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Grandmother, 49, insists her 29-year-old fiancé is the love of her life despite being told to 'find someone her own age' - and reveals their connection was 'instant'

***EXCLUSIVE*** This grandmother who was told by friends to ‘find someone your own age’ after meeting her TOYBOY FIANCE, who is NINETEEN-YEARS YOUNGER, says that their love is forever and that he makes her feel young, unlike her past relationships that she compares to boring old sneakers - and the SEX IS AMAZING. Plus size model and writer, Tonya Parker (48) met her fiancé, Fed-Ex driver, Derek McGarr (29) from Kansas, USA, in April 2014, when he was 25-years-old. They became instantly attracted to one another and despite comments from their families claiming that it was just a phase, they have been together and loved up for nearly five years. Tonya says she has never been in a relationship with a younger man before, but she feels this love is forever.

British adventurer to circumnavigate world by gyrocopter

British adventurer James Ketchell is to attempt to be the first pilot to fly an open cockpit gyrocopter solo around the world. Ketchell, a UK Scouting Ambassador, is already the world’s first and only person to row across the Atlantic Ocean (2010), climb Everest (2011) and cycle 18,000 miles (2013) around the world. He now aims to add the 22,858.729nm flight. Ketchell, 37, will stop at schools around the world to give motivational talks and raise funds for two children’s charities. James starts his world record attempt on 31 March from Popham Airfield in Hampshire. He aims to be the first person to circumnavigate the globe in his MAGNI M16C open cockpit tandem gyrocopter, with less than 300 hours as Pilot in Command.

Quadriplegic, 23, relives horror of breaking his neck on a trampoline

***EXCLUSIVE*** MICHIGAN, USA: After attempting a trampoline flip and feeling his NECK CRACK on landing, this man was left QUADRIPLEGIC but has found a love for adaptive skiing, as he vows not to reflect on his horrifying accident. Adaptive ski instructor, Garrett Bazany (23) from Michigan, USA, was just 15-years-old when he broke his neck while attempting a double front flip on his trampoline in May 2010. Garrett can remember hearing the crack of his neck and instantly being unable to feel anything below his chest. Garrett pulled himself to the edge of the trampoline and miraculously called his own ambulance, who at first thought it was a prank call. At the hospital, Garrett was diagnosed with a C7 incomplete burst fracture, resulting in quadriplegia with no movement from the armpits down. That day, Garrett had surgery to fuse three bones together in his neck, but when he woke up from the operation, he panicked and tried to get up, until he realised he couldn’t move anything. One of his doctors pointed out that his accident could have resulted in far worse complications, possibly even death and that although he was now paralysed, there were still many adaptive sports he could try. Garrett spent the next six weeks in hospital and did seven hours of therapy each day, which involved sitting up in a chair and brushing his teeth. Therapy continued for the next seven years, with the first three years being five days a week for two hours after school. The limitations of his accident have enabled Garrett to flourish as he now takes every opportunity that arises, having accomplished far more than he did before the accident. Garrett became interested in adaptive skiing in 2011 and has carried it on ever since.

Extreme dog walker reveals how he can work with up to 26 pets at one time

***EXCLUSIVE*** USA: A supreme dog walker who has walked over FIFTY-THOUSAND dogs in the last eight years and earns thousands of pounds every week has released fetching photos of his pack of posing pooches. The incredible images show over 30 dogs arranged neatly on a set of stone steps, posturing around a statue of 1955 ‘Horse of the Year’ Native Dancer, and enjoying a day at the park. A fascinating video also shows how attentive the dogs are as a group of cantering canines circles another group of their patiently sitting furry friends. The docile dogs all belong to Tim Pink’s ‘Saratoga Dog Walkers’, a small business offering pack walks to community dogs in Saratoga Springs, just a few hours north of New York, New York, USA. Tim (33) - who started his business in 2011 after realising that if somebody was going to be paid for walking his dog, it might as well be him – explained how he was able to get all his dogs to pose for the staggering photos, regardless of their species or temperament.


Glance skywards in many L.A. neighborhoods and you'll see sneakers hanging high on telephone wires, a sign of gang territory. In Hollywood, you get a pair of Judy Garland's Dorothy shoes from The Wizard of Oz. What is it that makes people completely surrender themselves to get a whiff of stardom? Hollywood, a neighborhood located in Los Angeles, is synonymous with the glamour, money and power of the entertainment industry, and as the show-business capital of the world, it is home to many famous TV and movie studios and record companies. At The Film Independent Spirit Awards, held each year on the beach in Santa Monica the day before the Oscars, it's open season for celebrity super fans. With relatively close proximity to the Hollywood elite and a more relaxed attitude, star chasers are in a-list heaven. Nothing illustrates this obsession more than autograph hunters during Oscar season, when fan pandemonium builds up to a fever pitch, and the relentless aggressive behavior is stalkeresque. Within the obsessive celebrity culture of Hollywood there seems to be a promise of a fairytale world that might just make everything else make sense. Or not. Just follow the yellow brick road to 'Hollywoodland' where stars are born and dreams come true, at least for a lucky few and fans keep chasing the stars for a little touch of gold dust.

Ship city

***EXCLUSIVE*** It's difficult to tell where the city ends and boats begin in these aerial shots of a busy shipyard. The 500 enormous vessels used to transport bricks, sand and other goods, are either being built or are docked for maintenance work in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Shipbuilders in Bangladesh began exporting their ships to other countries in 2009, and it has since become a growing trade in the area.

Whale catches gulls in its mouth

***EXCLUSIVE*** A humpback whale making an enormous lunge to catch a mouthful of fish accidentally captures some unfortunate gulls inside its mouth. The enormous whale sinks back below the surface before realising its mistake and releasing the surprised herring gulls back into the sky. The 44ft-long creature made a spectacular surge through the water of the Salish Sea off the coast of Sooke, Canada, to catch a school of bait fish swimming near the surface in its bucket-like mouth.

Two large-scale portraits of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy made from coins

***EXCLUSIVE*** These astonishing portraits of comedy duo Laurel and Hardy are made from thousands of COINS to represent their home countries. The mosaic picture of Stan Laurel is made from 4,056 pennies, while Oliver Hardy, who hailed from Harlem, Georgia, is made from 4,056 US cents. Each picture, made by artist Ed Chapman, is 78 rows high and 52 rows across and are on display in Bo’ness Library, near Falkirk, until March 26. The images were commissioned by Julian Pickford to celebrate the release of the biographical film Stan & Ollie (2018) and coincide with the Hippodrome Silent Film Festival.