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£100million cocaine drug

***EXCLUSIVE*** One of the astonishing pictures of a £100million cocaine drug bust by US Customs and Border Protection officers working on a tip off from NCA. See National News story NNdrugs; The National Crime Agency has played a key role in an international operation which has led to the seizure of around 1.5 tonnes of cocaine in the USA. Following a tip-off from the NCA the drugs were discovered by US Customs and Border Protection officers in a container at the Port of New York/Newark on 28 February. The container was due to be shipped to Rotterdam in the Netherlands, and then onwards to an address in London. Officers seized around 60 packages weighing a combined 1,437 kilos. The UK street value of the drugs is likely to have been in excess of £100 million. ***EXCLUSIVE***

The Neked Carpenter

*** EXCLUSIVE***Naturist Rob Jenner renovating his house .A naturist, dubbed the 'Naked Carpenter' for doing up his house in the buff, exposed himself while working as a delivery driver - and walked through a shopping centre in clear trousers.Robert Jenner, an ex-soldier and self-styled naturist, insisted his daring actions have never left anyone "alarmed or shocked" - despite walking past a playground with his manhood in clear view.But the 43-year-old was convicted of ten counts of indecent exposure at Canterbury Crown Court.But the court decided he should be punished for 'going commando' and was found guilty of ten offences, after an 11th charge was dropped.


Needle eating Cat

***EXCLUSIVE*** The owners of a curious cat who swallowed a needle and thread have thanked the vet who once again saved their mogg life.Early on Saturday, Barbara McClellands daughter Imogen spotted a piece of cotton hanging out of 18-month-old Erik`s mouth. Barbara`s instant reaction was to pull the cotton out but, when she tried, the cat made a pained noise. Imogen said she was convinced there had been a needle attached to the thread so Barbara immediately called Avonvale Veterinary Centres out-of-hours service and took him to its Warwick hospital. Simon Davies, Avonvale clinical director, said: We got Erik straight in and took an x-ray. You could see where the needle was lodged with the naked eye but it had not made its way out.It had lodged sideways in his neck, which was actually a good outcome for him. The position it was stuck in meant we were able to cut a very small hole in Erik‚Äôs neck and simply pull it out that way, with the thread and needle still attached to each other. If it had not lodged and had instead travelled down to his stomach it could have been a far more serious situation.

Flesh-eating deadly fungus Alert

***EXCLUSIVE***A Crested Newt. Britain's newts are under threat from a flesh-eating fungus.  Conservation experts say that Britain's wild newt species are free from the deadly fungus, for now. But private amphibian traders are being urged to prevent the Bsal fungus from infecting wild populations. Experts say that newts play an important role in healthy freshwater ecosystems. The UK's wild newt populations seem to be free from the flesh-eating fungus known to be prevalent in privately-owned amphibians across Western Europe, according to a nationwide investigation. But scientists from the Zoological Society of London and its research partners are now urging private amphibian owners to enforce strict biosecurity measures to protect the UK's wild newts from the "catastrophic devastation" that Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans, or Bsal, could cause.

The Kawaii Girl Who Only Wears Pink

***EXCLUSIVE***  "Pink icon" Alison Jones posing for a photo in her bedroom on January 10, 2019 in Moscow, Idaho. AN ASPIRING J-pop singer who describes herself as a ?pink icon? has dressed in nothing but her favorite color since 2016. Idaho-based art student Alison Jones loves the color pink so much, that she has made it an integral part of her life and style. The 22-year-old says that everything she owns is pink and has worn the color every day for three years. Her style follows ?Harajuku? and ?Kawaii? fashion trends, which originated in Japan in the 1980s

Driverless Shuttle Bus In Adelaide, Australia

***EXCLUSIVE*** ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 12: A self driving electric stop trial bus designed by Local Motors Olli and SAGE automation taking passengers for a 1km route along the coastal suburb of Glenelg Adelaide