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Ex-wife of £71m Euromillions winner says she doesn't 'want a penny' as her parents claims she broke up with him because 'he wouldn't do anything around the house or garden'

***EXCLUSIVE*** The ex-wife of a metal factory worker who won £71 million on a EuroMillions jackpot win in the 15th biggest in UK history is not interested in any of his winnings despite being potentially eligible for a windfall. Ade Goodchild, 58, from Hereford, has his eye on a new house with a Jacuzzi, 'a few staff' and dream holidays to the Grand Canyon and the Pyramids after claiming a prize of £71,057,439 following Friday's EuroMillions draw. But his former in-laws Malcolm and Lesley Smith said their daughter Suzanna was pleased to end the couple's 20-year marriage - and she told them on the phone today: 'I don't want a penny of his winnings. He can keep the lot.'

Reinvention of the broom

***EXCLUSIVE*** An innovative device that combines a brush and vacuum has been created which signals the end of the traditional dustpan. Its designers say the VaBroom, which looks like an ordinary kitchen brush, will mean no more annoying dust pan lines or sweeping the last of the mess under the rug. For after brushing up any debris, anyone doing the cleaning just needs to activate the built in suction device to clear it up - saving them from the laborious chore of bending over. With a built-in pressure activated 14,000 rpm motor vacuum, the device is powerful enough to deal with most household debris, including glass, dirt and children's sweets.

The town that time forgot: Rodney was once a bustling home to 4,000 and tipped to be Mississippi's state capital... now it lies deserted, ruined by the American Civil war when it was pounded by heavy artillery fire

***EXCLUSIVE*** Eerie images have revealed the remains of an American ghost town left deserted after the affects of the American Civil War and the Mississippi River changed course. The haunting pictures show the red-brick Presbyterian church which is the only original building from Old Rodney, a white Baptist church and a cemetery filled with grave stones. Other striking shots show a ramshackle Masonic house, a lonely red cabin and an old general store. The spooky snaps were taken in the ghost town of Rodney, Mississippi, USA by photographer and historian Kelly Gomez (35), from Jacksonville, Florida.


***EXCLUSIVE*** These cats appear to be pulling comical faces at the camera as they are photographed from underneath in a bizarre set of images. Many of the different breeds are sticking their tongues out or seem to be gurning as they pose on a sheet of glass against a colourful backdrop. The unique pictures were taken by animal photographer Andrius Burba, 26, at a cat show in Kaunas, Lithuania. He said: "This method of photographing animals always surprises with funny and cute results, which cannot be made any way other than taking the photos from underneath.

Polar bear sleeps with eye mask

***EXCLUSIVE*** A polar bear looks like it could be taking a nap with an eye mask on. The cheeky young bear placed the nylon camera cover over its face as it played with it. Photographer Alessandro Catta had abandoned his kit to get a better shot of the animal, which spent around 10 minutes rolling in the snow with the camouflage-coloured bag, at one point flopping on its side with it over its face.

Coal workers

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hundreds of workers tirelessly carry hundreds of loads of coal on top of their heads. The striking images capture the horrendously hard job of labourers at a coal transport facility in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Ships filled with thousands of tonnes worth of the fossil fuel will dock on the river's side each day before it is transported to local businesses to power generators.