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The little angel who really is a miracle: Cancer mother, 32, stuns doctors by having a baby daughter after her cervix was removed

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman who had her cervix removed after battling cancer has defied doctors by falling pregnant and giving birth to a ‘miracle baby’. Fay Ricketts, 32, had her cervix removed after developing cervical cancer at the age 27, two years after having her first daughter Isla, seven. The mum-of-two was given the all-clear after surgery and was delighted to discover she had fallen pregnant for a second time with husband Karl, 31. However doctors broke the devastating news that she would be unable to carry the baby without a cervix as the child would ‘fall out’ when it got too big, she claims.

A woman who was called a WOLF by schoolyard bullies said finally embracing her unibrow has made her more confident than ever

***EXCLUSIVE*** Joselyn Jones, 23, was relentlessly teased by school bullies who would howl like wolves every time she passed them in the hallway. Joselyn, of Atlanta, Georgia, USA, grew up hating her unibrow and begged her mother Pamela Jones, 57, to allow Joselyn to wax or pluck her brow. When Joselyn was ten her parents finally relented and allowed her to pluck her brows which became a painstaking daily routine due to their thickness. For twelve years, the hairdresser plucked her unibrow every morning and spent $10 weekly to have her unruly brows professionally shaped. When Joselyn welcomed her son Jeremiah, five, her grooming routine began to stretch her tight finances and she worried about the impression of beauty she was imprinting on her young son. In November 2017, the mom set herself a one-month challenge to stop grooming her brows and relaxing her hair, which was costing $70 every six weeks.

I can’t live without my extreme tan

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, BELFAST, NORTHERN IRELAND: Super-tanned Hannah Tittensor takes sun beds to such an extreme level that she sometimes gets mistaken for a different race. But the beauty therapy student wants people to know: „I’m not racist, I just really like having a tan.” Hannah, 22, from Belfast, Northern Ireland, is Caucasian but became addicted to tanning when she got an „amazing tan” on holiday in Turkey in 2015. A photo from the trip shows how she completely changed colour from her natural white to a dark brown. But her remarkable colour isn’t just down to the sun. Hannah uses under-the-counter tanning injections of a substance called Melanotan, which users take to go darker more quickly under sunlight or sun beds. And while Hannah admits she is at the „extreme end”, she says she is part of a growing trend in tanning in Belfast, with many using the illegal drug.

Record breaking tiramisu

Italian food company Galbani set the new record for the world's longest tiramisu in Milan. At 273.5 metres [895 feet] long and amounting to approximately 15,000 servings, the dessert was made from 50,000 sponge fingers, 300 litres of coffee and 500 kilograms [1102 lbs] of mascarpone-cream for 15,000 portions, all certified by the Guinness Book of Judges.

Doctors said it was a 'cold' but it turned out to be cancer: 27-year-old was dismissed three times before medics finally gave her a scan and found a 5 inch tumor

***EXCLUSIVE*** LAS VEGAS, USA: This twenty-seven-year-old was due to go on holiday but a persistent cough took her to visit the doctor FOUR TIMES where she was told it was just allergies before scans revealed she’d been suffering with HODGKIN’S LYMPHOMA. Co-manager at Ulta Beauty, Meagan Bechtold (27) from Las Vegas, USA, had suffered with a dry cough since March 2018 and visited her doctor three times only to be told it was a bad cold, allergies or bronchitis. However, on July 13, 2018, Meagan and her husband Chris were due to go on holiday to Mexico the following week, so she visited her doctor a fourth time insisting that she needed treatment before her holiday. Meagan had seen the same doctor on each visit, so he was aware that the bronchitis medication hadn’t had any effect and scheduled Meagan for an X-ray immediately. The X-ray showed worrying results and Meagan was told to go to the hospital right away. The couple cancelled their holiday after a CT scan was carried out at the hospital and nurses told Meagan that she had cancer and within a week this was confirmed as Hodgkin’s Lymphoma 2B. Meagan’s lungs were full of liquid and there was a 13-centimetre lung mass located in her diaphragm, so she couldn’t leave the hospital for 11 days. Meagan began her first round of chemotherapy straight away which led her to lose 10lb, gave her constant nausea and mouth sores. After her first round of chemotherapy, Meagan went into ‘hibernation’ and slept for three days straight, only waking to drink water. During her second round of chemotherapy, Meagan began losing her hair, so she decided to shave it completely. Meagan dreaded making this decision because she feared looking like a cancer patient, but now she is empowered by not being defined by her appearance.

