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Van Gogh Alive Exhibition

***EXCLUSIVE*** Van Gogh Alive the itinerant multimedia exhibition considered the most visited in the world, visited Malaga this past Saturday and during the weekend it received almost 2,000 visitors, generating great expectations This exhibition, which will remain until June 9 at the Paseo de la Farola, in the old Red Cross enclosure of the Malaga port, allows the public to immerse themselves in the personality and work of the Dutch painter.The exhibition has beaten record of visitors in 45 cities on four continents. In Spain, after passing through Seville, Alicante and Madrid, it is the turn of the capital of the Costa del Sol. The combination of avant-garde art and technology to bring culture to a new audience are the ingredients of this original recipe that already has found substitutes.The SENSORY4 technology, a multi-channel surround system created by Grande Exhibitions to introduce the visitor to Van Gogh's work as never before, turns the painter's work into a universe of color where sensations are absolute protagonists. Forty high-definition projectors and moving graphics with cinematic multi-channel surround sound offer a spectacular immersive environment in six-meter-high screens distributed over 800 square meters. More than 3,000 images transform the space covering walls and floors of the large tent installed in this space of the port of Malaga.It is the first time that you can ''walk'' through ''The Starry Night'' or get lost in the details of the self-portraits to the point of seeing the brushstrokes and the mixtures of color. 

Dramatic weight loss

*** EXCLUSIVE*** Luke Withers, 32, showing his dramatic weight loss (left to right).These jaw-dropping before and after pictures show the incredible transformation of a 24-stone warehouse worker who lost almost half his body weight in a year.Luke Withers, 32, used to be so large he struggled to fit inside the forklift trucks at the factory where he worked.The long-term singleton said no-one bothered to look at him when he went out with friends, and he feared he would soon develop diabetes.But after shedding an incredible 11 stone, he says he has now found love and is even preparing to run a half marathon this weekend.

John Duncan Fergusson's Art Deco masterpiece for sale upto £50,000

***EXCLUSIVE***Lyon and Turnbull gallery manager Arianna Pedrazzoli admires John Duncan Fergusson's Art Deco masterpiece Eastre (Hynm to the Sun) bronze which is expected to fetch between £30,000 and £50,000 at Lyon and Turnbulls June 6, 2019 Scottish Paintings sale. March 12, 2019. The title of this bust refers to E‡stre the Saxon goddess of spring, and it is believed to be a portrait of the artistves wife Margaret Morris.

Koala baby being weighed

***EXCLUSIVE***This adorable picture shows eight-month-old koala being weighed - while clinging to a cuddly toy.  Kalari the koala joey, whose Aboriginal-inspired name means daughter, is one of the UKs only Queensland koalas. She is also the first female koala to be born at the Royal Zoological Societs Edinburgh Zoo. Like all young joeys, she spends most of her time clinging to mum Alinga, so keepers use a soft toy to give her something to hold on to during health checks.

William Wilson cartoons discovered

***EXCLUSIVE*** The ¬£50,000 worth of stain glass cartoons by William Wilson, a famous Scottish  stained glass window artist, that Neil Potter discovered after being called to clear a barn in Penzance, Cornwall- and burn the contents!.An antiques dealer called to clear a barn was stunned after finding £50K worth of these stained glass 'cartoons' - that the owner was going to BURN.Neil Potter was clearing the building when he found the sacks contained over 120 intricate designs.The 'cartoons' are the artwork made of a stained glass window before the window is completed.Neil, of Cash Your Clutter in Penzance, Cornwall, said ‚Äúthe owner said he was going to burn them anyway

Red Chilli Peppers Cultivation In Northern Bangladesh

DHAKA, BANGLADESH-MARCH 11: A woman seen working at red chilli peppers yard at Sariakandi in Bogra, northern part of Bangladesh on March 11, 2019. Around 50,000 farmers in northern regions of the Jamuna River basin, including Bogra, Gaibandha, Sirajganj and Pabna, have cultivated red chilli peppars on around 14,350 hectares this year according to Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE). People are in Jamuna river Islands battle with natural disaster every year as agriculture is dependable income source and chilli peppers one of them. Life in very hard to survive in River Islands in Northern part of the county as they do not get basic needs like medical treatment, electricity and education. Every day they fight with nature.