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Teenage Rapunzel sets Ukraine's record

Olena Korzeniuk, a 15-year-old girl from Kyiv, poses on the stairs during a bid to set the national record for the longest hair on a child, Kyiv, capital of Ukraine, March 12, 2019. During a ceremony, the experts of the National Register of Records found the blonde hair of the Ukrainian Rapunzel to be 2.35m (6.5ft) long. Olena Korzeniuk also plans to break the Guinness World Record.

Strangers ask if he is contagious, teachers told him to cover his face, and POLICE questioned if he was bleeding

***EXCLUSIVE*** CONNECTICUT, USA: This father was reported to the POLICE when a passer-by was concerned after seeing a man with a face covered with BLOOD before finding out he has a port wine stain across his face, while others have asked him if he’s CONTAGIOUS. Technician, Eric Pixley (29) from Connecticut, USA, was born with a port wine stain on his face which he learned to embrace as part of his identity, but it’s the reaction from other people that has caused him to feel different. When Eric was growing up, he couldn’t understand why his birthmark was there on his face and the stares he would get at school made him keep his head down, feeling ashamed of his own face. Eric himself doesn’t see the peculiarity of his birthmark as he points out that other people choose to have tattoos inked onto their bodies, this is just his own natural equivalent. However, the comments make accepting his birthmark more difficult as Eric admits that one of the most hurtful comments he received was whether he was contagious. In 2017, Eric was walking down the road when a police car pulled up alongside him and asked to speak with Eric because someone became concerned and reported a man walking with blood on his face who may need medical attention. When Eric showed the police officer his birthmark, he apologised and left Eric to continue walking. The repeated comments and continued stares have made Eric see how uneducated today’s society can be when it comes to birthmarks. This led Eric to start his Instagram page, @portwineproud to encourage people to stop staring at people’s birthmarks and ask them about them instead.

A tiny hobbit home in the earth is selling for £145,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** Enjoy shire bliss at this unique two-bed hobbit home that looks like something from The Shire in Lord of the Rings and could be yours for just £145k. Incredible images show the exterior of the quirky house that is built into the earth as well as the surprisingly spacious interior. Other stunning pictures show light-filled rooms with windows and skylights providing plenty of natural light and the somewhat spare furnishings but with plenty of room to redecorate to your own tastes. The two-bed property is located in River Falls, Wisconsin, USA and is currently listed by Dale Antiel at Edina Realty Inc for around £145k.

Snappy go lucky

***EXCLUSIVE*** Phenomenal photos captured by this „lucky” photographer are so good he is constantly accused of PHOTOSHOPPING them. The incredible images include the split-second the world’s tallest building The Burj Khalifa was struck by an immense fork of lightning, a blood red moon looming ominously over Singapore, and a stunning starscape hanging over Mount Fuji in Japan. Another awesome snap shows Dubai’s skyscrapers erupting through a thick fog, creating an unearthly lightshow. The remarkable photos were all captured by Finnish photographer Teemu Jarvinen, 24, who refers to them as his „Special Day” photos, the „city and landscape shots that most often get accused of being photoshopped”.

Villagers with long necks

***EXCLUSIVE*** Female villagers from a tribe in Myanmar wear brass rings around their necks to make them appear longer. Girls in the Kayan tribes have coils wrapped around their necks from the age of five, getting more coils fitted as their neck stretches. The spiral rings of brass can weigh up to 22lbs, and push the shoulders and collarbones of the women down, away from the chin, to make their necks appear longer. However the traditional adornments, worn by women in Inle Lake, Myanmar, which symbolise beauty and cultural identity, is now dying out and is continued largely to attract tourists to the area.

Grazing sea elephant looks like vacuum cleaner

***EXCLUSIVE*** This giant sea cow looks like it is vacuuming the sea bed as it grazes. The 300kg (47 stones) dugong works its way across the bottom of the ocean while eating sea grass. Each feeding session lasts for 30 minutes before the large sea mammal swims to deeper water for rest. Keen scuba diver Michal Lindner captured pictures of the 8ft long animal while diving in the Red Sea at Marsa Alam, Egypt.

The King's bling!

***EXCLUSIVE*** A glistening collection of blingy jewelry that belonged to Elvis Presley in the 1970s has emerged for sale for Ł30,000. Consisting of two rings and a bracelet, the ensemble was owned Elvis at the height of his fame and are typical of the outlandish style he favoured at the time. The pieces all come from an esteemed memorabilia collector, who bought them from the famous Elvis-A-Rama museum in Paradise, Nevada.