Former drug addicts turned fitness fiends have tied the knot at the gym after crediting their newfound hobby with turning around their $200 a day crystal meth habit

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two former drug addicts turned fitness junkies tied the knot IN A GYM. Health fanatics Daniel Butler and Andi Nevue wed beside the treadmills at Crunch Fitness in Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA. The bride and groom even squeezed in a quick exercise session on their big day before heading to the Zumba room for the reception. Daniel, 33, a mechanic, and Andi, 36, a student, once battled a $200 a day crystal meth addiction and credit exercise with helping them turn their lives around.

Model, 21, crushed by cow STILL loves cattle following horrific injuries

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the beautiful brave farm girl who was unexpectedly run down by one of her beloved cows, leaving her with a CRUSHED arm and an open wound that wouldn’t close for TWO WEEKS – but she still loves her cows. Cowgirl, Grace Peters (21), from Delphos, Ottawa, Kansas, USA, required hospital treatment, surgery and two metal plates placed in her left arm after being trampled on by a cow at her family farm on December 18, 2018. Grace lived just three miles from the family farm which her father, Jim, built from the ground up. As part of her daily duties, Grace had to check for new baby calves, move cattle around, feed the hogs and horses, making sure they have accessible water to drink during winter. In December last year, Grace was working on the 2000-acre farm where they had over 400 cattle, moving the cows from one pen to another, as she had done hundreds of times before. When moving the cows on this occasion one of her beloved herd suddenly rammed into her from behind. Grace was left on her knees in agony, and because of the position of her arm upon impact, she instantly knew something had broken but with more than 100 cows still to move, she mustered the strength to complete the job with her arm dangling at her side.

A teen who watched porn for up to four hours a day has vowed she won’t even kiss before marriage, now that she has conquered her addiction

***EXCLUSIVE*** Gracelyn Sorrell, 19, said she was 14 when an explicit picture on social media triggered her „impure desires” and prompted her to delve further into X-rated websites. The teen sadly lost her dad in 2013 and said pornography became a way to comfort herself and escape from the grief. Gracelyn, of Chicago, Illinois, would secretly access the porn on her cell phone and regularly stayed up until 3AM trawling through porn websites and apps. The high school student would binge on porn for four hours every day but said her splurges of pornography and masturbation left her feeling guilty and ashamed. By 2016, Gracelyn was surviving on just three hours sleep each night which caused her grades to plummet.  The teenager finally confided in her mom Karen, an office manager, in August 2016 who encouraged her daughter to find healing through the family’s Christian faith.

Dog shot 17 times bounces back to health after being rescued from horrors of Lebanon and adopted by family in Brighton

***EXCLUSIVE*** A tortured dog which lost both of her eyes, had her ear sliced off, her jaw broken, and was shot SEVENTEEN times and left to die whilst chained to a box has survived her horrendous ordeal and is now living a happy new life in the UK. Inspirational wonder dog Maggie was brought to the UK from Lebanon six months ago after suffering “truly heart-breaking” levels of abuse in her own country as a street dog. Kasey Carlin (25) from Brighton, UK, helped rescue Maggie from almost certain death after her mother spotted a desperate plea for help for a foster parent for the severely injured pooch. Maggie now lives at home with her ‘fur sister,’ Kasey’s other rescue dog, Mishka, and couldn’t be happier.

An new interactive Van Gogh exhibition has launched in Paris

***EXCLUSIVE*** A stunning art exhibition transports visitors into the heart of Vincent van Gogh's greatest masterpieces as his creations are turned into floor-to-ceiling moving images. The visual and musical installation, which has launched at the Atelier des Lumieres digital art centre in Paris, France, retraces the intense life of the artist. The paintings are projected on to all surfaces of the Atelier and immerses visitors into the Dutch painter's emotional world.

Patterdale Terrier was dragged almost 300 metres along the road by a car, which left with brightly coloured bandages on all four paws

***EXCLUSIVE*** A red line showing the distance that the Patterdale Terrier called Jenny was dragged by a car along North Road in Bath, wearing her paws down to the tendons. The dog had a miracle escape after its lead got trapped in a car bumper - dragging it 300m on the road. Joanna Hole took Patterdale Terrier called Jenny out for a walk but was horrified when Jenny's lead got caught on a car tow bar as they crossed a road. Joanna watched on helplessly as 11-year-old Jenny was wrenched out of her grasp, and dragged nearly 300 metres along North Road, near Bath Golf Club in Bath, Som. Little Jenny, who weighs just four kilograms, has been left with brightly coloured bandages on all four paws.