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Mother, 30, gives birth to triplet designer baby miracles after having killer gene screened out by IVF medics

***EXCLUSIVE*** When Charly King's mother was diagnosed with a fatal brain disease, her daughter was determined her children would not inherit the killer genes. And now here she is pictured with her amazing designer triplets – born free from the life-threatening condition. Jack, Billie and Spencer King look like any other babies, but they were carefully chosen by doctors so they would not develop the rare illness – similar to CJD, the human form of mad cow disease – that killed their grandmother Jane. Doctors who created embryos from Mrs King's eggs and her husband's sperm removed cells to check if they carried the genetic condition. The £5,000 pre-implantation genetic diagnosis meant the triplets were guaranteed to be healthy before entering their mother's womb. A clinic in Cyprus put four embryos back in Mrs King's womb, which is not allowed in the UK, and she became pregnant with three babies. While genetic screening is used in Britain, it is extremely rare for a woman to have triplets which are all 'designer babies'.

Taxidermist living in haunted house turns has been turning stuffed animals - into punk rockers

***EXCLUSIVE*** Working from her haunted house in a tiny Devon village close to the border with Cornwall, Kelly Potts Martinez, who describes herself as an ethical anthropomorphic taxidermist, is quite at home with the afterlife. If you are looking to get a squirrel stuffed in the south west, your options are pretty limited these days. If you are looking to get your rodent roadkill reincarnated as Robin Hood, well, then there really is only one person for the job. Working from her haunted house in a tiny Devon village close to the border with Cornwall, Kelly Potts Martinez, who describes herself as an ethical anthropomorphic taxidermist, is quite at home with the afterlife. Mounted on her wall is an elegant raven. Tucked in on top of a cabinet, a dead kingfisher is drying out. Perched on a bookshelf is a four-legged chick. And on the dining table, there is an assortment of squirrels, rabbits and mice, all stood on their hind legs and dressed in lavish costumes. They are all unnervingly still, and completely silent. But those are just the animals.

Venice Carnival masks

***EXCLUSIVE*** Revellers who have travelled from across the world show off their elaborate masks at the prestigious Venice Carnival - portraying flamboyant characters in full body costumes. Contestants taking part in the renowned carnival's 'best mask' competition masquerade through the Italian city wearing their mask. While some contestants wear bright colourful masks along with wigs and full body costumes, others opted to wear traditional eye masks. Winners receive awards such as a night at a casino or a luxurious Venice restaurant. The competition takes place at Venice's famous St Mark's Square, but contestants can be found across the city posing in different locations.

£425,000 - World record price paid for historic Brough

***EXCLUSIVE*** A vintage motorbike that has a tragic past and is in a jumble of parts has sold for a world record price of Ł425,000. The 1930 Brough SS100 was ridden in a fateful race by the British biker FP 'Gentleman' Dickson alongside teammate George Brough, the engineer behind the famous machine. Dickson died after crashing the bike at a race in Switzerland in August 1930. The SS100 was later owned by motorbike enthusiast for almost 50 years. He had intended to restore the machine but died before he could complete project.

Top Secret D-Day maps for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** Top secret maps and documents belonging to a hero medic who served on D-Day have been unearthed 75 years later. Douglas Protheroe helped set up a field hospital at the cafe next to Pegasus Bridge in Normandy in the aftermath of the famous British assault there just after midnight on June 6, 1944. The team of medics removed wounded men from the bridge over the Caen Canal, coming under enemy fire while doing so. The maps showing Protheroe's drop zone are being sold by Bosley's Auctioneers.

"Never give up": Mum shares raw photo diary of her five year battle to have a baby

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman who secretly recorded selfie videos during her five-year fertility battle has released the heartbreaking clips to give others hope after giving birth to her miracle son. Kayleigh Evans, 27, and husband Lee, 28, endured endless tests and procedures, but doctors couldn't tell them why she couldn't get pregnant. Clinical support worker Kayleigh took literally thousands of pregnancy tests during their five-year quest for a family and the ordeal and constant disappointment took its toll. Unbeknown to her husband Lee, she started secretly recording selfie videos on her "down days" in a bid to articulate her heartache and get her feelings off her chest.

Four-bed house on sale for just £45k as owner flees because it’s covered in PIGEON POO

***EXCLUSIVE*** The house in a desirable part of Devon is available for a knock-down price - but estate agents have warned there is a big catch.  Number 1 Coburg Villas in Ilfracombe has been described as a large, terraced house with big rooms, outdoor space and stunning views over the Bristol channel.  But prospective buyers have been warned the project is not for the faint-hearted and it needs a lot of work.  In addition to the missing windows, no staircase to the first floor, fallen in ceilings and several rotten floors - this property has had a serious pigeon poo problem.  The upper floors are absolutely coated in bird faeces and in some places up to two feet thick with the stuff.  Webbers director Lee Hussell said the house was lived in until the end of last year.

Meghan and Harry are urged to adopt rare pups amid fears breed is struggling because of the modern fashion for 'designer dogs'

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dying breed? - These five adorable puppies could be amongst the last of their breed as shocking new figures reveal the Sussex Spaniel is now Britain's rarest breed of dog. Only 34 puppies were registered last year, as modern owners prefer labradoodles, cockapoos and French bulldogs to Britain's traditional native hounds. Now the Sussex Spaniel Association are appealing for the Duke & Duchess of Sussex to adopt a puppy and popularise the struggling breed before its to late. Association secretary Sheila Applby said ‘We desperately need to raise the profile of the breed before it's too late, and hopefully the Sussex link will strike a chord with the Royal couple and they can lend their considerable support to help save this wonderful and charismatic breed of dog.'

A British tycoon who sleeps in Hitler’s bed and owns the world’s biggest collection of Nazi memorabilia is selling his mansion for £1.95million

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kevin Wheatcroft, 59, is one of the UK’s richest people, with an estimated £120million fortune. He stored part of his huge collection of Nazi memorabilia at his sprawling Seven Oaks House estate in Wigston, Leics. The property, which has its own library, pub, museum space and garage big enough to store 35 vehicles, is on the market for £1.95million.

Empty and abandoned, haunting pictures show the remains of wooden home on plantation in the American South that horrified British actress Fanny Kemble and inspired her to publish her famous anti-slavery journal

***EXCLUSIVE*** Eerie images have revealed the abandoned remains of one of the largest plantations in the South of America which horrified British actress Fanny Kemble and led to her publishing an anti-slavery journal said to have helped inspire the abolitionist movement. The haunting pictures show the exterior of the white-panelled house and extensive grounds as well as the surprisingly well maintained interior. Other striking shots show the spacious living area with a fireplace, light-filled rooms and a porch overlooking the grounds. The remarkable photographs were taken at Huston House, located just south of Darien, Georgia, USA, by an urban explorer known as Abandoned Southeast.

Britain's biggest magnolia tree flowers

***EXCLUSIVE*** What is thought to be Britain's tallest Magnolia tree has been discovered in the back garden of a house in Lilliput, Poole in Dorset. The stunning tree is thought to have been planted by the previous owner of the seaside home around 100 years ago, but has now grown into a 70 ft monster, more than double the height of the previous record holder at Trebah Garden, near Falmouth in Cornwall. Magnolia campbellii was introduced to Britain by Joseph Hooker, the future Director of the Royal Botanic Garden Kew, after he came across a tree deep in the forests of Sikkim during his explorations of the Himalayas in the 1840s.