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Terminal ovarian cancer sufferer writes a fashion blog with 100,000 readers, telling them how to be fashionable while living with cancer

***EXCLUSIVE*** A super stylish terminal cancer sufferer is inspiring 100,000 readers with a no-nonsense blog - her "fashonistas guide to cancer". Lollie Todd, 40, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer after seeking help to get pregnant and has endured a hysterectomy, chemotherapy and drug trials. But the fashion devotee was determined to add a touch of glamour to her ordeal and started an online guide on how her adoration of clothes has helped her through. She offered lighthearted tips on how she made her own hair pieces and how the 'sunglasses indoors look' is perfectly acceptable mid-chemo.

Mum-of-ten spends an incredible $2,000 a month feeding her massive family, which includes a multicultural blend of biological offspring and adopted children

large brood in a six-bedroom house in St Johns, Arizona, USA. They go through a whole GALLON of milk each day and use a 15-seater van to move around. „Sometimes I think I’m a bit like Angelina Jolie. I can definitely relate to her” - said Crystal, a full-time mom. „We are a diverse family, we have several different ethnicities but we reassure our kids that we love them no matter what. Color doesn’t matter. It’s love that makes a family, not blood. Obviously when you have a biological child, you instantly fall in love. But it’s the same with my adopted kids. I feel just the same for them as I do for my biological children.” The couple are proud parents to three biological kids, Halie, 14, Max, 13, and Logan, seven. Their six adopted children are Alex, 16, Ariana, 14, Hannah, 13, Jake, ten, Brody, six and Aurora, two. They have also applied for legal guardianship of Jamie, 25, whom they began fostering three years ago. Crystal noted that giving disadvantaged kids a home makes her astronomical food bills of $24,000 a year worth every cent. „I don’t have any regrets” - she said. The doting parents first began fostering in 2011, when they struggled to conceive their third child. „Originally we had Halie and Max but we were having a hard time getting pregnant with a third” - said Crystal. „We went through fertility treatments and I had a miscarriage. My husband suggested we consider foster care or adoption. We ended up getting pregnant and having Logan but we felt we were led to that path. We started doing foster care and then we ended up adopting them, all of our adopted kids came from foster care.”

Music-mad woman claims to be Take That's biggest fan - and has splashed out an astonishing £10k following her favourite boyband

***EXCLUSIVE*** Teresa Bayford, 38, first discovered Take That when she was 10 years old and has since spent hundreds of pounds a year on merchandise and concert tickets. The super fan, who has never met Gary, Robbie, Mark, Howard or Jason, said she has loved the boy band since they hit the charts in 1990. Teresa, from King's Lynn, Norfolk, first saw her idols at Wembley Arena in 1993 for a charity concert in aid of Childline and has since seen them perform live 12 times.

Our „mixed weight” relationship is not a fetish

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, PEORIA, ARIZONA: A man in a „mixed-weight” relationship has revealed how his life has changed since „coming out” as someone who likes larger women. Anthony Piersanti, who weighs 185 pounds, and his wife Jean, 415 pounds, have been together since 2006 and married since 2010. The pair, of Peoria in Arizona, say they are no different to other couples, and that Anthony’s love for larger women, far from being a fetish, is a relationship preference like any other. Anthony, 36, told Barcroft Studios: „There is definitely a stigma of smaller men dating bigger girls, or vice versa, and I think it’s because bigger people are looked at as undesirable.”

A man who was born with one arm has fought against the odds to become a driving instructor - in a MANUAL car

***EXCLUSIVE*** Married father-of-two Khuram Iqbal is now one of a small handful of driving instructors who have one arm after refusing to let the fact that he wears a prosthetic left arm stop him from motoring on. The 31-year-old revealed that reversing with one arm is not tricky as he will use his right arm to do that. "If you think about it," he said, "you don't reverse while you are driving, so it is easy for me to stop and use my right arm to push the gear down heavily, complete my maneouvre, and set off."

A woman who had the skin of her nose burned off after it doubled in size due to a rare condition said she is no longer living the life of a recluse

***EXCLUSIVE*** Adrianna Ely, 39, was concerned when the skin on her nose began to turn red and the tip started to become bulbous in 2013.The human resource manager was horrified when her nose continued to grow so large and distorted that she had to hold open her nostril with her finger to breathe freely at night. Adrianna said the condition stripped her of her confidence and she began to avoid any situation where she would have to meet new people, fearing they would stare. The professional, of Seabrook, Texas, was officially diagnosed with rhinophyma in 2016, a skin condition in which the sebaceous glands overgrow, causing the nose to appear enlarged, red and nodular. Adrianna said: „It’s a condition which causes the skin on the nose to morph and grow. I started to notice significant changes in 2013. The tip of my nose began to thicken and bulge. Before this happened, my nose was so drastically different. It was more defined. It got to a point where it didn’t even feel like a nose anymore. It felt like a blob without structure. My nose was changing so much that I didn’t even recognize myself.” Adrianna had 3mm of skin lasered off the surface of her nose in May 2017, which left it blackened and sore. Adrianna said: „The procedure took two hours because my doctor said he had to remove double the amount of skin he anticipated. It smelled awful, basically he burned my skin off with an aggressive laser.”

The new 'cholets' in Bolivia owned by the native Aymara population, who are forming a new urban middle-class and see them as a status symbol

***EXCLUSIVE*** These eye-catching pictures show Bolivia's incredible 'cholets' - which look like buildings from the set of a sci-fi film. The futuristic structures - often comprised of four floors - have recently been sprouting up in increasing numbers in the South American country's cities. Their name is derived from a cross between chalet and 'cholo' - a derogatory term used by some to refer to the region's indigenous population.

Eerie scenes in abandoned hospital that was opened by Florence Nightingale and ripped apart by scavengers after it was closed 10 years ago

***EXCLUSIVE*** Erie images have revealed the abandoned remains of a UK hospital that famous nurse Florence Nightingale helped develop. The haunting pictures show empty wards with all the beds stripped out while some linger in the hallways. Other spooky shots show the equipment left behind, a cabinet full of poison and dusty monitors in the security room. The striking photographs were taken at Derby Royal Infirmary by an urban explorer known only as The Elusive.