel tools for hunting into sports equipments, enriched the winter tourism projects. The vigorous development of winter sports has brought the ancient craftmanship "back to life".

British crematoriums made £1.7m for charity last year by selling metal body parts left behind in furnaces

***EXCLUSIVE*** Almost Ł1.7million was raised by British crematoriums last year through selling valuable metals which were inside human bodies, it has emerged. In total, about 66,000kgs of 'high grade' metals were collected from 180 crematoriums which are signed up to the Metals Recycling Scheme. The scheme, which was introduced in 2006, has now raised Ł6.6million - with all proceeds going to bereavement charities. In its first year, the figure was just Ł15,000. Stephen Tapper, 49, who runs Harbour View crematorium in Poole, Dorset, said they are re-claiming record amounts of metals as people are living for longer and getting artificial joints.

The 'Wild West' street left to rot after theme park in Cornwall closed leaving saloon bars and jail cells silent

***EXCLUSIVE*** Eerie images have revealed the abandoned remains of a ‚ÄėWild West‚Äô town that was once part of a theme park in Cornwall. The haunting pictures show the western style buildings with a general store, the Sheriff‚Äôs office complete with a jail cell and an old barber‚Äôs seat. Other striking shots show the gallows set up for hangings, a piano resting in the corner of one building and a rotting saloon. The spooky snaps were taken at Spirit of the West park in the countryside near St Columb Major, Cornwall by photographer Antony Meadley.

First female MP Nancy Astor's jewellery sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** Astor be worth it - A stunning pendant owned by Britain's trailblazing first female MP has emerged for sale for Ł20,000. The huge Edwardian aquamarine and diamond gem belonged to fabulously rich American born Nancy Astor who was elected to the House of Commons in 1919. The striking jewel was bought in 1910 when Nancy and her husband Waldorf were living at their country pile Cliveden in Buckinghamshire. The vast estate had been gifted to the couple as a wedding present in 1906 by Waldorfs billionaire father William. Nancy is famous for her sharp exchanges with Churchill, in one reported exchange, Lady Astor said to Churchill, "If you were my husband, I'd poison your tea," to which he responded, "Madam, if you were my wife, I'd drink it." The unique gem has now been consigned for sale by Viscountess Astor's great-granddaughter at Dreweatts auction house of Newbury, Berks. The Belle Epoque jewel is 4ins in length with a mounting in platinum fronted gold.

Britain's hidden history revealed: 400 little known ancient sacred tombs, caves, stone circles and burial mounds are documented by an explorer who travelled the length and breadth of the country to find the UK’s secret pre-historic gems

***EXCLUSIVE*** An explorer has travelled the length and breadth of Britain to document over 400 mysterious little known ancient sites. Dave Hamilton ventured off the beaten track to uncover wild ruins which have stood for between 2,000 and 10,000 years. He avoided famous sites like Stonehenge, instead focusing on little-known lost ruins scattered across the country. His travels saw him encounter sacred tombs and caves, stone circles, Bronze Age brochs and Iron Age hillforts.

Hiding hippo

***EXCLUSIVE*** A hippo hides in a pond by camouflaging itself with green plants before launching a sudden attack on one of its rivals with a ferocious bite. The large animal blended into its environment as it waded through the water covered in floating weeds. One photograph of the hippo as it emerged briefly from the water shows its eyes and ears untouched by the plants. Suddenly it attacked a rival in a territorial duel, sparking other hippos to begin fighting. Amateur photographer Kurt Mueller captured the striking images at the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya as the animals displayed their huge jaws.

Plastic bottle collection

***EXCLUSIVE*** Women sort through a 12 foot pile of tens of thousands of plastic bottles at a recycling factory. The women, who work at the factory, sort bottles by colour and remove their caps and labels - before they are moved into a crusher machine where they are turned into giant plastic blocks. The blocks are then sent to various melting factories across Bangladesh, where they are made into new bottles or other plastic products. Abdul Momin, 28, captured the women at work in his hometown of Bogra, Bangladesh.

Beach walker

***EXCLUSIVE*** A simple scene of a man walking along a beach with the crashing waves appears to look like an abstract painting. The setting sun casts a long shadow from the man in the image, whilst blue waves crash into the shoreline. The image was taken by Abdul Momin, who used a drone to capture the image on the beach in Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Can you spot the owls?

***EXCLUSIVE*** Can you spot the owls sleeping in this tree? These collared scops owls are perfectly camouflaged as they huddle together, tucked into a hollow in a tree trunk. The small birds, which sleep all day and only come out at night to fly and hunt, blended so well into the tree it took a photographer 30 minutes to spot them. But keen-eyed amateur photographer Tanay Panpalia, 26, eventually managed to spot them in the 25ft teak tree at Pench National Park in Madhya Pradesh, India.

Stone collectors with their boats

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hundreds of narrow wooden boats used by locals to collect stones from shallow waters lie in rows by the river bed. The aerial photos show workers filling the handmade boats to the brim with thousands of white stones which will be sold for use on building sites. Locals had recently been banned from doing this on Rakti River in Tahipur, Bangladesh, because it was blamed for the river bed dropping, river bank erosion, and even flash floods. The stunning images were taken by professional photographer Abdul Momin using a drone to capture the workers from above.

Wild dog with deer head

***EXCLUSIVE*** This grisly series of pictures show an African wild dog carrying the head of an antelope. The wild dog hunted down the animal with its pack, separating the impala antelope from its herd and chasing it until it got too tired to keep running. Photographer Clint Ralph, 55, was on safari and watched as the dogs tore the animal to pieces, one making off with its head, at Zimanga Private Game Lodge in Mkuze, South Africa. After spotting the dogs resting under some trees he and his guide followed them to watch them 'go into hunting mode' once it got cooler.

Four wings

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two flamingoes fly in formation, making the pair appear like a giant four winged bird. The two pink birds with thier wongs extended at exactly the same time whilst one flew directly above the other. They were flying over Navi Mumbai, India, when the unusual illusion was captured by photographer Gyana Mohanty, aged 35.

Lily farmers

***EXCLUSIVE*** Farmers float through a pretty canal covered in millions of water lilies as they pick the delicate flowers. The workers fill their small wooden boat with the bright pink blooms as they collect them from the water using their hands. Pink lilies and green lily pads cover the 10,000 acre canal and wetlands area in Bangladesh. Amateur photographer Azim Ronnie said the workers sell the lilies at a market after picking them from the canal in the Uttar Stla village in the Barisal district.


***EXCLUSIVE*** A fisherman casts his giant net into the river Jamuna in Sariakandi, Bangladesh. The traditional fishing technique uses a special net called a Towra. The image was taken using a drone, by photographer Abdul Momin.