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Woman who tore her spine in a horrific motorbike crash falls in love and marries her physiotherapist

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the inspirational woman who after being thrown off a motorbike and breaking her spine experienced a twist of fate when she fell in love with her physiotherapist – and now they are traveling the world together and planning for a family of their own. Travel loving psychologist, Giulia Lamarca (27), from Turin, Italy, was involved in an horrific motorbike crash when heading home from work in October 2011. She had made the same trip daily for five years, but this time her motorbike slipped, which left her with a damaged vertebra, torn spine and the prospect of life in a wheelchair. Giulia doesn’t remember much from directly after the accident but recalls having foot pain, which started to travel up her leg on the way to the hospital and bright blue lights in her face when she was in the ambulance. Giulia was rushed to the hospital where she was told that she would need to have two metal plates and eight screws fitted to her spine to fix four vertebras in place. The surgery was a success, but she had to stay in hospital for a year to undergo two sessions of physiotherapy each day for five days a week to adjust to her life changing injury which has seen her use a wheelchair ever since. Despite her injuries, Giulia stayed positive during her hospital stay and would read jokes and smile every morning to help her come to terms with her new life. During rehab Giulia met her physiotherapist, Andrea Decarlini (28) and after spending endless hours together working on her recovery they fell in love and eventually married in March 2016. Giulia loves how different Andrea was to other men, finding him to be open minded, attractive and made her feel free again and as if she could achieve anything. The relationship blossomed gradually and it was a long time before they told each other how they felt. Giulia was scared to tell Andrea how she felt, but this was easier after she received a romantic post-it note from him confessing his love. Family and friends have been very supportive of the relationship as they see that Giulia is much happier when she is with Andrea.

Meet the teenager who taught her locked-in little brother to talk - and is now on a mission to make sure he can communicate with the world

***EXCLUSIVE*** Little Christian Kilduff, three, was born with cerebral palsy, a brain injury and is registered blind after he was born not breathing. His mum Diana, 36, was told would never walk, talk and would have a poor quality of life - but with the help of his adoring big sister Jade, 17, he's proving them all wrong. Jade enrolled in an evening class to learn Makaton - a form of sign language - and has since taught him 70 signs, and even some spoken words.