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He’s not my grandpa, he’s my husband

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, HOMESTEAD, FLORIDA: A married couple with a 32 age gap say that their difference in age is no issue. Tom Crutchfield is 70 years old and has been with his 37-year-old beloved, Stacey, for almost four years. The couple got to know each other when Stacey began working on Tom?s reptile farm in Homestead, Florida, where the pair now live and work together.

Man 'bored by regular clothing' reveals latex fetish after spending £7k on suits

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the man with a LATEX FETISH who has spent over SEVEN-THOUSAND POUNDS on material to create various latex suits despite coming from a conservative family. Dramatic pictures show principal software engineer, Eliot Liles (31), from Indiana, USA, wearing a black latex bodysuit with gas mask-style headgear. He can be seen dressed in latex drag with a red bodysuit with makeshift boobs and a blonde plaited wig in a sultry pose, while another shows him in a black bodysuit with boobs, a wig and a corset while lying on his sofa. Further pictures show him dressed in a red bodysuit similar to Spiderman’s with a camera in his hand and in a purple bodysuit with boobs sitting on his sofa. Eliot grew up in a religious and conservative family, which meant that he was unable to act on his passion for latex. Growing up, he was a proud ‘nerd’ which he felt made him a target for bullies at school and despite having an attraction to latex or smooth and shiny things since he was a toddler, he was not able to do anything about it. It wasn’t until he started university in 2007, when he could afford his first piece of latex which he wore everywhere. He says that he is attracted to its unique and sensory aspects and wearing latex makes him feel confident about himself.

NASA has captured one of the most incredibly detailed pictures of Jupiter exposing the awesome beauty of the gas giant

***EXCLUSIVE*** This new picture captured by a NASA spacecraft reveals never-before-seen detail of the planet's surface. The stunning details were caught by the JunoCam camera on NASA's Juno orbiter spacecraft, which is specifically designed to take pictures of the planet's polar regions.

Desparation in Caracas: sewer salvaging to survive

Caracas, Venezuela: Since the start of the crisis in Venezuela, which coincides with Maduro's arrival in power in 2014, the country has sunk very fast while being one of the most stable in South America. With a currency that is worthless, salaries that are no longer paid, a rate of inflation that skyrockets, a real humanitarian crisis is underway in Venezuela. The most affected inhabitants are, as usual, the poorest. Some then decided to turn to Rio Guaire, the only river in the valley, to try to make a few dollars. By draining the bottom, gold diggers put rings, gold bracelets, earrings and other precious metals back. Thanks to this, they make a few tens of dollars each time, much more than a salary of civil servant.

Climate change in North-Western Bangladesh

DHAKA, BANGLADESH: Climate change is making the phenomenon worse by contributing to higher levels of flooding and siltation in North-Western Bangladesh surrounded by Brahmaputra, Teesta and Jamuna River. The Brahmaputra River is a transboundary river, originating in southwestern Tibet, flowing through the Himalayas, India’s Assam State and Bangladesh, and out into the Bay of Bengal. Every year, the river carries silt from the Himalayas and deposits it downstream in Bangladesh, creating many islands. People of many islands along with Brahmaputra, Teesta and Jamuna River battle with river erosion. Riverbank erosion displaces 50,000 to 200,000 people in this country every year.

Disgusting Food Museum in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California, U.S.: Foods are displayed at the Disgusting Food Museum inside the A+D Architecture and Design Museum. The exhibit has 80 of the world's stinkiest and culturally revolting foods on display and for sampling at the tasting bar.

Mud, sweat and cheers: The 'Big Ditch' men who spent seven long years building the Manchester Ship Canal... before Queen Victoria opened it as a glory of the industrial age in 1894

***EXCLUSIVE*** Incredible antique images show the Victorian workers who HAND BUILT a canal which became a wonder of its age and saw the North West blossom into an industrial powerhouse. Fascinating photos from the 1890s showcase the men and machinery who created the Manchester Ship Canal - including a crew of „navvies” on a small boat with a man in an ancient diving suit, workers busily digging out the „big ditch”, and a dredger chugging away to help redirect the area’s waterways. Another stunning shot shows a group of moustached labourers operating a heavy crane during the vast engineering project which saw over 16,000 workers employed at its peak. Construction of the Manchester Ship Canal, which is still operational today, started in November 1887 and took seven years to complete, with Queen Victoria opening the canal in 1894.