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Personal trainer whose left leg was mutilated by a boat propeller in horror accident regains movement because of pioneering experimental treatment

***EXCLUSIVE*** MIAMI, USA: This personal trainer wanted to travel the world before her leg was MUTILATED by a boat propeller, severing her sciatic nerve, until a life-changing NERVE GRAFT was carried out which miraculously brought back movement. Personal trainer Danielle Crease (31) from Miami, USA, was on a boat with friends for a weekend trip before she was planning to fly out to Taiwan to become a teacher, but as she climbed off the boat into the water, she was unexpectedly hit by another boat, almost costing Danielle her life. Danielle remembers little of the accident, which took place in September 2013, but she recalls being tossed around in the water and seeing blood pool around her. When she was pulled out of the water, she immediately noticed that she couldn’t feel her leg. The boat propeller tore her Achilles, and severed her sciatic nerve, leaving Danielle paralysed from the knee down in her left leg. The wounds on Danielle’s leg were so severe that she required a wound vacuum as the gashes were too deep to heal naturally. Doctors told Danielle that she may never regain sensation in her leg, but they offered her a possibly life-changing nerve graft, the first of its kind. When she had been brought into the hospital, doctors collected some of Danielle’s sciatic nerve, pre-empting the potential for the surgery. The nerve was then grown independently, and once approval for the surgery had been granted, the surgeon took nerves from both legs to graft with the sciatic nerve tissue. The surgery was never guaranteed to work, but doctors remained optimistic that if Danielle kept trying to flex her muscles, movement or sensation would one day return. To her amazement, while sat beside a pool in 2015, Danielle managed to move her foot slightly, which encouraged her not to give up trying. Now, over five years later and sensation hasn’t returned but Danielle has increased her movement gradually.

Mother-of-four, 39, who found out she had incurable cancer two weeks before birth of her 'miracle' fourth child, says feeling glamorous helps her cope with gruelling treatment

***EXCLUSIVE*** CHELTENHAM, UK: This mum-of-four was diagnosed with INCURABLE SECONDARY CANCER while heavily pregnant, but she refuses to be halted as she dresses in HEELS for chemotherapy and gets called the ‘most glamorous patient’. Personal trainer Lisa Fry (39) from Cheltenham, UK, was breastfeeding her third son, Woody (10) in 2011 when she found a lump in her left breast before being diagnosed with stage three aggressive breast cancer at just 31 years old. Following her diagnosis, Lisa had 12 rounds of chemotherapy, radiotherapy a lumpectomy and a lymph node clearance under her armpit as the cancer had spread. Having fought for her life, Lisa relished her health and became a personal trainer and a Sergeant in the Cadet Force. Lisa longed for a fourth child and when she and her husband Waynne struggled to conceive naturally, they sought help from a specialist. While visiting a fertility specialist in 2014, Lisa was told that chemotherapy destroyed all of her eggs and she was possibly going through the menopause at 35. Lisa was devastated that cancer took this decision away from her. In 2017, Lisa was at a training course with the Cadets when she began feeling unwell. She panicked that her sickness was her cancer returning, but blood tests revealed that miraculously, she was 10 weeks pregnant. Throughout her pregnancy, she remained scared that she would lose her miracle baby, although her excitement grew increasingly as her pregnancy progressed.  Jubilation changed to fear when Lisa found a lump in her breast at 35 weeks pregnant. She hoped it was a fatty lump, but at 39 weeks pregnant it was confirmed as cancer. In order to start treatment, Lisa was induced three days later and her youngest son, Jagger was born on March 25, 2018. When Jagger was two weeks old, Lisa had a full body PET scan which revealed the secondary cancer spread from her breast to her chest lymph nodes and sternum bone. Now, Lisa has maintenance chemotherapy and likes to look as glamorous as possible for treatment because if she looks better, she feels better.

'Doctors told my mother to abort me': Man, 24, is left unable to smile after rare genetic condition caused a fluid-filled cyst to PARALYSE his face

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the man whose mother was advised to ABORT because of a genetic condition and who later was left with FACIAL PARALYSIS following surgery at birth but despite receiving comments that he looks like a ‘HALF-CHEWED APPLE’ is finally learning to love himself – and the confidence is even helping him pull. Waiter, Atholl Mills (24), from Scottish Borders, Scotland, was diagnosed with cystic hygroma at birth, a fluid-filled sac that results from a blockage in the lymphatic system. Due to the nature of his condition, he had to have surgery as soon as he was born, and his parents had to say their goodbyes as his chances of survival weren’t good. Atholl is a twin, and his mum was advised during one of her pregnancy scans, due to his condition, to abort him and keep his sister, which his mother refused. During a five-hour operation, doctors had to cut from the right side of his neck round to the left side. They also cut his left facial nerve to remove more of the cysts; this resulted in him developing facial palsy, a condition that causes a permanent weakness or paralysis of the facial muscles. His condition caused his left ear to grow into a different shape and size, which meant that he had to undergo another surgery in 2007 to have them pinned back and have his left ear completely reconstructed. In 2013 he underwent a 10-hour surgery to move a muscle from his leg to his face, which meant that whenever he clenched his teeth, the muscle contracted and pulled the left side of his face upward to give him more of a smile. Over the years he has faced negative reactions to his look which resulted in him developing so much anxiety, that he would lock himself up in his house, afraid to be mocked by strangers. He has been called names like a ‘half-chewed apple’, ‘disabled boy’, ‘Dumbo’ and he has been called ‘freak’ on a train. It wasn’t until 2011, when he looked at himself in the mirror after an incident on the train, that he decided to look at himself differently. He began posting videos on YouTube and pictures on social media, which helped him grow in confidence.

Couple transform van into mobile home and travel around North America

***EXCLUSIVE*** This devil-may-care couple packed up their life into a converted van home to travel across North America after a chance meeting in Australia brought them together. Lee MacMillan (25) from Barrie, Canada was working in Australia for a year when she met Maxwell Bidstup (29), from Wangaratta, Australia and their mutual love of travelling saw them hit it off immediately. When Lee’s holiday working visa came to an end the couple moved to Canada where they saved money, bought their 2006 Dodge Sprinter van for around £6,500 and took around five months to convert it into their mobile home at the cost for a further £5,700 before setting off on their epic road trip. The trip has so far taken the couple through Canada and America right down to Mexico, totalling 18k miles. They are currently in Playa del Carmen.