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Meet the couple who left the grind of Sydney life to go off-the-grid in a tiny, self-sufficient $41k home run entirely on renewable energy

***EXCLUSIVE*** This off-grid couple who turned their back on consumer society to live the greenest life possible by building a self-sufficient £36K tiny house are not fazed by the possibility of a power black-out. Incredible images show the tiny house from outside, complete with DIY French doors while a bio gas digester and solar hot water unit show how these eco-pioneers generate their own energy. Other striking shots show the house during the building process and the couple relaxing inside as natural light floods the property. Annett Welss (36), from Bayreuth, Germany and Paul O’Connor (35), from Tauranga, New Zealand met in Sydney before living there for four years. Deciding to leave the grind of city life they moved to the countryside to build their tiny house because of their desire to live fully off renewable energy.


Professional sword-swallower learns how to pull knives and scissors out of her NOSE - delighting her thousands of social media followers

***EXCLUSIVE*** NEW ORLEANS, USA: Meet the five-foot-one SWORD SWALLOWING heavyweight who can handle a TWENTY-THREE INCH sword and even THREE swords at once but admits to previously TEARING HER THROAT which landed her in the HOSPITAL ICU for open throat surgery. Professional sword swallower and performer Gigi DeLuxe (38) from New Orleans, USA, started sword swallowing in 2014 after seeing the skill being done and wanting to challenge herself.  In the first year of trying it, Gigi landed herself in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in hospital after ripping her oesophagus in three places, requiring stitches in her throat. Once she had healed, Gigi tried to sword swallow again with caution. Gigi admits it was very difficult when she first started training, and it’s taken her years to reach the level of skill she has now. Gigi tries to do her sword swallowing on a daily basis, even trying up to three at once on some days, with the longest sword she swallows being 23 inches long. In addition to swallowing up to three swords at once, Gigi has mastered the skill known as ‘The Human Blockhead’ which entails pulling a narrow sword out of her nostrils. At first, sword swallowing was frightening for Gigi but now she believes that it has helped her learn a great deal about herself and improved her approach in life because she no longer sees challenging tasks as impossible.

Anorexia survivor who panicked when confronted with a meal reveals she stopped eating aged 11 after being bullied for being 'scrawny'

***EXCLUSIVE*** LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM: This brave British anorexia survivor who experienced panic attacks when she saw food now shares her recovery online in a bid to inspire others to beat the disorder. Student, Alice Elizabeth (20) from London, UK, started to struggle with disordered eating during late childhood as a result of bullies picking on her for her ‘scrawny’ frame, leading to low self-esteem and difficulties with social interaction. So, when she started boarding school at 11 she started to control her diet in an attempt to be healthier and feel better about herself. It wasn’t until her GCSE year that this spiralled out of control as she started to self-harm and misuse food to cope with depression and anxiety.  In the grips of anorexia, Alice lost all her energy and concentration which made it a struggle for her to attend classes. It was this that spurred her on to recovery as she dreamed of attending university and needed to gain weight in order to achieve that. For Alice, who is proud of her current BMI of over 20, reflecting on her lowest weight is not beneficial to her recovery and she does not want other sufferers to compare themselves to her. At the moment, Alice is following a meal plan that she creates each week which helps her to include foods into her diet that she would previously avoid.

The poodles pampered just as much as the showgirls before the curtain lifted on 1952 Paris To Piccadilly show in London's West End

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stunning retro pictures have offered a glimpse behind the scenes as the canine stars of a theatre show get pampered. The incredible images show some poodle dogs being groomed ahead of their show, showgirls posing with the poodles that appear in their act and the poodles leaving with their handlers in a taxi. Other striking shots show a stage manager calling the poodles from their dressing room and the poodles being led across a London road. The remarkable photographs were taken at the Prince of Wales Theatre in London in 1952 as the poodles were performing in a show there.

