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Playboy model has splashed out £50K on surgery including three boob jobs to look like Barbie

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the bodacious BARBIE who has splashed out more than £50K on plastic surgery partly thanks to her previous boyfriends who have funded her procedures and now claims she has a ‘LONG LINE OF MEN’ that want to DATE her. Beauty therapist and published Playboy model, Paulina J. Candy (24), who currently lives in London, UK, was just a teenager when she was first attracted to sculpting her body like Barbie. She first booked an appointment for a boob job at 16, for when she turned 18. In 2013, she had a boob job which was her first surgery and she has since had two more breast enhancements that increased her boobs from a B-cup to a J-cup. She has also had bum implants and a nose job. She has spent over £50K on surgery, which were encouraged by her previous boyfriends who wanted her boobs bigger and funded them for her. While she is happy being single at the moment, it hasn’t stopped men from fighting over her. She says she has had men propose to her on their first date.

Woman, 24, who is engaged to a dad-of-four twice her age insists it was 'love at first sight' after she saw his smooth dance moves - and she now goes out clubbing with his daughters

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the woman who is engaged to a man TWICE HER AGE and admits that they have received backlash over their relationship but insists that their love is strong - and now she even goes PARTYING with his daughter who is almost the same age. In August 2016, entrepreneur and fitness coach, Najlah Muhammad (24), from Arizona, USA, first met business man, John Malott (48), from Wisconsin, USA, at a nightclub where he was celebrating his birthday. One of Najlah’s friends introduced them to each other and since they met, they became inseparable; dancing and laughing. Within just a few weeks of dating, Najlah fell in love with him and despite their relationship being tested by people trying to break them up by telling lies about John cheating on her and losing friends along the way, they stood confidently alongside each other. Najlah and John’s families were not happy with their union initially, but she says that when her family met John and discovered how genuine he is, they accepted their relationship. John is a dad to four daughters, three of whom are close to Najlah’s age, Jessica (18), Carissa (25) and Lauren (26), one of whom is only two months older than her. She didn’t take their relationship well in the beginning but since she met Najlah, she has grown to like her, and they even go out together now. In November 2017, John took Najlah’s family to his villa in Mexico, where they went out for a meal and when they arrived back at the villa, he took them all to his balcony where he got down on one knee and proposed to her, to which she said yes. They are now discussing the possibility of children and even John’s youngest daughter (9) is keen on the idea.

10-year-old skateboarder set to compete for Team GB at Olympics

She’s already the world’s youngest professional skateboarder, with an Instagram following of 300,000 hanging on her every video, from leaping off buses to 720 spins. Now Sky Brown, a 10-year-old from Japan, is set to become Britain’s youngest ever competitor at a summer Olympics after switching her allegiance to the UK. If Brown qualifies for the Tokyo 2020 Games, and insiders at Skateboard GB believe it is highly likely, she will be just 12 years and 15 days on the opening day of the skateboarding event. That would eclipse the longstanding British record of Margery Hinton, who was 13 years and 43 days when she competed in the 200m breaststroke back at the 1928 Summer Olympics in Amsterdam.

A young couple who abandoned their dreams of a big family after tragically losing two babies were delighted to discover they were expecting TRIPLETS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Trenia Hill, 30, and Hasani Phillip, 30, decided to stop trying for a baby after two experiences with ectopic pregnancies in 2011 and 2015. An ectopic pregnancy occurs when the embryo implants itself outside the uterus where it cannot grow and can pose a threat to a mother’s life. Trenia, a customer service representative, lost a fallopian tube after her second ectopic pregnancy and worried that another could put her life at risk. Trenia and Hasani, a groundskeeper, decided to stop trying for another child and instead focused on their sons Marquis, 13, and Messiah, five. Despite their efforts, the couple discovered that Trenia was pregnant again in July 2017 and worried the pregnancy would be another ectopic, requiring more surgery. Trenia and Hasani, of Brooklyn, New York, USA, were relieved to discover the pregnancy was healthy at eight weeks but were shocked to discover they were expecting TRIPLETS.

WW1 soldier looked death in the eye when an enemy bullet was aimed at his heart during the war - but a penny saved his life

***EXCLUSIVE*** Pt John Trickett kept a penny made in 1889 in the breast pocket of his soldier’s uniform, a poignant reminder of home. It proved to be his lucky penny as, during the dreadful conflict which claimed 10 million soldiers’ lives, including those of his two brothers, the coin took the full impact of a German bullet, brutally bending under the force but ultimately deflecting the danger. The dented penny, which displays the bullet’s deep mark of penetration, has been found by Derbyshire’s Hansons Auctioneers’ militaria expert Adrian Stevenson. He said: „It looks to me like a pistol bullet hit the penny at close range. I’ve come across many stories of random objects saving soldiers’ lives but I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

Britain's oldest man today prepared for his 111th birthday by visiting his local supermarket to get his groceries - as well as cakes, partypoppers and 111 candles

***EXCLUSIVE*** Bob Weighton is ageing so well he still does all of his own shopping at his local Waitrose and walks around the store with his personalised stroller. The active pensioner vows to 'keep doing it for as long as I'm able' and insists he's 'not extraordinary' but staff at the supermarket admit they are in awe as he chats and jokes with them.  Bob visited the store in Alton, Hants, ahead of his 111th birthday this month to pick up party food including a selection of cakes.

