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Cycle around the world solo

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Brit student has today (Mon) become the youngest person to cycle around the world solo. Charlie Condell, 18, decided to celebrate the end of his A-Levels by setting off an an epic, 18,000 mile round-the-world trip on July 6 - the day after his exams finished. The adventurer and keen cyclist has travelled solo through 20 countries in Asia, Europe, Australia and the US in just nine months. Charlie is believed to be the youngest person ever to accomplish the trip, which saw him cover 18,000 miles, climbing the equivalent of 26 Mount Everests. ***EXCLUSIVE**

UK Assembly Line Age Gap

*** EXCLUSIVE***Allison shown with her boyfriend, Marc. THIS BRITISH woman plans to marry a man THIRTEEN-AND-A-HALF-YEARS her junior after he fell in love with her the second their eyes met from across the assembly line at work - despite her being in a relationship at the time. Allison Thomas (43) from Folkestone, Kent, UK, met her boyfriend, Marc Keen (29) in summer 2017 when he came to work as a temp staff at Premier Foods on the same line that she was on. Allison instantly had a soft spot for Marc and loved his sense of humour, smile and kind nature but was in a relationship at the time so didn’t think anything more of it. Allison ended her relationship in April 2018 and her colleagues told her that Marc was crazy about her and encouraged the pair of them to date. Allison previously thought that Marc was innocently teasing her and had no idea he felt a romantic connection, but the pair went on a date two months later and have been inseparable ever since. The pair who have been together for eight-months and now live together have plans to get married in future. However, Allison does admit that she worries that she looks older than Marc and getting older in years to come so tries to keep in shape, but none of this matters to Marc as he reassures her that he is in love with her every day and says that he actually prefers to date a more mature woman.

Jobless Actor Eczema Factor

***EXCLUSIVE*** THIS ACTOR was missing out on roles because he was too embarrassed by his SEVERE ECZEMA to attend auditions until daily doses of celery juice and a raw VEGAN diet transformed his skin and confidence. Actor Andrew Klasnic (26) from Atlanta, USA, had struggled with his eczema since he was a child which would come and go sporadically. As Andrew grew older, he began to experience acne alongside his bouts of eczema, which led him to use Accutane to reduce his inflamed appearance. Andrew admits that for his entire life he had consumed the typical American diet largely consisting of fast food such as Taco Bell and McDonald’s. The unhealthy food seemed to have no effect on Andrew’s weight, so he assumed it wasn’t having any negative impact on him. By 2017, Andrew’s skin was at its worst with eczema and psoriasis on his face and neck, so he had to pull out of auditions because applying makeup would burn his aggravated and tender-looking skin. In 2018, Andrew’s face was covered in red, blotchy patches of eczema which brought him to realise he needed to make drastic improvements to his health to stop his skin from flaring up repeatedly. After hearing about Medical Medium, Andrew started the 28-day raw vegan diet which he admits was difficult to begin with as he suffered withdrawals from his usual diet. However, Andrew soon learned that celery juice was a key component to healing his skin and showed signs of improvement within days. 

Heart Attack House

***EXCLUSIVE***PEEK INSIDE the abandoned remains of a stunning 19th century house where gold is rumoured to be buried and the original owner is said to have had a heart attack after learning his fence cost more than the house. Stunning pictures show the grand entrance to the house with steps leading to an intricate porch and pillars, a magnificent spiral staircase and the cast iron fence said to have provoked the heart attack. Other incredible images show the spacious interior with most of the rooms cleared out, while ornate woodwork remains above the doors and fireplace with two lonely seats being all that’s left. The striking shots were taken at Rockwell house in Milledgeville, Georgia by an urban explorer known as Abandoned Southeast.

Elvis Presley`s bling bling

***EXCLUSIVE*** Big diamond and gold 'clover' ring worn by Elvis, estimated £10,000. A glistening collection of blingy jewelry that belonged to Elvis Presley in the 1970s has emerged for sale for £30,000. Consisting of two rings and a bracelet, the ensemble was owned Elvis at the height of his fame and are typical of the outlandish style he favoured at the time. The pieces all come from an esteemed memorabilia collector, who bought them from the famous Elvis-A-Rama museum in Paradise, Nevada. ***EXCLUSIVE***

Live like a Hollywood A-Lister...

***EXCLUSIVE*** Live like a Hollywood A-Lister... The former Mayfair home of actor Douglas Fairbanks Jr is up for grabs for just £552,000 - but that will only buy the lucky resident a year in this prestigious property. Fairbanks, who has three stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, lived in the Park Lane apartment in the 1930s and 40s and welcomed famous guests including Laurence Olivier, Noel Coward, Rex Harrison and Cary Grant. The Hollywood star had the 14ft swimming pool installed on the lower ground floor and was known to have partied there with actress Gertrude Lawrence and the scandalised Duchess of Argyll. Now 99 Park Lane, an immaculate four-bedroom apartment overlooking Hyde Park, is available to rent furnished from estate agents Wetherell for £11,500 a week. 


***EXCLUSIVE***SINGAPORE, March 11, 2019 (Xinhua) -- A rare mouse deer (tragulus kanchil) is spotted foraging in the forest at the central catchment area in Singapore, March 11, 2019. The Java mouse-deer is a species of even-toed ungulate in the family Tragulidae. When it reaches maturity it is about the size of a rabbit, making it the smallest living ungulate. It is found in forests in Java and perhaps Bali, although sightings there have not been verified.