Beer stein of Donald Trump's ancestors for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** An ornate beer stein that belonged to one of Donald Trump's German ancestor is being auctioned - suggesting that the famously teetotal Presidents relatives clearly liked a beer. The stein is inscribed to 'Infantryman Trump' as well as listing all the other members of his volunteer regiment in the Imperial army just prior to World War One. The Trump family was based in Kallstadt which is about 25 miles North of Landau, where the Regiment was based.

Historic Hollywood style home in the heart of London

***EXCLUSIVE*** The former Mayfair home of actor Douglas Fairbanks Jr is up for grabs for just Ł552,000 - but that will only buy the lucky resident a year in this prestigious property. Fairbanks, who has three stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, lived in the Park Lane apartment in the 1930s and 40s and welcomed famous guests including Laurence Olivier, Noel Coward, Rex Harrison and Cary Grant. The Hollywood star had the 14ft swimming pool installed on the lower ground floor and was known to have partied there with actress Gertrude Lawrence and the scandalised Duchess of Argyll. Now 99 Park Lane, an immaculate four-bedroom apartment overlooking Hyde Park, is available to rent furnished from estate agents Wetherell for Ł11,500 a week.

Kurt Cobain's famous Reading festival gown

***EXCLUSIVE*** A hospital gown worn by legendary rocker Kurt Cobain during an iconic Reading Festival set has emerged for sale for Ł40,000 ($50,000). The Nirvana frontman chose the unusual attire to poke fun at media speculation about his wellbeing ahead of their performance on August 30, 1992. He was pushed on stage in a wheelchair and pretended to collapse before jumping up and delivering a blistering set considered to be one of the band's finest. Two years later Cobain committed suicide and his on-off partner Courtney Love gave the gown to a shocked fan who had attended a vigil for him. The fan kept hold of it for 25 years before deciding now to consign it for sale with US auction house RR Auctions.

Homebuyers will be bowled over by this pretty rectory on the market for Ł3.5m - as it comes with its own cricket pitch and pavilion

***EXCLUSIVE*** The owner of the Old Rectory bought land next to his home more than a decade ago and decided to build a full-size pitch and pavilion simply because he was a "enthusiastic sportsman" and it has been hosting about ten matches a year with amateur and touring teams. The eight-bedroom Grade II listed property in the picturesque hamlet of Norton, near Faversham, Kent, which offers a slice of quintessential English countryside life, is now on the market with Strutt & Parker.

Stunning seaside estate overlooking Sandbanks

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stunning seaside estate overlooking Sandbanks that wouldn't look out of place in the Hollywood Hills - and you get three properties for your Ł9 million price tag. You get three luxury homes for the price of one with this spectacular private coastal estate - but they will still need deep pockets as the trio of properties are on the market for Ł8.995m. The Mulberry House Estate is in the leafy Canford Cliffs area of Poole, Dorset, and has a grand five-bedroom mansion, a second detached five-bedroom house and a two-bedroom gate house. Locals describe the Canford Cliffs area as the 'Hollywood Hills' of the coastal property hotspot, more refined and less showy than the more 'Malibu style' Sandbanks peninsula that it overlooks. Offering beautiful views but with privacy and seclusion, and without the tourist crowds that the Sandbanks millionaire's enclave attracts. Estate agent Savills say the sale is a "unique opportunity" as the 2.2 acre Mulberry property is the only private estate in the area.

Educating Stepney: The Windrush generation who joined east London's dressmaking mothers and studious pensioners at 1950s night school

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stunning retro pictures have revealed the Stepney night school where people of all ages and backgrounds attended in the 1950s. The incredible images show a man and woman sitting in a classroom with handwriting examples written in chalk on the blackboard, mothers taking their children along to dressmaking classes and elderly men and women listening to a lecture. Other striking shots show a young, smartly-dressed immigrant sitting in a class, another sitting in a suit and tie studying at a desk and a group of smartly-dressed immigrant students studying at the night school. The remarkable black and white photographs were taken at an Evening Institute in Stepney, East London in July 1952 when evening classes and night school was taking place.

Stag with snowy face

***EXCLUSIVE*** A harsh early morning winter storm leaves a young male deer with a snowy face. Photographer Robert Lachaine, 60, from Ottawa, Canada struggled to see the white tailed deer through the viewfinder of his camera because of the falling snow in the Ottawa woodland.