Ultimate guard dog weighs 200lbs

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA: A dog breeder from California claims to have resurrected a breed of giant guard dogs, weighing 200lbs. Marcus Curtis, 45, of Riverside, is the proud owner of a 212-pound monster „American Molossus” dog named „Old World Sasquatch”. The 18-month-old beast is the result of Marcus’ mission to bring back what he calls the „Old World Molossus” breed; dogs which are said to have guarded the leaders of the ancient world around 5000BC. Marcus told Barcroft Studios: „When people see Sasquatch, jaws drop. People are in shock and amazement when they see these giant beasts.” Marcus now sells „American Molossus puppies” for five thousand dollars, but there’s a long waiting list for one of the rare pups.

The amazing moment a diver was kissed by a Blue Shark in waters off the coast off South Africa

***EXCLUSIVE*** British underwater photographer Steve Woods, who is originally from Birmingham, was hovering in 6m of water for over an hour with 4 blue sharks and 3 mako sharks, 34 kilometers SW of Cape Point. A Blue Shark approached fellow diver Kevin Schmidt and appeared to give him a kiss.  Kevin said „Sharks in general are portrayed in such a negative light which does not reflect their true demeanor. By ignoring "Hollywood instincts", you can feel their presence in the water and it truly evokes the opposite of fear. Excitement, wonder, and curiosity- which is clearly mirrored by them in this picture!  If you see a shark, consider yourself lucky and treasure the moment forever- thank you Steve Woods for capturing this moment!”

I shot myself and now I’m paralysed

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA: A man who tried to kill himself has found a new lease for life with his caregiving girlfriend after becoming paralysed from the waist down. Kevin Ortiz, an Air Force veteran, originally from Virginia and now living in California, shot himself in the chest in 2012. The couple have now set up their own YouTube channel, The Life Of K&K, where they discuss life in an interabled relationship.

These incredible drone photographs show the cliff erosion which has left homeowners in turmoil - as their properties edge closer to falling onto the BEACH

***EXCLUSIVE*** Residents at Longbeach Leisure Park, Hornsea have been left in panic after a huge 50m crack appeared just metres from their doorsteps at the cliff edge. The photographs show the worst crack in the surface ever seen according to some holiday home owners. The coast is eroding at a rate of 2.3m per year according to the local council - who now say there is a "need to relocate or remove caravan pitches from the site". Bosses at the holiday home site - which has properties ranging from £40k up to over £100k for top of the end lodges - have had to relocate 12 homes so far this year due to the shocking change in the cliff face. One homeowner - Jenny Speight, 71 - has owned four different properties on the site in the last 33 years. Just five years after purchasing the high-spec home which lays directly on the coastline, Jenny was given the devastating news she would have to relocate as soon as possible in January. Mrs Speight, 71 - who visits the £45k property most weekends with husband Brian Speight, 76, from their home in Bradford, West Yorks., - has been offered a plot further away from the cliff edge. The couple, who are both retired, are now beginning to to pack up their belongings before being relocated.

A dominatrix is being forced out of her home, after she spent $15k on a special dungeon, because her neighbors don’t approve

***EXCLUSIVE*** Charlotte Taillor, of New York City, USA runs a strictly „no sex” BDSM dungeon, which takes up two floors of her brownstone townhouse in Brooklyn. The 30-year-old Dom Mistress said: „We’re all about empowerment and people being free to express their kinks. This isn’t a sex club like what some of the neighbors are suggesting. Sex never happens here, this is just a place to be kinky and have fun. We primarily teach men and women about BDSM and how to better understand their lovers and themselves, but we’re being labelled as perverts for that. I’ve spent $15,000 on this dungeon and moving is not going to be easy. We have a throne, a crucifix a rig to the ceiling and hundreds of sex toys but if the neighbors don’t want us we will have to go - we just don’t know where yet.” One of Taillor’s biggest critics is her neighbor Laurie Miller, 58, who has lived in the Bed-Stuy region of Brooklyn for more than 40 years. She said: „This is a residential street and now we have weirdos and perverts hanging around the block waiting to go in there for whatever it is they do. I don’t care how people get their kicks, they can swing from the ceilings for all I care but I don’t want a business like this on the street where I live.”

A gran inked from head to toe with Jose Mourinho tattoos has traded the football coach for a new man in her life - TV host Jeremy Kyle

***EXCLUSIVE*** Viv Bodycote - who has 37 inkings of Mourinho - has added a massive tattoo of the ITV host Jeremy Kyle wrapping his arms around security guard Steve to her upper back.  The 61-year-old has watched Jezza's show every day for 14 years, and said she wanted the inking of his face as a tribute to "friendship". The 6in wide grayscale design took six-and-a-half hours, and she has already shown it to her hero - who joked it looks like he "had wind".