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Teen with spinal muscular atrophy creates fashion line

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE ESSEX, UNITED KINGDOM: A disabled beauty and fashion vlogger is launching her own all-inclusive clothing brand for people of all shapes and sizes. Ellie Darby-Prangnell, from Essex, UK, suffers from a genetic condition, called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) that makes her muscles weaker and causes problems with movement. But despite her condition which limits her movements and requires consistent care, the 18-year-old has a part-time job at a clothing shop, volunteers for an autism charity, has her own YouTube channel and is now planning to launch her very own fashion brand. Ellie says that her brand is aimed into bringing more diversity into the fashion industry and designed for everyone with or without a disability.

Male model who suffered horrific burns in a house fire praises his girlfriend for making him feel 'attractive again' after his injuries left him feeling 'like a monster'

***EXCLUSIVE*** This model was left feeling like a „MONSTER” after FIFTY PERCENT of his body was burned in a house fire that prompted kids to call him the „DEVIL” but now credits his girlfriend for feeling „attractive again” after his ordeal. In 2013, entrepreneur, model and actor, Jonathan Ramirez (30), from California, USA, was acting and modelling in Los Angeles and was even chosen to appear in a Nicki Minaj video as a barber whose shop burned down. Just a few months after the music video was released, he was at his friend’s house when suddenly it went up in flames. It was due to his friend leaving the air conditioner on, causing a spark of electricity. The next thing he knew, he woke up two months later in the hospital from being in a coma after having over 10 surgeries including skin grafts and heart and lung procedures. On his last day at the hospital, a nurse reluctantly gave him a mirror and when he looked at himself, he was shocked and started crying because he felt like a monster. Jonathan spent the next year learning how to walk, talk, move his arms, feed himself, drive and he spent 23-hours-a-day wearing a compression suit that covered his entire body, as well as a compression mask that only had holes for his eyes, nostrils and mouth. Despite getting through the physical aspects of his recovery, his mental healing took longer to process, as he would cry about his looks all day and every day. He was called „the devil” by children who saw him and many other nasty comments from strangers about his appearance that left him feeling crushed. In 2014, he met his now girlfriend, Diksha, who would end up healing his broken heart. For years, he has been alienated by strangers for his appearance, but after meeting her, he felt attractive again and now wants to help other survivors to feel beautiful.

Jet age hotel

***EXCLUSIVE*** Terminally tired? Perhaps a night at New York’s coolest new hotel will help you jet off to the land of nod. Incredible photos show a long-abandoned terminal given a new lease of life as a new 512-bed 1960s-inspired hotel. Images show commodious beds overlooking bustling runways, a sleek sunken lounge where guests can sip on an Old Fashioned or Sidecar and the sweeping lines of the refurbished terminal which was designed to encapsulate the jet age. Another stunning shot shows the reworked customer service desk at Finnish architect’ Eero Saarinen’s iconic TWA Terminal at JFK Airport, with rooms available from May for the not-too-sky-high rate of £190 a night. A grand opening will take place in the autumn when all the complex’s six restaurants, eight bars and 10,000-square-foot rooftop observation deck with pool are completed.

Woman who was left wheelchair bound for life 'after she choked on her breathing tube during heart surgery' claims strangers tell her she is TOO PRETTY to be disabled

***EXCLUSIVE*** BRIGHTON, UK: This woman was left in a wheelchair for life after a horrifying reaction following heart surgery left her with a SPINAL CORD INJURY, but strangers keep telling her that she’s ‘TOO PRETTY’ to be disabled and that she doesn’t even ‘sound disabled.’ Online content creator Gem Hubbard (34) from Brighton, UK, had open heart surgery to repair an aortic coarctation at the age of nine years old, but after coming around she choked on the intubated breathing tube. There wasn’t enough time to get Gem down to theatre, so emergency surgery took place in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The choking caused internal bleeding and left Gem without oxygen for nine minutes. Doctors told Gem’s parents that they feared she might not make it and she was placed in a medically induced coma for five days.  Despite this, Gem pulled through, although the surgical complications, coupled with a lack of oxygen, left her with a T10 incomplete spinal cord injury. Gem spent the next three weeks in hospital recovering before spending the following two years doing intense rehabilitation.  Adapting to life with a spinal cord injury was extremely difficult for Gem as she struggled to fit in with a wheelchair. The one thing that kept Gem positive was her passion for horse riding. After leaving school, Gem went to college where she was able to be herself and she eventually met her partner, Shaun, in 2004, who has helped Gem achieve such a positive perspective. Now, Gem, who is a mother to Daisy Belle (9), feels empowered by her disability and believes it has shaped who she is. However, she admits that she often gets stereotyped for having a disability, with people making comments that she’s ‘too young’ to be disabled, or ‘too pretty’, and Gem was even told over the phone that she ‘didn’t sound disabled’. Recently, Gem set up her YouTube channel, Wheels No Heels, to connect with other members of the community and to show that a disability shouldn’t stop them from being happy and achieving their goals.

A 22-year-old has chronicled her cancer battle in a light-hearted blog -- revealing how she regained confidence after losing her hair to treatment by wearing GLITTER TURBANS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ashleigh Rimmer has inspired hundreds of other cancer patients with a series of raw blog posts charting her journey while coping with the illness. The latest post details the amazing news that she is now in remission which doctors confirmed on Thursday last week. It comes seven months after Ashleigh was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma on July 20 while studying to become a trainee nurse associate.

Supercar taxi service

Gold plated supercar taxi vehicles (McLaren, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce) for miwhip App users (which come as a surprise for their every 100th journey). miwhip, promises to allocate one of its fleet of high performance â€˜ inicabs' for every 100th journey booked through the app, for no extra charge. It has spent ÂŁ1.5 million buying up five gold wrapped supercars since winning it's operating licence from Transport for London last month and plans to purchase dozens, and perhaps hundreds, more as demand grows.

A former ITV producer who suffered a severe allergic reaction to nuts after taking a single bite of a chicken has finally returned home after five years in care

***EXCLUSIVE*** High-flying This Morning producer Amy May Shead, 31, suffered anaphylactic shock when she took just one mouthful of a chicken and rice dish that contained nuts. Amy was on holiday with friends in Budapest in 2014 when she experienced the fatal reaction which caused her to die for nearly six minutes.

Fascinating photos offer glimpse into holidays of yesteryear as workers hurry to get Brighton Pier ready in the 1950s

***EXCLUSIVE*** Nostalgic pictures show Brighton Pier in its heyday preparing for the upcoming holiday season. Stunning photos, taken in March 1952, show dozens of workers eagerly beavering away making sure the town and its assets were in shipshape and sparkling before the Easter Holidays. The evocative shots show one engineer tucked away inside a jukebox making delicate last-minute repairs, bold stonemasons risking life and limb to repair the town’s iconic pier, and deckchair attendants ensuring their loungers were good to go. Another set of lip-smacking photos show workers creating the legendary ‘Brighton Rock’ – a must have for tourists young and old alike on their visit to the coast. The remarkable photos evoke memories of donkey rides on the beach, greasy fish and chips on a bench facing the sea, and gaudy Punch and Judy shows drawing crowds along the promenade – perhaps a product of their time.