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Woman comes out as elf and uses newfound skills to create jewellery, perfumes and art

***EXCLUSIVE*** CZECH REPUBLIC: Meet the woman who identifies as an ELVEN PRINCESS after she grew up feeling different from society and struggled with depression but the birth of her three-year-old daughter made her realise and embrace her true elf self. Artist and elven princess, Veronika Such√° (32) also known by her elven name, E√°man√ę Rengeir Ring√ęril, from Czech Republic, had a difficult childhood where she was bullied by her peers for being different. It was during this time that E√°man√ę started to believe that maybe she was different in a deeper, more spiritual sense. Going into early adulthood, E√°man√ę struggled with depression and even planned three suicide attempts that thankfully she never went through with. After opening up about her mental health, E√°man√ę, decided to take a break from social media, dating websites and changed her phone number and found a new job through which she met her boyfriend, who she describes as her saviour and her life started to change for the better. In 2014, E√°man√ę gave birth to her daughter and just one month later she realised her true self and realised that she was different despite having a human body. Ever since this realisation, E√°man√ę noticed that she looked different and that she could feel different energies, access memories of a previous life and connect with nature, something she couldn‚Äôt do before. E√°man√ę uses her elven magic to create beautiful items of jewellery, perfumes and art that have all been inspired by nature. Since coming out as an elf, E√°man√ę feels safe and secure in herself whereas before she felt lost in life.

Modelling helped me embrace my rare condition

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, NEW YORK: A 22-year-old cites his rare condition, which affects his teeth, hair and sweat glands, with helping him become a model. Brooks Ginnan, from New York, was born with ectodermal dysplasia, a rare genetic disorder. Brooks told BTV: „I believe the statistic is about 1 in 100,000 babies are born with this.  It is a condition that affects my teeth, hairs, sweat glands and a number of other aspects of my life.” The 22-year-old has now modelled- both catwalk and editorial - for brands around the world.

Lion King: 23-year-old is best friends with big cats

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA: Handsome lion wrangler Shandor Larenty is so busy with his lions and hyenas - who like to give him kisses - has no time for romantic relationships with girls. While his friends were out partying and enjoying their teens, the dedicated 24-year-old was working night shifts at The Lion Park near Johannesburg, South Africa, mucking out hyenas, watching over sick lions, or doing special night feeds with injured giraffes. While Shandor admits he’s doing his „dream job”, the work is demanding it means he has no time for a love life. Thankfully he does get affection from somewhere, but it’s usually from his furry friends at the park like Themba the hyena.

A couple who left home to sail around the world ‘for a couple of years’ in 2011 are still going – and have got married and had three children along the way

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jess Lloyd-Mostyn, 36, had never even stepped foot on a boat when she ‘joked’ to her then boyfriend James that they should buy a yacht and circumnavigate the globe. However, less than a year – and a few sailing courses - later, the couple left Falmouth, Cornwall, on the adventure of a lifetime. They have since visited 36 countries and covered 26,000 miles and have no plans to come home for good.

Eczema sufferer who has been battling itchy, flaking skin since ditching her steroid creams endures cruel double takes from strangers

***EXCLUSIVE*** BIRMINGHAM, UK: This woman stopped using steroid creams to treat her eczema and is embracing the inflamed skin she has been left with after her damaged skin flaked onto a fellow rail commuter, but her secret weapon is her acrylic nails which stop her from being able to scratch. Events planner, Laurie Williams (26) from Birmingham, UK, has suffered with eczema for as long as she can remember, but what once just affected the creases of her arms and legs is now affecting over 70 per cent of her body, including her face. Before eczema took over her life, Laurie could treat minor flare-ups with E45 cream and summer sunshine helped rid her of the problem. In December 2016 her eczema became progressively worse and Laurie was given a skin plan which included using the steroid creams Eumovate and Metosyn twice a day. Unfortunately, scratching through the night stopped Laurie from sleeping properly and she was later prescribed antihistamines and Atarax to help her sleep by reducing the itchiness. Laurie hadn’t seen improvement in her skin by the end of summer last year which she considered odd as the sun always helped to clear her skin. This led Laurie to do some research after coming across topical steroid withdrawal (TSW) through Instagram as users warned her of the dangers of what she was applying. In January 2019 Laurie stopped using all steroids and creams in favour of treating her skin naturally. The withdrawal caused Laurie’s skin to become broken and flaky, leading her to cancel social engagements out of fear of people seeing her skin. Now, Laurie is healing her skin through a plant-based diet and takes oat baths because the water in a normal bath burned her skin. Laurie stopped wearing makeup because the skin on her face is too damaged, but she has found the positives of wearing acrylic nails which stop her from being able to scratch and break her skin.