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Mother-of-six who has had a double mastectomy and her colon removed reveals how taking up YOGA gave her the strength to fight a chronic illness and survive breast cancer

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet this inspiring mum-of-six who has overcome a chronic colon condition that has seen her permanently fitted with a stoma pouch as well as an aggressive breast cancer and puts her successful recovery partly down to regularly practicing yoga. Problems started for Yulady Saluti, 38, from New Jersey, USA as a 21-year-old when doctors biopsied a tumour they had found between her rectum and vagina after she had gone to the hospital in excruciating pain caused by a cyst. As a result of the surgery, Yulady’s cyst became infected and she had to be rushed back into surgery to drain an abscess that had formed. Yulady had to wait a further nine months to have the tumour and cyst removed which resulted in her first temporary ostomy surgery after significant damage to her vaginal and rectal walls. Yulady has since overcome an aggressive breast cancer which she was diagnosed with in 2012 before getting the all clear the following year after a double mastectomy; her troubles did not end here though as continued issues with her colon lead to permanent ostomy surgery in 2015. Despite all she has suffered Yulady is determined not to let her ailments get her down and is now on a mission to help others who are facing similar challenges by openly baring her pouch and breasts on social media.

Woman shows off her post-baby stretchmarks to reassure other mothers that their changed bodies are normal

***EXCLUSIVE*** PEORIA, ARIZONA, USA: This mum is celebrating her incredible post-baby stretch marks and curves after seeing photoshopped mums on social media to combat the pressure on mothers to snap back into shape but has been told she is promoting an ‘unhealthy lifestyle’ and that she will never find love by trolls - despite being married to her high school sweetheart. Stay at home mother, Kristyn Dingman (27) from Peoria, Arizona, USA, struggled with body image in her teens and always felt like the biggest of her friends. Constantly comparing herself to her friends and airbrushed women in magazines and on TV, Kristyn felt ashamed of her body and would always cover up in the Arizona heat. When Kristyn and her high school sweetheart husband, Jeremy (27) found out they were expecting a baby in 2017, her shame towards her body turned to awe as she saw how much her body can change. After the birth, she learnt to love herself for keeping her son, Benjamin who is now 16-months-old, safe during pregnancy and stopped worrying about how she looked. With so many women unable to have children, Kristyn felt lucky to have been able to experience pregnancy herself, viewing her body as a gift, not something that is just to be superficially looked at. After seeing photoshopped pictures of new mums on Instagram, Kristyn decided to post incredible pictures showing her post-baby stretch marks and curves to show other mums that it’s ok to not conform with societal pressures. Before her pregnancy, Kristyn wore a UK size eight jean and weighed 10st 7lb and now she wears a size 12 and weighs 12st. Despite working hard to empower women, Kristyn has been subjected to comments from people who tell her she is promoting an unhealthy lifestyle and that she will never find love, despite being married. The positive messages she receives outweigh the negatives and only spurs Kristyn on to celebrate that she doesn’t look like everyone else.

Physiotherapist has her leg amputated after 17 failed surgeries to try and save her limb following a horror car crash

***EXCLUSIVE*** TE AWAMUTU, NEW ZEALAND: This sports lover was hit by a car which led to SEVENTEEN surgeries to try and save her leg, which proved hopeless and it was eventually amputated following five months of horror. Naomi Jefferies (30) from Te Awamutu, New Zealand, had finally found her dream job as a physiotherapist and spent her weekends hiking and doing water sports, until a distracted driver knocked her over in September 2017, changing her life forever. Naomi suffered a shattered tibia and fibula, dislocated knee, a shattered femur, broken vertebrae, a collapsed lung, broken foot and a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in both knees, among many other injuries. For the following 10 days, Naomi was in a coma and the back of her leg had been de-gloved, meaning the skin and fat was stripped off to leave only the muscle, before a skin graft was done to replace the area of skin. Naomi spent three months in hospital as she underwent 17 surgeries to fix her injuries, but within weeks of returning home she contracted an infection in her wounded ankle which landed her back in hospital as they attempted to wash out the infection. A month later, after the infection had eaten through the many tendon and nerve grafts which were carried out in the previous months, doctors were forced to remove the metal rods they had put in place to try and fix Naomi’s leg. After months of complications, Naomi decided to have her leg amputated to finally be able to move on from the accident. Naomi mourned her independence and feared that she would never reach the fitness she had maintained for so long. Her left leg was amputated below the knee in February 2018, and she has since found herself back in the gym where people often refer to her as their ‘inspiration’.

The ‘Plant-Based Bucket’ edible packaging

***EXCLUSIVE*** Takeaway fans can now get their money's worth with a meal delivered in entirely edible packaging. The ‘Plant-Based Bucket’, ‘PBB’, offers a vegan twist on a traditional chicken and chips meal deal and the bucket itself is made from a combination of nuts, seeds and spices. Rather than animal products it's made up of mushroom ‘fried chicken’, sweet potato fries and a ‘yoghurt’ and garlic dip served in the edible packaging. This makes the takeaway, created by plant-based food and drink company Alpro, completely waste free and environmentally friendly.

Wildlife selfies

***EXCLUSIVE*** A collection of wild animals seemingly pose for their very own selfies as they play with cameras left in the wild. The humorous photos taken by a monkey, elephant, and baby sea turtle, show we aren't the only ones to enjoy a quick snap of ourselves. The selfie snaps were captured after a documentary crew working on a tourism project for Sri Lanka left the unattended camera rigs across the country's safari destinations. The curious animals then unwittingly pictured themselves as they investigated the mysterious equipment.

