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Mum and dad choose to share bed with their children who don't have own rooms yet

***EXCLUSIVE*** This couple have had be creative in order to keep their sex life alive so that their daughters could sleep in their MARITAL BED with them every night. Registered nurse, Ellen Youlden (27) from Melbourne, Australia, chooses to co-sleep with her husband and their two young daughters every night, noting the importance of sleeping together after never sleeping a night without her daughters in the bed since they were born. Ellen, who herself co-slept with her siblings and parents from a very young age, always knew she wanted to co-sleep with her own children, Sade (2) and Leonora (1) in the future. Ellen was so certain of co-sleeping that the girls don’t yet have their own rooms or beds. Ellen and her husband, Tai (30), created a large family bed in their bedroom by pushing a queen bed and a king single bed together and merging the two bases to stop them from moving apart. If Sade and Leonora decide they wish to sleep on their own, Ellen and Tai will get them larger beds so that the girls can co-sleep with one another and have Ellen and Tai there to get them off to sleep.

Pensioner discovers a MOUSE has been tidying up his shed every night, he's nicknamed 'Metal Mickey'

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mystified homeowner recruited the help of his neighbour to discover an OCD mouse tidying away his shed tools. Stephen Mckears, 72, who first noticed objects moving in his shed a month ago, asked his neighbour Rodney Holbrook, 70, to help him find the mystery culprit. The pair decided to set up a trail camera and the retired electrician was left baffled after the footage showed the adorable mouse tiding away tools into an old ice cream tub.

Lad, 19, washed cars in parents’ driveway aged 13 now runs luxury motor cleaning service – charging up to £4,000 each

***EXCLUSIVE*** A teenage entrepreneur who started washing cars on his parents' driveway six years ago now runs his own business polishing luxury motors for £4,000 - at the age of 19. A teenage entrepreneur who started washing cars on his parents' driveway six years ago now runs his own business polishing luxury motors for £4,000 - at the age of 19. Alex Chapman began his venture when he was 13 years old with a bucket bought from Asda, some shampoo and a sponge - charging £6 a wash. But now he owns his own car detailing company where he charges up to £4,000 to polish and treat Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Rolls Royces and Porsches. The 19-year-old from Southend, Essex said: "I'm proud of my achievements over the years.  "I hope that I can be an example and inspire other young people who want to start their own business."It's important to have role models. Mine was one of the industry-leading car care companies and now we're competing with them for contracts."  His business AWC Car Detailing offers machine polishing and ceramic coating treatments for luxury cars.

50 years later, Vietnam veteran meets medic who saved him

Cocoa, FL - Florida, USA: Left to Right, Dennis Joyner has lunch with Dewey 'Doc' Hayes, at the Old Florida Grill & Oyster House in Cocoa, on Friday, March 15, 2019. Joyner lost both legs and his left arm when he stepped on a landmine while fighting the war in Vietnam, 50 years ago. He credits his field medic, Dewey 'Doc' Hayes, for saving his life, and 50 years he thanks him in person.

Fight with headscarf - Muslimas train in the boxing ring

Schleswig-Holstein, Lübeck: The boxers Miriam Hamdoun (r) and Hazel Özcan train at the Boxclub Lübeck in the boxing ring. For one year now, 20 girls and women with and without headscarves have been boxing in the women's boxing group. Founded in 1976, the boxing club with 200 members is committed to integration work.

Evocative pictures show everyday life on Britain's canals in the 1950s before lorry drivers took on the strain of keeping the nation supplied

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stunning retro pictures have revealed the everyday lives of the people who used to live on canals in the UK in the 1950s. The incredible images show a man and woman carrying out maintenance on a narrow boat, a postman handing mail to someone on a ship and children on board a narrow boat carrying steel. Other striking shots show a group of children playing on board a boat, narrowsboats transporting soil and rubbish and some backyard gossip between canal dwellers as narrow boats are moored next to a ship. The remarkable photographs were taken along canals in the United Kingdom in 1952.

Messenger, the largest bronze cast sculpture in the UK

The UK's largest bronze statue that shows a squatting woman has been pictured arriving on a barge - after being nicknamed 'Radcliffe's Revenge'. The 23ft high sculpture of the crouching female figure is being put on display outside a theatre. Locals christened the creation - officially named Messenger - in honour of the athlete Paula Radcliffe after she stopped for a toilet break during the London Marathon. The £450,000 public art project was widely ridiculed in Plymouth, Devon, with one objector even threatening to create a rival statue outside the council HQ - of a PENIS.