Solar powered boat

***EXCLUSIVE*** A new super yacht totally powered by solar power has been launched - meaning its owner never needs to refuel ever again. The Silent 80 travels in 'pure silence' as it cruises across the sea using the same batteries that power Tesla electric cars. The £4 million vessel would be perfect for the eco-friendly millionaire who not only wants to travel in absolute comfort but also reduce their carbon footprint. And with 70 solar panels powering the 80ft yacht, potential buyers face the happy prospect of saving hundreds of thousands of pounds a year in fuel costs.

The double spout wine bag

***EXCLUSIVE*** Crafty drinkers can now smuggle two bottles of wine into an event inside a specially designed handbag with concealed pouring spouts. The bag, which comes in the colours 'Chardonnay' or 'Merlot' can be used to carry red and white wine, or a spirit and mixer within the same insulated compartment. The £69 tote has a main compartment for carrying essentials alongside the two 750ml pouches of drink, with plenty of room to fit glasses to pour your tipple into. Designed by US wine handbag company PortoVino, the 14-inch by 15-inch bag is made from vegan leather and is designed for party-goers who want to sneak two different types of drink into events to share with their friends.

Right-ROYAL-move! Live like a king in this stunning nine-bed castle designed by famed English architect Sir John Soane

***EXCLUSIVE*** Live like royalty in this stunning nine-bed, castle-style property which could now be yours for a cool Ł2.5m. Incredible images show the Grade II listed building from above set in 14 acres of private grounds. Other striking shots show the modern kitchen, comfortable bedrooms with four-poster beds and the grand reception hall as well as the orangery. The Castle is located in Castle Eden, Durham and is currently listed by Urban Base for Ł2.5m.

Warming temperatures in Greenland has seen more rainy weather than snow - further melting the ice sheet, warns new research

***EXCLUSIVE*** The study shows that traditional snowfall is being replaced by more wet and drizzly conditions - speeding up melting of the ice. Some parts are even getting drenched in winter - a phenomenon that will spread as the climate continues to warm, scientists warn. The shock finding sheds fresh light on how the Greenland ice sheet - the world's second largest - is disappearing faster than previously feared.

Weaver nest cover telegraph poles and road signs

***EXCLUSIVE*** An extraordinary series of giant nests which can each house up to 500 birds take on different shapes on telephone poles and road signs. The nests - akin to aerial haystacks - are built by the sociable weaver birds, which live up to their name by living in large colonies. The complex nests even have separate breeding and roosting chambers are are insulated so the sociable weavers can escape the 40 degree Celsius heat during the day. Steve Toon, 56, and his wife Ann, 60, photographed the impressive nests at the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in South Africa's Northern Cape province.

Mad March hares

***EXCLUSIVE*** Fur flies as a pair of brown hares square up and box for over two hours. The male hare initially approached the female in the hope of mating, but the female rejected his advances and attacked him. Despite being given short shrift the male returned and the pair ended up trading blows four times over the course of two hours, with the bouts fought so fiercely that fur literally flew. Wildlife photographer Jules Cox captured the sparring hares at Welney Wetland Centre near Wisbech, Cambs.

Zebra (and giraffe) crossing

***EXCLUSIVE*** Zebra crossing....... A lone giraffe looks like it's leading a group of four zebras across a road in Kruger National Park, South Africa. Ecology research assistant Narelle Hill was on a safari holiday with friends when the unusual herd of animals crossed in front of her jeep. Miss Hill, 24, from Brisbane, Australia, said: "We had constantly been making jokes about zebra crossings whenever they went over the road, but for this particular crossing we got a little something extra."

Eagle face off

***EXCLUSIVE*** An adult bald eagle (right) shows a youngster (left) who's at the top of the pecking order in a face-off between the pair. Photographer Isabel Hernandez, 53, from Elkton, Maryland, US, captured the birds fighting over a deer carcass on a field in Chesapeake City, Maryland.