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Delivery driver dubbed ‘Naked Carpenter’ jailed for two years for flashing at ‘uncomfortable’ customers

***EXCLUSIVE*** Bearded Robert Jenner had paraded his manhood in front of shocked shop staff and day trippers at a park.  Dressed in a smart black suit, the former soldier had told a jury at Canterbury Crown Court that he was a "naturist" who was promoting his beliefs.  But witnesses told how they were shocked and distressed after being confronted by Jenner delivering parcels for Hermes.  And now a judge has told him that he was in reality “an exhibitionist who revels in upsetting people”.  Jenner, of Bingley Close has also been made subject to a Criminal Behaviour Order for seven years.  It will mean he must wear at least one level of clothing which hides his manhood.

Bride-to-be reveals she was left 'in bits' when she discovered the touching message her late mother printed on her wedding shoes before she lost her battle to cancer

***EXCLUSIVE*** Emma Letts, 38, got engaged to Richard Wilson in 2016 but was left devastated when her mum died in October the next year. The couple are getting married this August and last week Emma collected her wedding shoes which she had custom made. To her surprise, she was told the £189 shoes had been secretly paid for by her mum who had a message printed on the soles before she died. The message reads: "Wanted you to have a gift from me on your wedding day. Your wedding shoes are my gift to you. "Hope you have a magical day. Lots and lots of love and big hugs, MUM xxxx".

Jumping drone

***EXCLUSIVE*** A groundbreaking new drone has been unveiled which can leap into the air like a grasshopper using specially designed legs. Thanks to its remarkable legs which enable it to jump two metres into the air, the drone, which is two metres-long and would therefore usually require a runway, can take off anywhere from a static position. The £30,000 cargo-delivery craft, created by aircraft company Passerine and called Sparrow, can then fly up to 100km at a speed of 112mph.

Life after persecution: Startling images illustrate the hardships faced by the Rohingya after fleeing Myanmar as they struggle to build new lives

***EXCLUSIVE*** Heartbreaking photographs have shone a light on the plight of the persecuted Rohingya people of Myanmar who had to flee the country but found conditions little better elsewhere. The striking pictures show a man with who suffered third-degree burns on over 60 per cent of his body in an accident in the tyre recycling factory he worked at in Malaysia but received no compensation, another who suffered recurring nightmares about the treacherous month-long journey he had to endure from Myanmar to Malaysia via a smuggler’s camp in Thailand and a Rohingya worker in an ice factory in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. Other stirring images show Rohingya fishermen who have revolutionised the industry in Bangladesh as they are so desperate for work they will go to sea all year round despite the conditions, a family who had been smuggled into Bangladesh but were deported back to Myanmar the morning after the photo was taken and a child of „nowhere” as the Rohingyans have been a stateless community for decades as they are not considered legal citizens of any state. The remarkable photographs are showcased in Saiful Huq Omi’s book, 136 - I Am Rohingya, published by Schilt Publishing.

The graveyard where thousands of poor families are forced to live among a million dead bodies and kids use corpses as toys

At 133 acres, the Manila North Cemetery is one of the Philippines' largest burial grounds and is where the country's presidents, film stars and literary greats are laid to rest in mountains of coffins, tombs and ostentatious mausoleums. It opened in 1904, but since the late 1950s it has also been the place an estimated 10,000 poor people have called home. They have fashioned makeshift houses on top of tombs and coffins, or inhabited vacant burial chambers, and it is here they eat dinner, watch TV, hang clothes to dry, care for their kids, sing karaoke and sleep - just inches away from the dead. It may sound like a horror story, but residents say the living conditions are preferable to the nearby crime-ridden shanty towns - despite the fact they live surrounded by decomposing hands and other limbs.

Justin Timberlake’s portrait made out of nails

Ternopil, Ukraine: A portrait of an American pop-singer Justin Timberlake was made with nails and threads by an artist from Chortkiv village Zenyk Palagniuk, Ternopil, western Ukraine.

The school gate culture war: Decision by a gay assistant head to introduce LGBT lessons at his Birmingham primary school provoked outrage among the mostly Muslim parents

Parkfield Community School is an unprepossessing redbrick primary opposite a breaker's yard in a run-down part of Birmingham. In bygone years, this was blue-collar 'Peaky Blinders' territory; now 99 per cent of its pupils are from Muslim families. Mentored by teachers rated as 'outstanding' by Ofsted, the schools regulator, and guided by 'excellent' leaders, they are high-achieving children who outperform those at many other state schools.

Mums wave 'watch out, there's a paedo about' signs outside convicted man's home

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the moment mums waved signs including „watch out, there’s a paedo about” outside the home of a convicted paedophile living near a popular park. Residents held aloft signs in a bid to drive Anthony Walker, 49, out of their town after he accessed hundreds of child abuse images. One of the homemade signs rhymed „Watch out, there’s a paedo about” while another said „There’s a paedo about, get him out”. A cardboard sign placed on a stand outside Walker’s property asked drivers passing by to honk in support of the daily demonstrations.

Knife angel made with 100,000 confiscated blades unveiled in Coventry

A massive sculpture made out of 100,000 confiscated knives is put on display in front of a city cathedral on Thursday. The 27-foot Knife Angel is made up of weapons used to commit crimes and confiscated by 43 UK police forces. Created by artist Alfie Bradley, it was erected at Coventry Cathedral as part of its tour of UK cities. Three teens have been stabbed to death in the West Midlands in the past two weeks.

Mountain hares

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mountain hare blends perfectly into a Scottish mountain as it hunkers down and is covered by heavy snow. The animal is easy to miss as it stays perfectly and allows snow to pile up on top of it, camouflaging it against the white surroundings. Amateur photographer Karen Miller braved a blizzard to capture pictures of the mountain hare and admitted she was 'lucky' to even have spotted it. This hare, photographed on Sunday in the Scottish Highlands, stayed still to allow the snow to cover it and provide insulation to keep it warm. Being under a blanket of snow also hides it from would-be predators.