The REAL darkest Peru: World's largest mass sacrifice site is discovered as 140 children and hundreds of LLAMAS had their hearts ripped out and were slaughtered in a 15th Century ritual

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hundreds of young children - and llamas - were ritually sacrificed at just one site in 15th Century Peru, archaeologists have confirmed. More than 140 boys and girls aged between five and 14 were killed in the largest known mass sacrifice of children in The Americas. Many had their hearts cut out as part of the grisly spiritual ceremony which happened at the height of the ancient Chimu civilisation in northern coastal Peru. Researchers suspect major flooding and storms caused by an El Nino weather event could have sparked a panic to appease the gods with the systematic killing - now also the largest known llama sacrifice in the world.

'High do!' Bride-to-be is thrilled with proposal on the roof of seventh-Century Rochester Cathedral

***EXCLUSIVE*** A young woman was shocked and delighted when her boyfriend took her on a special trip and got down on one knee - on the roof of a cathedral. Joel Shopland was spotted proposing to his girlfriend Joanna Hay on top of the ancient Rochester. The 26-year-old was given the rare opportunity to step out onto the roof to surprise her with the enchanting proposal on February 23. Joanna Hay, 25, said: "I had no idea - I went to get my car washed before hand not realising this was messing up all the plans."

Cold killers: ‘Boy’ SS soldiers, Nazis stealing boots from dead US troops and innocent civilians gunned down – harrowing images from new book show cruel reality of 1944 Battle of the Bulge

***EXCLUSIVE*** The full horror facing allied soldiers in one of the bloodiest, iciest and mentally demanding battles of World War Two have been unveiled in a harrowing new book. 75 years ago, Allied forces – primarily American – were caught by surprise by an overwhelming Nazi counterattack in December 1944 in a battle devastatingly portrayed in the multi-award-winning 2001 TV epic Band of Brothers. Heart-wrenchingly graphic photos show shivering US troops hunkering down in snow-laden fox holes in brutal wintry conditions, dead allied soldiers being looted for their boots and warm clothing by Nazi aggressors, and murdered American soldiers and Belgian civilians in a frozen field, hatefully slain by the German Army in an atrocious war crime. Another remarkable shot shows the haunted faces of two captured German soldiers barely into their teenage years, and fierce allied soldiers facing down an assault in frozen Bastogne, famously one of the most punishing battlegrounds in the Second World War.

The Sultan's bounty: British Army officer's family are set to make MILLIONS after rifle fired by Indian ruler the 'Tiger of Mysore' in last stand against the Duke of Wellington is found among rare haul in dusty attic

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stunning artefacts from Indian hero Tipu Sultan's fateful last stand have been rediscovered by the family of an East India Company Major who took part in the famous battle that ended his reign. And now Major Thomas Hart's lucky descendents are likely to become overnight millionaires after retrieving the historic items from their dusty attic. The fascinating treasures were taken from Tipu's captured fortress of Seringapatam in the wake of his defeat by British forces led by a young Duke of Wellington in 1799. The cache of ornate gold arms and personal effects even include's the battle damaged musket the Sultan used in his fatal last stand against the expanding British Empire in India. Tipu was last seen on the battlements of the fortress firing his hunting musket at the advancing British and after the fierce encounter his body was found bearing many wounds, including a musket ball shot above his right eye. The rediscovered musket, complete with battle damaged bayonet, has the distinctive tiger stripe pattern unique to the self styled Tiger of Mysore own weapons - and tellingly there is also shot damage to the lock and stock that may have been caused by the musket ball that finished him off.

Stunning £1.35m 12-bed country bolthole with four aces of land and snooker table is perfect way to escape the rat race

***EXCLUSIVE*** Escape to the country with this 12-bedroom property set on four acres of land that has just gone on the market for Ł1.35m. Incredible images show the exterior of the eight-bedroom main residence and the smaller cottage. Other striking shots show the spacious living areas, modern kitchen and welcoming bedrooms while the house also features a games room. Grange Dell and Grange Dell Lodge Cottage are located in Penicuik, Midlothian, Scotland and are currently listed by Rettie for offers over Ł1.35m.

Handprints on the wall, spooky corridors and an abandoned dentist's chair: Eerie scenes from empty hospital which was mental asylum 100 years ago

***EXCLUSIVE*** Eerie images have revealed the abandoned remains of a Welsh hospital originally opened as a mental asylum that was taken over by the military during World War Two. The haunting pictures show an aerial view of the sprawling facility, the long, snaking corridors and an empty dentist’s chair waiting on its next patient. Other spooky snaps show medical equipment and medication that was left behind, shelves filled with patient records and hand prints left on a wall. The striking shots were taken at Whitby Hospital in Cardiff by photographer Antony Meadley.

These really are nuclear families! Pictures show everyday life in UK's 'Atomic Town' where scientists tried to fuse atoms, pioneered nuclear power and paved the way for CERN

***EXCLUSIVE*** Fascinating vintage photos show the UK’s „Atomic Town” created in 1946 - home to countless nuclear families, a doomed „fusion” experiment, and 14 nuclear reactors. The remarkable photos capture everyday life in The Atomic Energy Research Establishment (A.E.R.E.) which was set up in 1946 in Harwell, Oxfordshire on the site of an RAF airfield. The photos show a man keenly attending his tiny vegetable garden, school children playing at their prefab school, and youngsters playing on the street outside their utilitarian housing. Another captivating picture, taken in 1951, shows members of the A.E.R.E Ladies Cricket Club swinging the willow at a team practise. Considered the birthplace of the UK nuclear industry, the Atomic Energy Research Establishment was the main centre for atomic energy research and development in the United Kingdom from the 1940s to the 1990s.