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Married woman, 30, has NEVER had sex with her husband because of a condition which makes her vagina CLENCH when touched

***EXCLUSIVE*** AHMEDNAGAR, INDIA: Meet the woman who has NEVER had sex with her husband because of a condition which makes her vagina CLENCH when touched, but has miraculously managed to conceive a baby through IVF and hopes that the experience will help her finally have intercourse. Digital marketer, Revati Bordawekar (30) from Ahmednagar, India, had sensed that something was wrong when just the thought of using a tampon made her vaginal muscles clench. At the age of 22, Revati attempted to use a tampon for the first time, but each time she tried to insert it, her hand began to shake and the vaginal opening would seize shut. Revati started speaking to her now husband Chinmay in 2013 but didn’t feel comfortable telling him about her experiences. Despite fearing that she wouldn’t be able to have intercourse with her husband, Revati hoped that feeling ready would help things fall into place. At the age of 25, Revati and Chinmay married, but on the night of her wedding, after having saved herself, Revati couldn’t go through with having sex and told her husband of this condition she thought she might have. After a year of marriage, Revati received advice from medical advisers and friends telling her to practice foreplay, drink a glass of wine before sex and even use numbing cream around the labia. None of this worked so Revati sought medical attention, but her condition meant she had to be put under general anaesthetic for doctors to check her over. Doctors surgically cut Revati’s hymen and dilated her in the hopes that she would overcome the condition known as vaginismus, when the muscles around the vaginal opening contract involuntarily. This had little effect, so the couple tried IVF and got pregnant in May 2018. Revati had always intended on a C-section delivery due to her vaginismus, but after meeting with midwives and attending birth classes, Revati knew that she’d made it this far, so she wanted to experience the full birthing journey. During the delivery, Revati had to psyche herself up for pushing and despite vaginismus, she welcomed daughter Eva in February 2019.

Tiny tot with a flattened head is on the road to recovery thanks to a David Bowie-inspired helmet

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ten-month-old Arden Wright has now been nicknamed ‘Starman’ by his parents after one of the legendary singer's most famous tunes. Arden developed flat head syndrome, known as plagiocephaly, when he persistently slept on his right side and his skull began to compress. The tot, who tragically lost his twin brother just 30 minutes after birth, was given a cranial-moulding helmet to wear 23 hours a day for three months. Parents Jillian and Justin Wright, of East Nashville, Tennessee, USA, were determined to make the head-shaping helmet playful, so it could bring joy to their son. Chrissy Teigen hit headlines last year after trolls attacked her son Miles, who was also required to wear a plagiocephaly helmet. Jillian, 31, a healthcare manager, reached out to local artists on Facebook and soon connected with a painter who agreed to decorate her son’s helmet for free. The pair settled on a Jackson Pollock-style splatter and a Ziggy Stardust lightning bolt to create headgear fit for a rock star.

I’m addicted to building my massive muscles

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, MIAMI, FLORIDA: A 27-year-old woman had admitted she is ADDICTED to bodybuilding and believes all women would benefit from lifting. Rahki Giovanni from Miami, Florida began pumping iron in 2015 to help her mental and physical health. At one point, the young woman would spend eight hours in the gym at a time and now has an extremely defined body and thighs so muscular they can crush watermelons. Now, the personal trainer, YouTuber and influencer trains everyday for two hours, and admits she is addicted to bodybuilding.

Meet Filthy: the 900HP custom burnout truck

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA: Boasting a twin-turbo engine with more than 900hp – „Filthy” is the world’s first full custom-road registered burnout truck. Owner Michael Lake, from „Truckin Stainless” in Brisbane, Australia, spent seven years working days and nights in his shed to perfect his latest burnout model. A „burnout” is the practice of keeping a vehicle stationary whilst spinning its wheels, causing the tyres to heat up and smoke due to friction. Michael, 42, built „Filthy” specifically for the entertainment of burning out to crowds across Australia, but he also made sure to produce a vehicle that was practical and street-legal for his own pleasure.

Welsh hillwalker discovers English border with Wales has been wrongly marked for decades and England is 1.8 million square feet bigger than mapmakers thought

***EXCLUSIVE*** Border skirmish - Amateur cartologist discovers part of Wales should actually be in England. A hillwalker has discovered that the border between England and Wales has been incorrectly marked for decades - and that England should be given more land. Myrddyn Phillips said the official border between the two countries in the Black Mountains south of Hay-on-Wye has been wrongly traced on the Ordnance Survey maps. The current border should follow the natural watershed from the summit of Twyn Llech on the nine mile long Hatterrall Ridge in the remote area. But intrepid Mr Phillips and his rambling partner Mark Trengove have remeasured the summit of the 2,308ft mountain - and found it to be 12m further west than previously thought. Although 12 metres is a seemingly small discrepancy, the area amounts to 1.8 million square feet along the entirety of the ridge.